TOJ Preliminary Thoughts On Conference Championships: Jets Fan Hell

Preliminary thoughts on Championship Sunday and the ongoing Jets fan hell as 2007 repeats itself

Coming off a terrific 0-4 weekend on Divisional Weekend picks against the spread, I have decided it is time to embrace the reality that 2007 is about to repeat itself Jets fans. Giants vs. Patriots for the second time in five seasons is about occur and all the misery that comes associated with it.

The NFL Playoffs are about getting hot at the right time and the Giants are rolling right now coming off three straight blowout victories. It is nice to continually hear how their late season run started with their victory over our New York Jets. Could you imagine where’d we be at now if Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson could just tackle Victor Cruz on that 99 yard touchdown? Oh well.

That was an epic win by San Francisco over New Orleans but they were able to take advantage of a sloppy game by the Saints, where they were turning the ball over up and down the field. I just can’t see Alex Smith standing up to the Giants pass rush and the 49ers knocking off a team as confident as the Giants must be now after beating up on the Packers in a game they should have won by 30 if it wasn’t for horrific officiating.

For New England/Baltimore, if the Ravens weren’t playing a third-string rookie quarterback they would have easily lost to Houston who manhandled their offense. However, that being said the Ravens will be confident going into New England because they won there before and will now be facing a much worse defense than Houston. I don’t think that confidence will be enough though. It is too hard to see Joe Flacco out-dueling Tom Brady on his homefield.

So buckle up Jets fans, for two weeks of Giants/Patriots coverage and starting back at square one where the Jets were in 2007 in terms of being behind their division and city rival. Hey, they signed Brett Favre that following off-season. So maybe Peyton Manning is really on the way…