TOJ Pick Six: New York Jets Week 6 vs Washington

Thank you for joining us on another edition of Pick Six. This week, we’re doing things a little differently as it is me asking you guys the questions. I asked 6 questions on Twitter and picked the six best answers. Thank you to everyone for sending in answers this week and for keeping up with this article. Now, on to Pick Six:

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Big Expectations: Dee Milliner Edition

Connor Rogers reviews Dee Milliner’s rookie season, while previewing what lays ahead.

The expectations have been high since the Jets selected Dee Milliner with the ninth overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft. Milliner was selected shortly after superstar cornerback Darrelle Revis was traded, leaving him with huge shoes to fill.

After an up and down (or should I say down, then up) rookie season, Milliner’s locked in as the Jets number one corner heading into the 2014 season. What can we expect? Well, to make an educated guess, lets look at what he has shown thus far.
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New York Jets: Breaking The Dee Milliner Narrative

Mike O’Connor breaks down how Jets’ cornerback Dee Milliner is silencing the doubters with some great football.

Many things in this world are foolish, football-related or not. The Jets’ beat writers, half of CBS’ announcers, ESPN over-saturating every news story, not being able to find some decent internet on vacation to sit down and write an article, etc. Lately, a new frustration has risen to the top of things that are simply foolish.

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Film Room: Breaking Down Dee Milliner’s Recent Play and What It Means

Mike O’Connor examines the recent play and growth from Dee Milliner. Is he going to be the right player in the starting second corner spot?

After Dee Milliner’s performance versus the Saints a week ago, some heralded him as a player who finally overcame the rookie hump to become a solid starter. On the other hand, some fans have stuck with the bust label that they prematurely gave him this season, because his game was somewhat overblown by a few splash plays. Both of these reactions are far too extreme to boast about after we have had such a small exposure to the rookie (only four games).

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New York Jets Should Trade Kyle Wilson

Joe Caporoso on why the New York Jets should trade Kyle Wilson

In 2010, the New York Jets selected cornerback Kyle Wilson in the first round of the NFL Draft. The hope was that Wilson would further fortify a stacked group of corners alongside Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, along with provide some electricity in the return game. Unfortunately, Wilson is currently in his 4th season and the light hasn’t went on yet. He has provided nothing as a returner and is an average at best third corner. It might seem like an odd suggestion to some, especially with rookie Dee Milliner’s early struggles but the Jets should work to trade Wilson before this season’s trade deadline. Here’s why:

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New York Jets Secondary Grade Sheet – Week One

Mike O’Connor breaks down the New York Jets secondary’s performance in the week 1

Every week throughout the season Mike O’Connor will break down the performance of the New York Jets secondary. Here is his take on week 1 

With so much confidence in the New York Jets front seven all summer and heading into the regular season, the re-shaped secondary that was once undoubtedly the Jets’ biggest strength has been somewhat overlooked. Even heading into the week of preparation for Week One, most expected the Jets’ primary focus to be on the Bucs’ biggest game-breaker on offense: running back Doug Martin.  s we learned with the Jets’ close win, sometimes an offensive weapon’s greatest effect is to draw focus away from the rest of the team.

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Training Camp Battles: Cornerback Power Rankings

Connor Rogers ranks the New York Jets cornerbacks based on their performance so far in training camp

Last week we took a pre-training camp glance at the cornerback competition and a lot has happened since. Let’s jump right into the action and see how the cornerback competition is shaping up in Cortland. Continue reading “Training Camp Battles: Cornerback Power Rankings”

New York Jets Draft – Dee Milliner Thoughts, Predictions For Tonight

A few more thoughts on the New York Jets selection of Dee MIlliner and predictions for who they could target tonight

A few quick thoughts on the New York Jets selection of Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner with the 9th overall pick, along with a few predictions for tonight

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Initial Reaction – New York Jets First Round Selections – DEFENSE!

Initial reaction to the New York Jets selecting Dee Milliner and Sheldon Richardson in the first round

Are we so sure that Rex Ryan is a lame duck coach who has no influence in Florham Park anymore? Tonight felt an awful lot like many previous drafts with Rex Ryan as the head coach, as the New York Jets selected a defensive lineman in the first round for the third straight year and added a cornerback in the first round for the second time in three years.

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