New York Jets: Rebuild Reality Check

Dan Essien with a comprehensive review of the New York Jets “rebuild” and how it compares to other teams in similar situations league wide in recent years…

The New York Jets had a very hopeful offseason preceding the 2018 regular season. GM Mike Maccagnan was seemingly able to fix the Jets’ long suffered lack of a franchise quarterback when he secured Sam Darnold. Everything was gravy just a few months ago. However, we’ve reached that inevitable point in the season where Jets fans are struggling to balance long term patience with where the on the field product currently is. Here’s the thing: It should be better. However, that statement might not be for the reason you think.

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The Jet Take Podcast Episode 95: The Mile High Club

New TJT Podcast: Ben and Kyle take your calls and discuss the New York Jets upcoming matchup against the Colts…

In this week’s installment of TJT; Ben and Kyle breakdown the Broncos game, talk Todd Bowles, Magic Mike, and the biggest steals of the Offseason. The boys end with a preview of the Jets/Colts game for Sunday.


Author: Kyle Fahey

My pad level is as low as it gets. Comedy and Jets football, so basically I specialize in one thing. Follow me @KyleFaheyNFL on Twitter and check out my Podcast @TheJetTake on Twitter, ITunes, etc.

New York Jets – Maccagnan’s Trades & How They Lead to One More

Clayton Smarslok recaps Mike Maccagnan’s history of trades for the New York Jets and how it could lead to one more major one…

Alas, the Jets finally traded Teddy Bridgewater after the long awaited moment. The Jets received the New Orleans Saints 2019 3rd round pick for Bridgewater and their 2019 6th round pick. Over the course of Maccagnan’s 3.5 year tenure with the Jets, he has not been shy about making trades for players. That is just a bit odd because he has always said from the beginning how he wants to build the roster through the draft, but it shows that that he will do what he thinks is necessary to make the team better. Starting from 2015, let’s go through a quick recap of the trades he has made thus far.


Sitting Sam Darnold in Year One: Lower Half Mechanics & Decision Making

Joseph Ferraiola makes the case for sitting Sam Darnold in year one…

In many ways the 2018 NFL Draft was a critical one for the New York Jets. Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan made a bold decision in mid-March to trade up from the 6th overall selection to the 3rd overall selection that was previously occupied by the Indianapolis Colts. Maccagnan sent Indianapolis the 6th overall pick in addition to the 37th, 49th and a future 2019 2nd round pick to move up three spots in the process.


New York Jets: Burning Free Agency Questions

Mike Donnelly breaks down the burning questions as the new York Jets enter 2015 NFL free agency

It is a new era in Jets football as new General Manager Mike Maccagnan and Head Coach Todd Bowles look to turn this franchise around on-and-off the field. The fireworks started today with the trade to get Brandon Marshall, the expected release of Percy Harvin and re-signing of David Harris. Let’s get into the other burning questions… Continue reading “New York Jets: Burning Free Agency Questions”

Macc and Bowles – How Did The New York Jets Do?

Joe Caporoso with observations on the New York Jets GM and HC search, which culminated with the hiring of Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan

Now that the dust has settled on the New York Jets decision to hire Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles as the new duo to lead their organization, here are a few reflections on the process and ultimate decision…

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New York Jets Officially Hire Mike Maccagnan

Joe Caporoso on the New York Jets hiring of Mike Maccagnan and a breakdown of how the power structure will work…

The New York Jets ended days of speculation by officially hiring Mike Maccagnan to be their next General Manager. Below, is a few tidbits from a source with the team on how the power structure will work and where the coaching search is at. We also included a few quotes released today by the team and a link to tonight’s podcast where we discuss Maccagnan more in-depth…

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New York Jets GM Mike Maccagnan: Draft History Deep Dive

Joe Caporoso takes a closer look at Mike Maccagnan’s time in Houston as the Director and Assistant Director of College Scouting

It is difficult to evaluate Mike Maccagnan’s body of work prior to being hired as the New York Jets General Manager. We know he spent a decade as a scout, got promoted to Assistant Director of College Scouting in 2010 and then moved up to Director in 2011 after Houston’s draft. We don’t know the inner workings of Houston’s organization or which decisions ultimately came down to him. However, let’s guess he had a notable say in their 2010 and 2011 picks along with an even more substantial say in their picks from 2012-2014. Here is a quick overview of those years followed by a few thoughts on Maccagnan overall and how the Jets front office and scouting department could be built around him…

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