Mythbusting: Kyle Wilson’s 2013 Season

Mike O’Connor sets out to solve Kyle Wilson’s enigma of a 2013 season once and for all.

That show on ESPN called “Numbers Never Lie” is a fraud.  I would never waste my time watching it, but just the title turns me off to start with anyway.  Numbers do lie.  Statistics are played out to be 100% fact, but nobody can steer completely clear of bias and pure assumptions that such numbers can encourage.

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New York Jets NFL Draft Pick Film Room: CB Dexter McDougle

Mike O’Connor breaks down the thinking behind the Jets’ selection of Dexter McDougle in the third round of the NFL Draft

When the Jets selected Maryland corner back Dexter McDougle on Friday night of the NFL Draft, a wide variety of fans understandably believed the pick was a slight reach on instinct. Both casual fans unaware of his name entirely and even intense draft fans who knew of his 2013 season ending shoulder injury believed, as a whole, that the Jets possibly could have found better value with the third round selection. However, now that the smoke has cleared, it is time to analyze why John Idzik and company’s risky Day Two selection might actually be their smartest pick of the draft.

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Week Eight Jets’ Defensive Snap Count Analysis

Mike O’Connor takes his weekly look at where and how often certain Jets players lined up on defense.

Going back into games to look for more insight and evidence is usually a fun and useful tactic, but it took a lot out of me to look back at the Jets-Bengals massacre.  Regardless, I came away with more interesting snap counts of defensive players in Rex Ryan’s complicated schemes and I noted where players were lining up.  For that spreadsheet, click here.  Let’s put aside the atrocious play from the Jets and look at some patterns in defensive snaps.

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Jets-Patriots Round Two- Match-Up Central

It seems like it was just yesterday when the Jets let a win against the Patriots in their first match up of the season slip right through their hands…literally.  The drops from Clyde Gates and Stephen Hill won’t leave our minds for quite some time.  Anyway, here we are in Week Seven and round two of Jets-Patriots is shaping up to be a great one.  Let’s quickly run through what match ups are important heading into this one. Continue reading “Jets-Patriots Round Two- Match-Up Central”

New York Jets Regular Season Launch – Positional Outlooks: Offense

Mike O’Connor with a look at where the New York Jets’ offensive positions stand heading into the season

As a football fan, being surprised by a position group on your favorite team can be a great or terrible thing. Watching a position group exceed expectations is uplifting, but there’s nothing worse than being slapped in the face by poor play from a position that you didn’t think could be such a weak spot. Thus, it can only help to have a thorough knowledge of how the different positions could perform, how the depth will hold up, if they can be liabilities throughout the year, and if they could be possible draft or off-season needs in the future.

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New York Jets Roster “Safety Meter” – Part 2

Mike O’Conner finishes going through the New York Jets roster and breaking down individual player’s chances of making the team

Another week has passed by this summer, having us fans even more so on the edge of our seats awaiting Jets’ training camp on July 26th.  This means that the players I’ll be going through today are under an increasingly bright spotlight to outperform their competition to ensure that they can grab a roster spot for the final cuts of the off-season. If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of these training camp overviews, I highly recommend you give it a brief look to grasp what I’m going for with this sort of scale and these rankings. Continue reading “New York Jets Roster “Safety Meter” – Part 2″

New York Jets – The Return of Ideal Fits At Safety

Michael O’Connor on how Rex Ryan appears to have the New York Jets priorities at the safety position back on track

Bear with me, New York Jets fans, as I bring up a shameful moment in Jets’ history. Remember Eric Smith?  Ya, I thought so. Smith has quite the negative reputation among the Jets’ fanbase because of what fans think of when they reminisce. There’s just so much to remember: Smith with outstretched arms failing to chase down Tim Tebow in a 2011 loss to the Broncos, the helmet-to-helmet hits that made you think Smith didn’t even have usable arms, and his man coverage you could usually depend on being multiple steps late.

However, Smith didn’t deserve all of the hatred he received from the majority of fans in his time here in New York.  He still provided excellent special teams play and was a quality player when allowed to play the run within the box.  Rex Ryan simply used Smith wrong.  Smith could have made for a nice third safety who would only play to his strengths, but the depth at the overall safety position always seemed to stop this from happening.

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