As we are accustomed to writing on Sundays, the New York Jets lost today. This time it was 24-10 to the Kanas City Chiefs, their eighth straight loss. Rex Ryan is now 23-34 since the beginning of 2011 and has 23 losses by 10 points or more. The Jets were relatively competitive but it never really felt like they were in position to make a move to win the game. Generally, despite a few standout performances it was the same somewhat unprepared, poorly organized and undermanned at certain positions team we have seen all season. The Jets are very much in the mix for the top pick in the NFL Draft, as there aren’t any of signs of a turnaround on the way…

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Well, it’s come to this, huh? I guess none of us should be surprised with the fickle and downright crappy nature of most New York Jets fans that a campaign has sprouted up to raise $10,000 (that’s American dollars too) so that they could put up a Fire John Idzik billboard. That’s right, 10 grand for… a John Idzik billboard that nobody will give a crap about. And the insane part is that some people out there are actually donating their money to this! Well, before you open up your wallet and type in your credit card number on their little website to give them your money, do me a favor and read this first. Continue reading

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