For this week’s Turn On The Jets 12 Pack, we will take a quick look at Jets vs. Vikings and move through an evaluation of the team’s current roster, ranked in order of positional strength. Our comment section has been upgraded to Disqus, as you will notice below. Stay tuned for more site updates in the coming months. Finally, how about a free chance to win $100,000 playing weekly fantasy football? Sign up here.

Let’s crack open the unnumbered 12 pack (Winter Ale?)

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When the New York Jets were 1-5, we did this deep dive into their organizational situation. Since then, nothing has changed. They duplicated the 1-5 record in their next six games and drifted back into the circus tent they called home in 2012. The quarterback carousel has returned along with leaked stories, conspiracy theories and an apparent divided house. Yet, the Jets house isn’t divided, it is broken. It is broken because it stands on the foundation of a poor coaching staff, convoluted front office and dysfunctional quarterback position.

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