Initial Reaction – That’s A Wrap, Rex

Joe Caporoso on the New York Jets 43-23 loss to the Buffalo Bills

The New York Jets lost in emphatically ugly fashion today at home to the Buffalo Bills, 43-23 despite having ten days to prepare and being three point favorites. Rex Ryan is now 43-45 overall as the team’s head coach, 15-28 in his last 43 games, with 11 losses by 20 points or more and 14-18 overall against the AFC East. The quarterbacking was an atrocity today, as Geno Smith and Mike Vick combined for six turnovers while the Jets again forced zero themselves. This was a one possession game at halftime but quickly devolved into another blowout. Let’s get into it…

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Turn On The Jets Link Dump – Week 8 Edition

Joe Malfa with a New York Jets link dump for week 8

This past Wednesday, put out an article in which six Around the NFL writers presented a trade possibility he’d like to see happen in the next week — the trade proposed by Dan Hanzus had the Browns sending Johnny Manziel to the Jets for a 2nd round draft pick. When I first read this, I felt like throwing my laptop out of the window because there was no way that anyone in their right mind could see that trade happening before the deadline. After I realized the the article was written for entertainment purposes and not to predict realistic trade possibilities, I calmed down a bit and gave the trade for Manziel some thought. There is one scenario in which I do see the trade being a possibility, but not until the offseason.

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Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Jets vs. Bills Predictions

Joe Caporoso with 12 predictions on the New York Jets game against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday and thoughts on the team’s recent moves

Back with another Turn On The Jets 12 Pack. It is somewhat odd to see the New York Jets as 3 point favorites despite their 1-6 record. Over the last six games, they have lost to teams with a combined record of 29-14 and played an absolute gauntlet of quarterbacks. The schedule now swings back in their favor to an extent. Their next six games are against teams with a combined record of 16-17 (only counting the 4-3 Bills once, who they play twice in the next 7 weeks, which also includes their bye). Over the rest of the season they will face Kyle Orton and Ryan Tannehill twice, Zach Mettenberger, Teddy Bridgewater, Alex Smith, Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady. Theoretically there should be more defensive success and overall success. However, does this team remember how to win? Can they find a way to prevail in a tight game? They have been in five tight ones and lost every single one. 

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Video – New York Jets Xs and Os

Joe Caporoso and Connor Rogers break down the New York Jets offensive and defensive personnel in a new video series

We are excited to launch a brand new series at Turn On The Jets TV (please subscribe), featuring New York Jets Xs and Os on their offensive and defensive scheme. Today, we have two videos. The first will overview the positions on offense, how Eric Decker beat Darrelle Revis for a big play, why the Jets have struggled in the redzone and where Percy Harvin will help their passing game. The second will look at the Jets likely base personnel on defense moving forward, how they have been burnt on the blitz and how they effectively used zone coverage against the New England Patriots.

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New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills: Points of Focus

Mike O’Connor breaks down focus points for the New York Jets to beat the Buffalo Bills

The Bills are without their two top running backs in CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson, thus creating a massive drop-off in talent to Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon. Buffalo fought on and won quite literally in walk-off fashion against the Vikings last week with a Sammy Watkins touchdown from Kyle Orton. With their opponents’ health ailing and the Jets having Percy Harvin in their weaponry now, Rex Ryan’s squad hasn’t had a better opportunity to win since week one.

This game is one of the simpler games to break down for the Jets this season with how the team’s strengths/weaknesses and injuries clash. Here are two focus areas for the Jets to bring the fanbase back to life with a win. Let’s get to it.

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TOJ Film Room: Calvin Pryor Catching On, Secondary Grade Sheets

Mike O’Connor details Calvin Pryor’s improvements after his best performance of the season versus New England

New York Jets fans needed a revival in the past couple weeks. Relatively close games versus two dominant AFC offenses did just that. Losses are losses and since they’re primarily stemming from coaching, they remain frustrating but this is definitely not a terrible, 1-6 team. Not all the time, that is. In my realm of the secondary, there are still regressing players, but there are certainly bright spots even amidst the heartbreaking injuries (Dee Milliner’s sophomore season is over). One of those bright spots I’ll be looking over today is rookie safety Calvin Pryor, who, after a seven game stretch of wildly inconsistent games with some awful ones, put up a very strong one. Yet, unlike his other encouraging starts, his play versus New England hints that his growth as a player is here to stay for awhile.

Before we dive in to Pryor, I’ll hit on the secondary grades from both the Denver and New England games since the short week killed my schedule.

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TOJ – New York Jets Tight End Grade Sheet (Week 7)

Cole Patterson breaks down the recent usage of Jace Amaro, Jeff Cumberland and Zach Sudfeld by the New York Jets

Every week Cole Patterson will break down the performance of the New York Jets tight ends. Here is his take on week seven. 

Grading Scale: Tight end is an interesting position to grade out, given that they are responsible for both receiving and blocking. As receivers in this offense, tight ends will be asked to line up anywhere from slot, to split end, to flanker and be responsible for the entire route tree. As blockers in the offense, they will be assigned delayed releases, one-on-one blocks, or simply to chip a pass rusher. With these roles in mind, it is difficult to create a complex grading scale based on YPC or blocking, as the play may conclude before the tight end’s true role on the play is clear. All of that is to say, because the tight end position is so enigmatic, a simple letter based grading scale is best employed. 

  • A = Entirely positive impact
  • B = Consistent positive impact, few minor mistakes
  • C = Equal level of positive and negative impact, average, or made no impact plays whatsoever
  • D = Mostly negative impact, with room for improvement
  • F = Entirely negative impact

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New York Jets Passing Game Breakdown – The Inconsistent Geno Smith

Joe Caporoso breaks down five plays from Geno Smith against the New England Patriots

For this week’s passing game breakdown, let’s take a closer look at five plays from Geno Smith against the New England Patriots. This past Thursday was arguably Smith’s best performance of the season, as he flashed his potential and avoided any turnovers. Yet, he was not without a few errors. 

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TOJ Podcast: New York Jets Week 8 Preview, Percy and Kerley

Joe Caporoso. Dalbin Osorio, Connor Rogers and Cole Patterson preview the New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills and talk Percy Harvin and Jeremy Kerley

The latest TOJ Podcast. We preview the New York Jets upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills, talk about the Percy Harvin and Jeremy Kerley extension. Make sure to subscribe

But before we get into it, here are the winners for our ticket and gear giveaway. Thanks to everybody who participated and don’t worry we still have more tickets and gear for the rest of this season!

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New York Jets – Inside the Film Room: Get Off the Field Edition

Connor Rogers goes inside the film room to break down the Jets defense vs. the Patriots in a week 7 Thursday night match up.

In a Thursday night match up that came down to the final seconds, the Jets lost a tight one once again. On the bright side, outside of a few brain lapses, the defense seems to be finding consistency. What has Rex Ryan changed since the Jets were blown out in San Diego a few weeks back? Let’s take a look… Continue reading “New York Jets – Inside the Film Room: Get Off the Field Edition”