New York Jets – Would Maccagnan Still Be Safe if Jets Landed Cousins?

Jared Scherl on if Mike Maccagnan’s job security situation would be different if the Jets landed Kirk Cousins this offseason…

It was another ho-hum loss for the 3-8 Jets on Sunday. The Jets have had a tough go this week but be sure to compare odds before you count them out. Given the losing streak, they’re bound to have very favourable odds. Especially with a coaching staff on the hottest of hot seats. Todd Bowles’ eventual firing is a foregone conclusion. Attention now shifts to General Manager Mike Maccagnan and his job status. The common consensus is that he will be retained despite his team’s 23-36 record over his tenure. Although I do not agree with it, the argument for keeping Maccagnan goes something like this: “After the 2016 collapse, he established a long-term rebuilding plan to compete in 2019, and he deserves to see his plan out.” Somewhere in that argument is the idea that he drafted a rookie quarterback this year and no one can expect to win with a rookie quarterback. Thus, next year is when we can truly evaluate Maccagnan’s tenure as GM.


New York Jets 2018 Special Teams Breakdown

Jared Scherl breaks down the New York Jets special teams heading into 2018

What has been an achilles’ heel for the New York Jets in the recent past is shaping up to be a problem yet again. Since the departure of Mike Westhoff  in 2012, the Jets special teams unit has been a consistent headache. This season, the outlook is not much brighter.


Will NFL’s New Sliding Rule Help?

Jared Scherl with concerns on the NFL’s new sliding rule and the ability of it to protect quarterbacks (HINT, Sam Darnold)

Much has been made of the NFL’s new helmet rule, but another rule change (or “point of emphasis” as the league calls it) will have a great effect on the game– and not in the way it’s intended to. This season, the NFL is instituting a new slide rule hoping to reduce hits to quarterbacks. In practice though, the new rule will likely increase them, and potentially expose quarterbacks to more violent hits.


New York Jets – Takeaways From the 2017 Season

Jared Scherl with takeaways on the New York Jets 2017 season…

The New York Jets’ 2017 season was unsurprisingly, a disappointing one. Most called it a rebuilding season, and interim owner Christopher Johnson bluntly said he will not be judging the season on wins and losses. If the goal wasn’t to win a Super Bowl, then what was the goal? The answer was progress–specifically in the young players likely to be on the team for years to come.  So did the Jets make the most out of their rebuilding season and discover the cornerstones of their roster for the future?


New York Jets – Are They In NFL No Man’s Land?

Jared Scherl asks if the New York Jets are in NFL no man’s land?

On the Monday morning following the New York Jets week 8 loss, which dropped their record to 3-5, Seth Walder of ESPN Sports Analytics sent out this tweet: “Jets have an equal chance of reaching the playoffs and landing No. 1 overall pick. 0.1% chance for each.”

In other words, the Jets were in NFL limbo or no man’s land. With a Thursday night victory over the Buffalo Bills, the Jets’ chance of reaching the playoffs likely went up a bit, and their chance of landing the first overall pick likely went down significantly. But the point remains: the Jets are not quite good enough to be good, and not quite bad enough to be bad. So what are they? And what does this mean for the future?


New York Jets – Dissecting the Controversial Touchback Call

Jared Scherl breaks down the controversial touchback call against Austin Seferian-Jenkins and the New York Jets in week 6…

The NFL has many flaws at the moment, and officiating is certainly one of them. Most of the time, however, the issues arise with calls made on the field–how is that pass interference? What do you mean no personal foul? He hit him in the head! When the replays are taken to the booth (and now to NFL headquarters in New York City), most of the time they get it right. Not on Sunday.


New York Jets Positional Overview – Offensive Line

Jared Scherl with a positional review of the Jets offensive line through five games…

Next up in our positional overview series is the offensive line, a unit with moderate expectations going into the season, and has since produced moderate results. The Jets’ offensive line is one of the more experienced position groups on the team with 3 veterans–Kelvin Beachum, James Carpenter, and Brian Winters. Brandon Shell in his 2nd year and Wesley Johnson in his 4th year round out the squad. 


New York Jets Positional Overview – Wide Receivers

Jared Scherl with a positional overview of the New York Jets wide receivers through four weeks

Going into the 2017 draft, the New York Jets had deficiencies at almost every position group. Wide receiver was one of the few positions where an upgrade wasn’t entirely necessary. With Quincy Enunwa and Eric Decker coming off productive seasons, 2nd round draft pick Devin Smith set to return from injury, and the continued improvement of undrafted free agent Robby Anderson, the Jets presumably would use their draft capital to address other areas of need. Instead, the Jets doubled down on wideouts with premium picks in the 3rd and 4th rounds, selecting ArDarius Stewart from Alabama and Chad Hansen out of Cal.


New York Jets Positional Overview – Quarterbacks

Jared Scherl breaks down Josh McCown’s performance through three games

Through three weeks, Josh Mccown has been exactly the player he was expected to be. He’s shown a decent command of the playbook and the ability to stretch the field when necessary. On Sunday, the Jets dominated the Dolphins behind a 249 yard, 1 TD performance from Mccown. But while his high level of play is encouraging in the short term, is it in the best interest for the franchise as a whole?


New York Jets – The Problem With Todd Bowles’ Punting Decisions

Jared Scherl breaks down everything wrong with Todd Bowles decision to punt in the 4th quarter against Buffalo…

In a 2016 season full of mistakes, Todd Bowles’ most perplexing one came in Week 5 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Jets were trailing by 11 points with 7:36 left in the 4th quarter. Fitzpatrick and the Jets offense had the ball at their own 46 facing a 4th and 2. There should have been no decision to be made by Bowles. The Jets had to go for it. Instead, Bowles punted the ball away to Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense. The next time the Jets saw the ball they were down 18 with 1:51 left–the game was over.