2014 NFL Draft: The Wide Receiver Fables Part 1

Wide receivers are fun to scout, especially considering that the Jets will likely be looking at one early this May.  Yet the process of scouting them is often abbreviated or done is haste when playmaking ability is evident.  I see this often today and I have major issues with it for many reasons.  I believe the position I’ve learned the most about through scouting prospects is at receiver, so seeing underrated traits or flaws go unaccounted for is striking to me.

There are so many of these minor issues that are much more important than the community makes them out to be.  However, one stands above the rest due to the hidden complexity of it and how essential it is for the basis of a receivers’ skillset, and that is a wide area I’d like to call “catching ability.” Continue reading “2014 NFL Draft: The Wide Receiver Fables Part 1”