TOJ Week 7 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Well, after a hot start to the season, my #FadeFlorio strategy has shifted to #FadeDonnelly and that’s just no fun at all. I mean, if I can’t pick games better than freaking Mike Florio then I might as well pack up shop and get out of here. For the time being, I’m still ahead on the season, despite going a Florio-ian 4-11 last week against the spread including losing all 5 of my “best bets”. But for the first time all year, my record has dipped below .500 and I’m 1-9 on my last 10 “best bets” which has not only made me sad, but made me a good deal lighter in the wallet. Damn it.  Continue reading “TOJ Week 7 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks”

TOJ Week 6 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Mike Donnelly of TOJ gives his NFL Gambling advice for week 6 and makes picks.

After Mike Florio had his best week of the season in Week 5, I thought about switching it up and finding a different horrible FOOTBALL GUY to fade for this week. The #FadeFlorio campaign hit a temporary snag as Mr. PFT went a very healthy 8-6-1 against the spread, while I stumbled with a 7-7-1 record and an atrocious 1-4 with my Best Bets. To make matters even worse, I lost my first teaser of the season, which sucked. 

Continue reading “TOJ Week 6 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks”

TOJ Week 5 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Mike Donnelly of TOJ gives his NFL Gambling advice and picks for week 5

Well, somehow October and week 5 of the NFL season have arrived. It seems like just yesterday we were watching NFL preseason games complaining about how terrible the games were, and Jets fans were arguing about what kind of role Daryl Richardson would have on the offense. Ahh, sweet memories. On the bright side, the NFL gambling season is going swimmingly here in this space, and the #FadeFlorio campaign is a force of nature that cannot be stopped. After miraculously putting together a winning week in week 3, Mr. PFT fell back onto his face en route to a 5-7-1 week, which puts his record for the season at 23-37-1 against the spread.  Continue reading “TOJ Week 5 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks”

TOJ Week 4 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Mike Donnelly of TOJ breaks down the week 4 NFL gambling lines and makes his picks.

Week 4 of the NFL season has arrived (Where have the past 3 weeks gone?!) and we are at the point of the season where we separate the men from the boys when it comes to NFL gambling. Now is the point where Vegas starts putting out extra sharp lines now that they have a feel for the teams and they start to unleash wild traps and tricks to trip up Joe Public. Well, this year I refuse to be tricked. Not only do I have the power of #FadeFlorio behind me, but I’m feeling pretty confident that I can sniff out these traps and tricks. There are a few games this week that I absolutely love, and it’s time to unload some of our winnings from the first three weeks on some big boy bets. Lets dive in! Continue reading “TOJ Week 4 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks”

New York Jets – Reviewing the Defense – Week 3

The Jets lost a thriller to the Bears on Monday night, but after three weeks they now have the top rush defense and second ranked overall defense in the NFL. Who stood out? What was the underrated highlight of the night? And of course, time to hand out awards… Continue reading “New York Jets – Reviewing the Defense – Week 3”

TOJ Week 3 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Don’t look now, but we’re off to a hell of a start here picking games and winning bets here in this space. Of course, that would normally mean I’m due for a huge letdown and a 2-14 week is on deck, but I think this year is different. This year I have my ace in the hole. This year I have Mike Florio of PFT on my side!. As you may remember, for the first two weeks of the season I unveiled my #FadeFlorio campaign, and the very worst of all the terrible NFL writers in the world has not let me down en route to a 9-23 start to the season against the spread. I’m sitting pretty at a respectable 18-14 including 8-2 in my best bets, but it’s getting to the point we should all just blindly fade Florio and collect our winnings. Let’s dive into week 3 and get started. Continue reading “TOJ Week 3 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks”

TOJ Week 2 – NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Last week as you may remember, I unveiled my plan to pick one absolutely horrible NFL writer each week and post their picks here in this space up against my picks. For week 1, I went with the guy who may very well know the least about football out of them all, PFT honcho, Mike Florio.

I was going to switch it up and use another bozo like Pete Prisco or something for week 2, but after Florio went a whopping 5-11 against the spread last week, I’ve decided to ride him again this week. I made all of my picks that I felt most strongly about on my own, but when in doubt, I’m gonna #FadeFlorio. That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Let’s get started! Continue reading “TOJ Week 2 – NFL Gambling Advice and Picks”

TOJ Week 1 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Mike Donnelly of TOJ breaks down the week 1 NFL Gambling betting lines and gives his picks.

Week 1 of the NFL season is great for many reasons. Not only do you get to cheer on your favorite team and live or die with them for four months, but you get to enjoy everything else that comes with it. You wear your jersey of your favorite player or your lucky t-shirt, you eat buffalo wings and drink a few (dozen) beers with your friends while you watch games, you play fantasy football and talk trash, and of course, you get to bet on games! And that’s what this space right here is going to be about every week leading up to the games: Gambling on games and picking winners (hopefully). Continue reading “TOJ Week 1 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks”

Making the Case for Leon McFadden Over Kyle Wilson

Connor Rogers breaks down new Jets’ cornerback Leon McFadden

The New York Jets added second year cornerback Leon McFadden to their 53 man roster on Sunday, releasing LeQuan Lewis to make room. McFadden was a Cleveland Browns third round pick out of San Diego State in 2013. After one season where he played in all 16 of their games (starting two), they let McFadden go. 

Although this seems ridiculously early (and concerning) to give up on a third round pick, Cleveland’s cornerback situation was a numbers game and McFadden did not perform up to par. Although his young career has been relatively underwhelming, it is quite clear why the Jets added him to their secondary. Let’s take a look… Continue reading “Making the Case for Leon McFadden Over Kyle Wilson”

Muhammad Wilkerson: The Engine to Rex Ryan’s Defense

Muhammad Wilkerson, like many players on the Jets defense, has the skill set to excel in many different roles. He is regarded as a 3-4 defensive end, but Rex Ryan lines up Wilkerson all over the defensive line. Let’s jump into the film room and take a look.

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