We have been overwhelmed to see the initial response to our “Let’s Eat” campaign to donate money to Feeding America for this holiday season. We launched at 7PM last night and in the first 24 hours have raised $2,560 dollars across 66 different donors! Jets fans have donated over 100 dollars per hour to a great cause.

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You can see the full list of donors right here on the donation page. Let’s keep the momentum going for the rest of the week. We GREATLY appreciate all the of the support. ANY gift amount is a big help, everybody who has contributed is making a big difference this holiday season.

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We will be live with a new podcast at Turn On The Jets TV tonight, where we will focus mostly on the team but also discuss “Let’s Eat.” We will then be back at it tomorrow with our normal New York Jets coverage, while continuing to link to this campaign frequently on the site and throughout our social media platforms.



The New York Jets are awful this season, meaning the next eight weeks will be spent arguing about who to blame, looking at quarterbacks in the NFL Draft and hoping Mark Sanchez and Darrelle Revis don’t play each other in the Super Bowl (THE HORROR!) However, instead of putting effort and money into a billboard to get one man fired and generating more circus headlines around this organization, how about salvaging something respectable and positive out of this disastrous football year? 

DONATE HEREhttp://help.feedingamerica.org/goto/TOJ

The Jets are bad but you don’t have to chase player’s wives off Twitter and act like a billboard is a cure all for the many problems around this team. Join us and donate whatever you can to Feeding America so everybody can eat this holiday season. Maybe it is just us but we’d rather see headlines like “Jets fans raise thousands to feed hungry families” than “Jets fans raise money to chase another person out of town”


All money generated here goes directly to the charity. No t-shirts. No website hosting fees. Just some shout outs from our site for donating and maybe a fan meet up in a few months for some food, beers and commiserating.

Blame Idzik? Blame Rex? Blame Geno? Blame Bradway? Blame Woody? We don’t really care but appreciate any support from Jets or any NFL fan looking to donate to a good, worthwhile cause.

Who doesn’t like food?


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