Super Fast: “The Reed Option”

Dan Marcus goes Super Fast as the Jets prepare to play the Bills in week 11

Although I think it’s still too early to be having serious playoff discussions (even saying the words makes me feel a bit uncomfortable) however, with the much-ballyhooed signing of former All-Pro Safety and Future Hall of Famer, Ed Reed, the Jets are making a statement to the league and to their fans that they are in fact making a run for the post season. Coming off the bye, the Jets head to Buffalo to take on a scrappy but beaten-up (both physically and emotionally) Bills team and here is everything you need to know heading into Sunday’s tilt: 

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TOJ Week 11 Podcast – Larry Hardesty, Chris Nimbley, Dan Marcus

Week 11 of the TOJ Podcast featuring Larry Hardesty, Chris Nimbley and Dan Marcus

Check out week 11 of the Turn On The Jets Podcast featuring Larry Hardesty of ESPN New York, Chris Nimbley of Jets Insider and Dan Marcus of Turn On The Jets. We preview Jets/Bills in week 11 and discuss the team’s playoff chances after a successful bye week.

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Game Balls: “Saint No Thang”

Dan Marcus hands out Game Balls after the Jets 26-20 win over the Saints

And the Roller Coaster ride that is the 2013 New York Jets season continues as Rex and his bunch shook off the debacle that was the Cincinnati game and pulled off a surprising 26-20 win. At 5-4, the predicted “Worst Team in the League” is sitting pretty going into the Bye Week as they now have two weeks to get healthy and prepare for the Bills whose Quarterback situation is one of the most unpredictable in the league. I won’t even think of uttering the “P” word with seven games to go but the back-end of the schedule is shaping up to be pretty interesting and at the very least, we will see some meaningful football through December. However, before we look forward let’s look back at yesterday’s game and paint up some Game Balls. 

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Darrelle Revis Trade Already Paying Dividends

Dan Marcus on the Darrelle Revis trade already paying dividends for the New York Jets

Much like a Presidency, it is very tough to accurately assess a major trade in sports until several years down the road however, the early returns on the much-ballyhooed Darrelle Revis trade are already making it worth it for the Jets. When the Jets and Buccaneers were having their stare-down over compensation for a potential deal that would send Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay, there were many including myself that were screaming from the rooftops that in order for any deal to be remotely worth it, the Jets would have to get at least two First-Round picks back in return.

I’ll admit, the Jets’ well-documented history of selling low on players that were still in their prime but coming off injuries (see: Vilma, Abraham, Washington), only heightened this sentiment. I firmly believe that if the Jets were to trade Revis in a typical year, he would easily fetch two “1’s” and two “2’s” but you have to believe that John Idzik got as much value for Revis as he could have given the circumstances. When seeing what the Jets ultimately got in return for their all-world Cornerback, I was among that contingent that was incensed, feeling as though we had gotten fleeced, coupled with the fact that the Buccaneers gave him a sham of contract with a big sticker price with ZERO dollars in guarantees, it was maddening.

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Super Fast Friday: “Not Your Daddy’s Bungles”

Dan Marcus goes Super Fast Friday to prepare you for Jets vs Bengals

I hope we have all caught our collective breaths after last week’s streak-breaking, Overtime win against the Pats as the Jets have what some would argue to be a bigger test ahead of them this week in the upstart Cincinnati Bengals. This match-up has gone overlooked a midst the “controversy” surrounding what many are now in-artfully referring to as “Pushgate” nevertheless there is still a game to be played this weekend so here’s everything you need to know

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Game Balls: “Playing By The Rules” – Jets 30, Pats 27

Dan Marcus gives out Game Balls for the Jets 30-27 OT win over the Patriots

This was your classic “gut check” game that should have never been as close as it was and is single-handedly responsible for my heart palpitations and lost voice today. Geno was by no means spectacular but was good enough to win and he did get a considerable amount of help from his Wide Receivers (for the most part). I’m also not exactly sure what Rex said to his defense at half time but it definitely worked and the beat goes on as the Jets move to within a game of first place in the AFC East and break the Pats heart in the process, it’s definitely a “Victory Monday” and that can only mean one thing: Game Balls: 

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New York Jets – Thoughts On Home Field Advantage

Dan Marcus with thoughts on the New York Jets lack of a home field advantage

Alright Jets fans, it’s time to address something that has been bugging me for quite some time and finally came to a head last week. For the longest time, I heard that the Jets lacked a real “home field advantage” because they were playing in someone else’s building with bearing the name “Giants Stadium.” Naturally when the Jets moved across the parking lot to the giant gray slinky now known as Metlife Stadium, one would think that things would presumably be different. In the inaugural season of then “New Meadowlands Stadium,” the Jets brass were playing the “this is our house” mantra up to the “nth” degree and sure the the first Monday night game against the Ravens and the match-up against the Patriots the subsequent week were pretty full and reasonably loud but things have been on a precipitous decline ever since.

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Super Fast Friday: Jets vs. Steelers

Dan Marcus goes Super Fast Friday to get you ready for Jets vs. Steelers

After what was wake-up call to the nation, that this team is not some bottom-feeding push-over, the Jets return home to take on the 0-4 Steelers, looking to set up a match-up for first place in the AFC East when the Patriots come to town this week. Oh and the Giants are 0-6, so there’s that. A lot has happened so here’s everything you need to know heading into Sunday’ s game:

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Game Balls, “Plucked”: New York Jets 30 Atlanta Falcons 28

To borrow one of my favorite Suzyn Waldman-isms, “of all the dramatic things,” (and no, Roger Clemens is not in George Steinbrenner’s box) the New York Jets are now sitting at 3-2 by virtue of a heart-pounding road win against Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons, in front of the nation, after most people wrote them off before the season even started. I have to be honest, I thought the likelihood that they would be able to pull this one out was slim. Yet, the Jets came ready to play and were great in all three phases. The stat of the day is 0; the amount of turnovers the Jets committed last night and the first game in which they did not hand the ball to the opposing team. Imagine what would happen if they could do that on a regular basis. While you’re doing that, lets’ paint up some Game Balls:

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Super Fast…Monday? – Jets at Falcons

Dan Marcus gets in some final preview content for Jets vs. Falcons tonight, in “Super Fast Monday”

Alright ladies and gents, the New York Jets are back on prime time and thank God it’s on the road. The Monday night kick-off pushed things back a little bit but we’re still giving you everything you need to know about tonight’s match-up against “Matty Ice” and the Falcons.

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