New York Jets 7 Round Offseason Mock (V.1)

Greg Armstrong With His First 7 Round Offseason Jets Mock Draft.

The Jets hired Adam Gase yesterday and the fan base is distraught. Let me calm you down with a nice seven round mock (with trades). As always, it’s done with the FanSpeak model. It can be a little flawed but I tried to be as realistic as possible with the picks and rounds.  (more…)

New York Jets 7 Round Mock (V.5)

Greg Armstrong With His Fifth Version Of A Seven Round Jets Mock Draft.

Another glorious weekend for Jets fans! Sam Darnold went toe to toe with another top tier quarterback, Chris Herndon continued to show out and the Jets improved their draft position. Here’s my second to last seven round Jets mock for the regular season. Continue reading “New York Jets 7 Round Mock (V.5)”

New York Jets 7 Round Mock Draft (V. 4)

Greg Armstrong With His New York Jets ’19 Seven Round Mock, Version 4…

The Jets won a game! While winning at this point of the season is pointless because of draft position, seeing Sam Darnold lead a fourth quarter comeback like that is much better than gaining the one or two draft positions with a loss. The Jets dropped to fifth (previously third) in the draft order which opens up a whole bunch of possibilities. Here’s my fourth version of a Jets seven round mock done on Fanspeak. (more…)

New York Jets Seven Round Mock Draft (V.3)

Greg Armstrong With version three of his seven round New York Jets Mock

Mock SZN is in full swing baby! I saw a mock today by an unnamed site that had the Jets take WR N’Keal Harry third overall so let’s all drink up and cheers to the fact that never in a million years will I mock a receiver that early to this time! As a reminder, this was done on Fanspeaks model. (more…)

New York Jets Seven Round Mock Draft (V. 2)

Greg Armstrong With His Second Version Of A New York Jets Seven Round Mock Draft

It’s sad that we’re not even to December yet and the draft talk is similar to that of what it is in March. The Jets have been abysmal this season but that might pay dividends with a top five pick in April. Nonetheless, I’m here with another Jets seven round mock done using the Fanspeak model.  (more…)

New York Jets 7 Round Mock (V. 1)

Greg Armstrong with his first Jets mock draft of the year…

The Jets are out of the playoff race and I simply could not stop myself from dipping my pen into the mock draft game. This is done through Fanspeaks model and remember, it’s only November. Also remember, the Fanspeak model makes the picks for the CPU teams. Continue reading “New York Jets 7 Round Mock (V. 1)”

Mid-Season 2019 NFL Mock Draft

Clayton Smarslok with a midseason mock for the 2019 NFL Draft…

Believe it or not, the halfway mark of the NFL regular season is here. The college football regular season is almost over, meaning we’re getting some of their final games on tape before they officially become draft prospects. We won’t know which underclassmen will declare for another couple months but we can still have fun predicting which of them will in the meantime.

The draft order was from using the ESPN standings with the current strength of schedule as the tie-breaker for picks 1-20. Between 21-32 they were my predictions for the 2018 playoffs with strength of schedule as the tie-breaker again.

Continue reading “Mid-Season 2019 NFL Mock Draft”

NFL Draft 2018 – The Live Draft SZN Mock Draft

The TOJ GM’s were back on the clock for the Draft SZN Live Mock Draft. Check out how the first round of the NFL Draft would fall if TOJ held the reigns…

In the Second Annual Draft SZN Live Mock Draft, eight members of the TOJ team were assigned the eight different NFL divisions. 

Dalbin Osorio – AFC East
Joe Malfa – AFC North
Kyle Fahey – AFC South
Daniel Essien – AFC West
Scott Mason – NFC East
Ben Blessington – NFC North
Dan Mosher – NFC South
Greg Armstrong – NFC West

Did you miss the Pod? Fear not, you can catch all the action and analysis here. Don’t forget to Subscribe to DraftSZN for the best NFL Draft coverage out there. 

Where did the staff choose to go with their picks, take a look:


New York Jets Seven Round Mock Draft

Greg Armstrong with a seven round mock for the New York Jets in the 2018 NFL Draft

We are only 18 days away from the NFL Draft and mock draft season is in full swing. Make sure you check out all of our draft season content here at TOJ from the podcasts, mock drafts and other draft related content as we inch closer to April 26th. Here is my seven round New York Jets mock draft, done using  (more…)

Episode 74, The Jet Take – Mock Draft SZN!

New TJT Podcast: Kyle Fahey and Ben Blessington talk the Jets linebacker situation, Bilal Powell’s future with the team and give their first mock draft of the year…

Kyle Fahey and Ben Blessington are back and its officially Draft SZN! We discuss the Ndamukong Suh situation, potentially cutting Bilal Powell, and who the New York Jets starting OLB will be in 2018. All of this and more as we give our first official mock draft of the season!


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