20 Things For New York Jets Fans To Be Thankful For

20 things for New York Jets fans to be thankful for on Thanksgiving

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20 Things For New York Jets Fans To Be Thankful For

1. Rex Ryan – Hate him or love him, Rex has been a blessing for this organization. There is nothing worse than being irrelevant and that is what the Jets were prior to Ryan being named the head coach. He has made them a national team, nevermind bringing them to back to back AFC Championship Games.

2. Mark Sanchez – Yea, I went there. Perhaps you forgot Chad Pennington’s injuries, Kellen Clemens, Jay Fielder, Brooks Bollinger, Quincy Carter, Brett Favre’s meltdown, Rick Mirer, and Frank Reich…I didn’t.

3. Mike Tannenbaum – A bold GM, who made some miscalculations this off-season. Yet, has still hired Ryan, drafted Sanchez, Darrelle Revis, David Harris, Nick Mangold, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Dustin Keller, and traded for Santonio Holmes.

4. Darrelle Revis – The best defensive player in football.

5. David Harris – One of the most under-appreciated linebackers in the league, who is having another terrific year.

6. Nick Mangold – The best center in football.

7. Boomer and Carton, Joe and Evan – A quartet of Jets fans to drown out Mike Francesa’s hate on WFAN. Come get some!

8. The Jets Haters – Rex is a bumbling idiot. Sanchez is the most overrated player in the league. Jets are out of control. The defense is overrated. When will they all shut up? Blah. Blah. Blah. You have made all the wins the past few years that much more sweet.

9. Curtis Martin – The classiest of class acts, who was nominated for the Hall of Fame again this year. Let’s hope he makes it on his second try.

10. Twitter – Off the top of my head, a few recommended must follows for Jets fans – @TheJetReport, @RobCelletti, @ChrisCelletti, @GreenLanternJet, @LilMissNYJet, @KristinReese, @TheJetsStream, @JennyVrentas.

11. Santonio Holmes – A clutch playmaker who needs more touches down the stretch.

12. Mike Westhoff – Take the time to appreciate how great the Jets special teams consistently are.

13. MetLife Stadium – Hey, it is better than playing in Giants Stadium.

14. Christmas Eve vs. the Giants – How much fun is that going to be?

15. The Bills and Dolphins – Without them and their general mediocrity, we would be 3-7.

16. Another Day Further Away From Giants/Patriots Super Bowl – The further that is in the past, the better.

17. Another Game This Sunday – The season isn’t over yet, contrary to popular belief.

18. Jersey Sports Fan – Hysterical

19. Woody Johnson – Not shy about spending money to make his team better.

20. Every other Jets fan out there – So we don’t have to suffer losses alone.