TOJ – New York Jets Secondary Grade Sheet (Week 1)

Mike O’Connor brings back the secondary grade sheet to start the season by grading the Jets’ secondary in its season debut.

The Jets’ defense didn’t have to do all that much versus a bland Raiders’ offense to find themselves at the top of most of the league’s defensive statistic categories. Derek Carr was grounded by his coaches’ vanilla gameplan and as a result, the Jets’ secondary only had a handful of plays where they had a chance to make a significant impact. Hell, the Fresno State rookie only attempted two pass further than 12 yards in Greg Olsen’s offense. Oh and that worrying about the cornerback depleted depth even against the Raiders? Not an issue. Like any dominant defense, the next man steps up because any relatively good fit can adjust and be a working piece under a smart, well-oriented defensive gameplan. Let’s take a look at who shined in the back end on a rather easy outing for them.

(Note: I won’t be able to bring GIFs to the table until I get my new computer in a few weeks, so don’t kill me over a few innocent screenshots instead).

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New York Jets Secondary Grade Sheet – Week One

Mike O’Connor breaks down the New York Jets secondary’s performance in the week 1

Every week throughout the season Mike O’Connor will break down the performance of the New York Jets secondary. Here is his take on week 1 

With so much confidence in the New York Jets front seven all summer and heading into the regular season, the re-shaped secondary that was once undoubtedly the Jets’ biggest strength has been somewhat overlooked. Even heading into the week of preparation for Week One, most expected the Jets’ primary focus to be on the Bucs’ biggest game-breaker on offense: running back Doug Martin.  s we learned with the Jets’ close win, sometimes an offensive weapon’s greatest effect is to draw focus away from the rest of the team.

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95-Day New York Jets Warning – At Least We Have One Landry

Counting down the days until the Jets season starts with reasons to be excited for 2013…There is still a Landry at safety

Here at Turn On The Jets, we decided to take a page out of Robert Mays book over at Grantland (a polite way of saying rip his article idea off) by counting down the 115 days until the New York Jets kick off, with a daily reason to get excited about their return. Mays has the whole NFL to work with, we only have the Goddamn Jets…now there is a challenge, step your game up Mays!

We continue today with a look at the Jets keeping a Landry in their defensive backfield (Note, you can track this entire series right here)

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New York Jets Sign Safety Dawan Landry

Thoughts on the New York Jets signing safety Dawan Landry

The New York Jets made a needed addition to their perilously thin safety position today by signing veteran Dawan Landry, older brother of LaRon who was the team’s starting safety last season before moving on this off-season. Dawan has experience in Rex Ryan’s defense from his time in Baltimore and will immediately step into the starting line-up and give the Jets more flexibility in the upcoming NFL Draft.

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Thoughts On Kerry Rhodes Trade & Weekend Wrap-Up


First a few updates:

1. Great times yesterday at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Hoboken…I am happy to report everybody I was with  avoided the $2,000 fines that were being handed out like candy on Halloween. I got a decent amount of love for my “Revis Island” shirt. Sure, there were plenty of bitter Giants fans celebrating the Antrel Rolle signing like they just picked up Ronnie Lott in his prime, but I mean hey any time you can make a guy who might not even be a top ten player in the league at his position the highest paid safety in NFL history…hey, go for it.

2. I am heading out to Austin, Texas from Tuesday to Sunday with some college friends, so posts might be a little more sparse than I would normally like but if anything major happens, I’ll obviously be on it and of course follow the facebook page and twitter account for updates.

3. The 2010 Draft section has been updated.

Thoughts On Kerry Rhodes Trade & Weekend Wrap-Up

When I woke up this morning and saw all the information on the Kerry Rhodes trade, I wasn’t surprised to see he was moved. The momentum had been building on this for awhile and even though Mike Tannenbaum made it sound like he would be back during the Antonio Cromartie conference call, you still had a feeling he wouldn’t be playing for the Jets in 2010. Initially, I wasn’t thrilled with the value they got back from Arizona. The original reports from last week had Arizona potentially sending over a 3rd round pick, but as we know it ended up being a 4th rounder and a 7th rounder next year. I suppose that it is decent value for a guy who has never been a pro-bowler but the Jets still now have a hole at safety.

PhotobucketIt sounds like the Jets are content to let Eric Smith take over but I can’t really see Tannenbaum standing pat here. I don’t know if he will try to make a move up in the draft to grab Eric Berry or Earl Thomas, look at the second round tender on Baltimore’s Dawan Landry or has something else in mind but I’d be shocked if the Jets didn’t bring in somebody else to pair with Jim Leonhard. Eric Smith is a decent player but he has some limitations in pass coverage and isn’t much of a playmaker. The Jets defense isn’t better with Smith and James Ihedigbo taking the major reps at safety over Rhodes.

In retrospect, I now have another jersey of a former Jets player. I could slide my #25 jersey next to my Chad Pennington, Jonathan Vilma, Laveranues Coles, Santana Moss, and Curtis Conway (yikes) ones. Like most Jets fans, I was huge Rhodes fan when he instantly became a productive player as a fourth round pick in 2005. He took his game to the next level in 2006 with a monster season, in which he probably should have received All-Pro recognition. Unfortunately, his play has declined in every season since, culminating with him being benched in week 10 this past year. Rhodes never seemed to click with the new coaching staff and was apparently wearing thin on the locker room with his “Hollywood” attitude. Regardless, TOJ wishes Rhodes luck in Arizona and will have always fond memories of the big plays he made from 2005-2009.

It is nice the Jets added a fourth round pick and now currently only have one round in which they don’t pick (third). I also expect they will pick up another selection when compensatory picks are announced. The Jets need depth on both sides of the ball and have been short on draft picks in recent years, so the more overall selections the better.

In terms of where they go from here, there hasn’t been much written on Adalius Thomas in the past 48 hours but I still expect when everything is said and done, that he will end up on the Jets. Mike Tannenbaum has been giving the impression the Jets will definitely add another one or maybe even two, corners. Corey Ivy remains a potential target. Ralph Brown, Frank Walker, Benny Sapp, and Roderick Hood are other available players the Jets could consider.

PhotobucketMarques Douglas is attracting interest from the Patriots, Panthers, and Titans. I really hope the Jets use some of the money they freed up from Kerry Rhodes, Thomas Jones, Donald Strickland, and Lito Sheppard to get Douglas back. He was a valuable part of their defense and is a quality 3-4 end, which are hard to come by. Mike DeVito was pretty good last year but is better served as a rotational player, providing depth very similar to Eric Smith. The Jets have the money to sign him and their defense will be better overall with him. There is no reason to have too much turnover on the league’s #1 defense.

Pro Football Talk is reporting the market could soon heat up for Leon Washington. Yet, they don’t name any specific teams. Even if another team signs Washington to an offer sheet, I can’t see the Jets letting Thomas Jones and Leon Washington walk in one off-season. Jones is going to get more money offered somewhere else and likely not return. Tannenbaum has said the Jets will target a veteran running back, although the options are fairly slim. Mike Bell’s name has been thrown around but beyond him I haven’t heard another running back specifically mentioned.