Don’t panic.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen me constantly tweet the hashtag #DontPanic as the offseason is now two days old. The New York Jets were in on Nick Perry and Mike Glennon until presumably the price tags for both players became too high. They appeared to not be in on any of the top flight cornerbacks, like AJ Bouye and Stephon Gilmore, and they did not appear to be linked to any of the tight ends like Martellus Bennett either. As exorbitant contracts were doled out ($47.5 million for Pierre Garcon?), Mike Maccagnan smartly sat out the first wave of free agency and it appeared he would not give in to impulse and was very content with resigning core players that performed well and letting the market come to him.

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For many fans, few things sum up the ineptitude of the modern era and serve as a metaphor for the dysfunction of the organization as a whole better than the recent curse of second round draft picks going bust. Since 2001, the dubious honor has gone to the likes of Mike Nugent, Kellen Clemens, Vlad Ducasse, Stephen Hill, and most recently Devin Smith and Christian Hackenberg.

Considering the rule of thumb that players taken in the first four rounds should eventually be developed into starters, and players taken in rounds one and two should be significant contributors from their rookie year, this is a major problem. It’s gotten to the point where fans are unsure if the Jets just pick bad players in Round 2, or if players become bad because the Jets picked them in Round 2. But luckily for the Jets, this year’s draft class is exceptionally deep, so there are several players who may be on the board that can end the losing streak. Here are my choices for Pick 39. Continue reading


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