New York Jets – The Clock is Ticking On Adam Gase

Matthew Marciano on why the clock is ticking for Adam Gase as the New York Jets HC…

The 2020 NFL season better be a good season for NY Jets head coach Adam Gase, or ownership better actually do the right thing and fire a head coach who had no business getting the Jets head coaching job last year. In full disclosure, I was a fan of Mike McCarthy, an established, Super Bowl-winning head coach, who help developed Aaron Rogers into the franchise quarterback he is today, getting the Jets job. If the Jets were looking for a candidate with previous head coaching experience, who would be the best coaching candidate to develop Sam Darnold, it would have been McCarthy. Of course, McCarthy publicly stated he wanted the Jets job and ownership do not hire him and now he is coaching the Cowboys. If he was good enough to develop Dak Prescott as his head coach, why was he not hired to develop Sam Darnold? Another clueless and just plain stupid move by Jets ownership.


New York Jets Special Teams – 2020 Question Marks

Matthew Marciano on the New York Jets special teams heading into 2020…

The New York Jets are getting closer to the start of the 2020 NFL season and all eyes are several key aspects of the team. Questions such as is Sam Darnold really the long-term answer at quarterback for the Jets, can the Jets defense still be as good as they were last season, even without Jamal Adams and lacking depth at the cornerback position? Another key question that remains to be answered is whether or not the Adam Gase was the right hire for the Jets when Mike McCarthy was willing and able to coach the Jets. While all of these questions are important, another question that surrounds the Jets this season is whether or not the Jets will improve or not on Special Teams.


New York Jets – 2020 Record Prediction (Training Camp Edition)

Matthew Marciano lays out his 2020 game by game prediction for the New York Jets…

We are close to the start of another NFL season and with the start of new season for the Jets comes predictions of how the Jets will do this year. There are a lot of story lines for the Jets this season that needs to be answered. Among them will be if head coach Adam Gase is the right coach for the job and whether the offense will improve in year two under Gase.

Other questions surrounding the Jets will be how quarterback Sam Darnold, in his third NFL season will perform this year with what appears to be a depleted receivers corps, even after the Jets signed veteran wide out Chris Hogan.

Plus, while the drama with Jamal Adams is no over since the Jets traded the disgruntled safety to the Seattle Seahawks, the question still remains if the defense will continue to improve without Adams in Defensive Coordinator’s Gregg Williams second year with the Jets. It will also prove to be an interesting story line when Adams and Seahawks play host to the Jets later on in the season during week fourteen.

Here are the predictions for the 2020 NY Jets season and how the Jets will fare in each of their match ups against opposing teams.