Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Jets vs. Steelers Predictions

Joe Caporoso on John Idzik, Rex Ryan and predictions for this Sunday, when the New York Jets take on the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Turn On The Jets 12 pack is back. Today, we talk about the New York Jets current situation, the potential of midseason firings and give predictions for Jets vs. Steelers. Most importantly and first off, a HUGE thank you to everybody who has donated to #LetsEat! We are currently at 97 donors for nearly $3,700 despite only launching 4 days ago. If you haven’t contributed yet, join in right here.

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New York Jets Passing Game Breakdown – Where Is Jace?

Joe Caporoso breaks down the New York Jets lack of targets for rookie tight end Jace Amaro

Last week against the Kansas City Chiefs, Jeff Cumberland played 53 snaps to Jace Amaro’s 35. He received two targets, both of which were incomplete while Amaro received zero targets. Over the first half of the season Cumberland has played 472 snaps (83%) and Amaro has played 235 snaps (41%). Amaro has caught 32 of his 39 targets (83%), while Cumberland has only caught 15 of his 30 targets (50%). More recently, Amaro has caught 26 of his last 30 targets and in four of the last five games he has been targeted at least four times, he has produced over 50 yards. Since week one, Cumberland has produced 104 yards over the 7 games and has been at 18 yards or under in six of them. Outside of the passing game, Amaro has been a more consistent blocker, particularly at the second level where his superior athleticism has allowed a smoother than expected transition to blocking at this level.

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Turn On The Jets “Let’s Eat” – First 24 Hours Update

An update on the first 24 hours of the Turn On The Jets “Let’s Eat” campaign

We have been overwhelmed to see the initial response to our “Let’s Eat” campaign to donate money to Feeding America for this holiday season. We launched at 7PM last night and in the first 24 hours have raised $2,560 dollars across 66 different donors! Jets fans have donated over 100 dollars per hour to a great cause.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 6.29.08 PM

You can see the full list of donors right here on the donation page. Let’s keep the momentum going for the rest of the week. We GREATLY appreciate all the of the support. ANY gift amount is a big help, everybody who has contributed is making a big difference this holiday season.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 6.33.10 PM


We will be live with a new podcast at Turn On The Jets TV tonight, where we will focus mostly on the team but also discuss “Let’s Eat.” We will then be back at it tomorrow with our normal New York Jets coverage, while continuing to link to this campaign frequently on the site and throughout our social media platforms.


Turn On The Jets – Let’s Eat Campaign

Don’t want to donate to a billboard? Donate to Feeding America so everybody can eat for the holidays and there is something positive out of this Jets season

The New York Jets are awful this season, meaning the next eight weeks will be spent arguing about who to blame, looking at quarterbacks in the NFL Draft and hoping Mark Sanchez and Darrelle Revis don’t play each other in the Super Bowl (THE HORROR!) However, instead of putting effort and money into a billboard to get one man fired and generating more circus headlines around this organization, how about salvaging something respectable and positive out of this disastrous football year? 

DONATE HEREhttp://help.feedingamerica.org/goto/TOJ

The Jets are bad but you don’t have to chase player’s wives off Twitter and act like a billboard is a cure all for the many problems around this team. Join us and donate whatever you can to Feeding America so everybody can eat this holiday season. Maybe it is just us but we’d rather see headlines like “Jets fans raise thousands to feed hungry families” than “Jets fans raise money to chase another person out of town”


All money generated here goes directly to the charity. No t-shirts. No website hosting fees. Just some shout outs from our site for donating and maybe a fan meet up in a few months for some food, beers and commiserating.

Blame Idzik? Blame Rex? Blame Geno? Blame Bradway? Blame Woody? We don’t really care but appreciate any support from Jets or any NFL fan looking to donate to a good, worthwhile cause.

Who doesn’t like food?


Initial Reaction – Eight In A Row, Jets Lose 24-10

Joe Caporoso on the New York Jets eight straight loss, 24-10 to the Kansas City Chiefs

As we are accustomed to writing on Sundays, the New York Jets lost today. This time it was 24-10 to the Kanas City Chiefs, their eighth straight loss. Rex Ryan is now 23-34 since the beginning of 2011 and has 23 losses by 10 points or more. The Jets were relatively competitive but it never really felt like they were in position to make a move to win the game. Generally, despite a few standout performances it was the same somewhat unprepared, poorly organized and undermanned at certain positions team we have seen all season. The Jets are very much in the mix for the top pick in the NFL Draft, as there aren’t any of signs of a turnaround on the way…

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Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Jets vs. Chiefs Predictions

Joe Caporoso with 12 predictions for Jets vs. Chiefs and thoughts on playing out the string

The New York Jets are 1-7, which around this fan base usually means it is time to harass player’s wives off their Twitter accounts and start senseless billboard campaigns. CHECK AND CHECK! More seriously, can people stop fulfilling the stereotypes everybody has for Jets fans? Anyway, let’s look at the team as they begin to play out the string with a difficult road match-up in Kansas City…

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New York Jets vs. Kansas City Chiefs – How To Move The Football

Joe Caporoso with thoughts on how the New York Jets can move the football against the Kansas City Chiefs and what the offense will look like with Mike Vick

The New York Jets will have a new starting quarterback this Sunday, with Mike Vick taking over for Geno Smith. Instead of our normal passing game breakdown, let’s review the decision and look at how the Jets could potentially move the ball against a talented Kansas City Chiefs defense.

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New York Jets – A Rapidly Failing Culture Of Unaccountability

Joe Caporoso on how the Rex Ryan New York Jets got to this point

New York isn’t usually a market that has patience for sustained losing…or much of anything. Four straight non-playoff or non-winning seasons is usually more than enough to have everybody fed up with a constant variable in the equation of losing. In the case of the New York Jets, that hasn’t fully been the case. This article is a look at how the “Rex Ryan Jets” have reached a new low point in his 5.5 year tenure. The problems go beyond him but many of the most critical reasons the Jets have been a below average football team since a 2010 playoff win over New England are directly correlated to their coach.

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Initial Reaction – That’s A Wrap, Rex

Joe Caporoso on the New York Jets 43-23 loss to the Buffalo Bills

The New York Jets lost in emphatically ugly fashion today at home to the Buffalo Bills, 43-23 despite having ten days to prepare and being three point favorites. Rex Ryan is now 43-45 overall as the team’s head coach, 15-28 in his last 43 games, with 11 losses by 20 points or more and 14-18 overall against the AFC East. The quarterbacking was an atrocity today, as Geno Smith and Mike Vick combined for six turnovers while the Jets again forced zero themselves. This was a one possession game at halftime but quickly devolved into another blowout. Let’s get into it…

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Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Jets vs. Bills Predictions

Joe Caporoso with 12 predictions on the New York Jets game against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday and thoughts on the team’s recent moves

Back with another Turn On The Jets 12 Pack. It is somewhat odd to see the New York Jets as 3 point favorites despite their 1-6 record. Over the last six games, they have lost to teams with a combined record of 29-14 and played an absolute gauntlet of quarterbacks. The schedule now swings back in their favor to an extent. Their next six games are against teams with a combined record of 16-17 (only counting the 4-3 Bills once, who they play twice in the next 7 weeks, which also includes their bye). Over the rest of the season they will face Kyle Orton and Ryan Tannehill twice, Zach Mettenberger, Teddy Bridgewater, Alex Smith, Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady. Theoretically there should be more defensive success and overall success. However, does this team remember how to win? Can they find a way to prevail in a tight game? They have been in five tight ones and lost every single one. 

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