The NFL feels like it is at a crossroads, much like the rest of the country, with its ratings as low as they’ve been over the last decade and the product on the field suffering from a lack of quality talent at its most important position. There have been more eyes on what goes on outside the boundaries of an NFL game. Commissioner Roger Goodell is being scrutinized for focusing on player celebrations and not doing enough to combat dirty hits from repeat offenders like Vontaze Burfict.

The NFL is also under more scrutiny due to the pending CTE lawsuit and the, at times, inconsistent and hypocritical nature that the game is refereed and policed. As our society continues to evolve and becomes more tolerant at times, the NFL punishes a player more games for smoking marijuana than it does for a player that allegedly abused his partner. It is a weird dynamic and one that is on full display in New York this week.

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Joe CaporosoDalbin Osorio and Connor Rogers eviscerate Ryan Fitzpatrick and the 1-5 New York Jets, before moving to discuss where the team goes from here with Geno Smith as the new starting quarterback. 

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Statistics let us remove emotional stimuli and focus on the hard truth of what happens. But we need to place statistics into their environment to gain context and understand what’s really happening. Fitzpatrick having 60% accuracy doesn’t tell you any real information, but 60% accuracy throwing against man coverage gives you something to work with. That’s the purpose of this season-long project.

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