Thursday Morning Jets Thoughts & LeBron Rant


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Thursday Morning Jets Thoughts & LeBron Rant

Photobucket– It will be interesting to see how the Jets offense operates during the first four weeks of the season and how it shifts when Santonio Holmes joins the active roster. After week four, you would have to imagine you will see a high amount of 3 WR sets that spread the defense out and find a way to get Holmes, Jerricho Cotchery, and Braylon Edwards on the field at the same time. However, will the Jets use a substantially higher percentage of their base package in weeks 1 -4 or will they go 3 – wide and utilize Dustin Keller as a receiver or give David Clowney or Brad Smith a big bump in reps. Also, what if the Jets are successful operating out of a base, 2 WR set the majority of the time in the fist four games? Are they going to risk moving to a more spread, pass happy attack after Holmes returns? There is going to be a point this season where either Edwards, Cotchery, Holmes, or Keller starts seeing a big cut in their reps and I wonder how they will handle it. You can’t have all those guys on the field at all times and expect to use the ground and pound approach on offense.

– If you have been reading this site regularly, you know I am on the Brodney Pool bandwagon big time. I think he is going to put together a very good season and make Mike Tannenbaum look smart for trading away Kerry Rhodes and signing him to such a low-cost deal. I expect him to put up more tackles, sacks, and interceptions than Rhodes does in Arizona this season. I also think Calvin Pace is in line for a double digit sack season at the outside linebacker position. Hopefully, Jason Taylor can join him in the 10-12 sack range. The last time a Jets player had double digit sacks in a season was in 2005, when John Abraham did it.

– Who would have thought the Jets would ever be a team with bandwagon fans? They are all over the place this season. As a matter of fact, I think a separate article later in the day is necessary about how to spot them.

– I have been surprised about how many people are completely down on Joe McKnight heading into this season. I think the low expectations will serve him well though, because he doesn’t step into a high pressure situation as a rookie. McKnight is going to provide some big plays for the Jets offense this season and while he will slowly be integrated into the scheme early in the year, by the end of the season he should be their full time third down back and a guy who is catching 3 or 4 passes each week, along with taking a handful of carries.

– For a first round pick, Kyle Wilson has flown under the radar a little bit when people talk about the Jets this year. Despite not being a starter this season, Wilson should provide big plays as a blitzer off the edge and a punt returner. He may struggle a little bit with his coverage in the slot to start the season out but he will be better for it in the long term. It is a difficult job to cover a receiver without the help of the sideline, which means when he moves to the outside as a starter the transition shouldn’t be too difficult.

LeBron Rant

Amid the reports of LeBron leaning heavily towards joining Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, I thought I’d get a quick rant in before his official decision tonight. Let me preface this by saying, yes I am a bitter New York Knicks fan and yes I hate Miami. Also, Bill Simmons basically hit the issue on the head better than I ever could in this article:


PhotobucketHow lame is it for LeBron to concede the fact he can’t beat Wade and Bosh in Miami with the Cavs, Knicks, or Bulls? The last time I checked Miami would still be a very beatable team withWade/Bosh and whatever they end up surrounding them with. The Bulls with LeBron would absolutely be better, the Knicks would give them a hell of a run with LeBron, and even the Cavs with LeBron back and Byron Scott coaching them could take them in a playoff series. If LeBron goes to Miami to be the Queen to D-Wade’s King, there is no more “Witness” nonsense. He is basically saying, I can’t be a Michael Jordan, I can only be a Scottie Pippen. What kind of competitive athlete, concerned about his legacy and ego would rather play second fiddle on a team already established as somebody’s else’s, in one of the worst NBA cities in America instead of going to one of the best NBA cities in America (New York or Chicago) to become the lead guy?

Now we are going to have to watch Miami sell out their arena every night with bandwagon fans, who suddenly love the Heat and love basketball. I am pretty sure I remember watching Heat games over the past few years, where there were less people in the stands than WNBA games. You can only hope if LeBron goes there, the Heat fall short and don’t win a championship which is a real possibility considering their roster will be the big three and literally nobody else. When Mario Chalmers is your 4th best player and your 5th through 10th best players are all second round draft picks from this year and minimum wage players off the scrap heat, you could lose to Boston, Orlando, or Chicago in the East or definitely the Lakers in the finals.

If he goes back to Cleveland, you can commend him for being loyal. If he goes to Chicago, it is a smart basketball move and also a courageous one considering what Michael Jordan did there. Yes, Chicago with LeBron would be better than Miami with LeBron. A starting lineup of Derrick Rose, LeBron, Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, and Luol Deng with Taj Gibson, Brad Miller, and Flip Murray coming off the bench blows away a lineup of LeBron, Bosh, Wade, Chalmers, Scrub X with a bench of Scrub X, Scrub X, and Scrub X. If he goes to the Knicks, it is the most courageous move by far because you are saying “I am going to save basketball in the world’s greatest city, in the world’s most famous arena.” That is a challenge only the greatest basketball player in world would take and a challenge that legends are made out of.