Rex And Jets Must Turn Page To Prepare For Second Half Run

Rex and the Jets must move past last week’s disappointment to prepare for a second half run

Rex Ryan was out of line. Plain and simple. A head coach, right or wrong shouldn’t be taking on paid customers. Ones who pay to get close and pop off shouldn’t expect flowers in return either. Where Rex could apply the new team mantra in a more useful way though, is in talking to himself and the team. This regarding the notion of giving the AFC East away after nine games. Since when were playoff berths handed out before the Turkey and stuffing go around the table?

OK, fine. The Patriots have swept the Jets in 2011, and during the last contest between the two. Gang Green even lacked big game poise throughout. That still doesn’t mean that that other team is invincible the rest of the way. Not like they once were. No way.

Especially in this strange NFL season. Where the 49ers are matching the Montana 49ers for wins with Alex Smith. Where the Seahawks and Jaguars knocked off the big bad Ravens. Where the AFC East leading Texans, that’s right, the Texans will now have to go the distance with that other USC QB, Matt Leinart

The Jets stopped themselves for two and a half quarters, when they weren’t adding time on the clock for future hall of famer Tom Brady to work two minute drills. They truly executed poorly. Even with that, the offense was set to get the ball back down just 13-9 in the third, before Joe McKnight fumbled.

In prior years, the score by then would have been 23-9, or worse given the efficiency that Tom Brady and co. have exemplified in the past.. Well it wasn’t 23-9 this time. The teams are not THAT far apart. Even it means that a road game in Foxboro in the postseason will be the only way for the Jets to prove that to themselves. Again.

The Jets failed to expose a battered New England secondary on Sunday night. Failed to finally grab hold of the AFC East driver’s seat. Failed to seize the moment. That moment is over now. The players should take Rex’s new bumper sticker catch phrase and stick it on the wall of their own lockers. Move on from the disappointment of not stepping up in the rematch. Learn from it yes, but don’t talk about it anymore.

Concentrate on what lies ahead instead, which is an opportunity to hold serve as far as playoff possibilities go. Refocus and consider what opportunities ARE available.  Before taking on a Denver club that lost running backs last Sunday and had it’s quarterback throw less passes in a game than some local Pop Warner QB’s do. Before needing help from OTHER teams down the stretch.

The Jets entire organization has to turn the page right this minute, regarding their never ending obsession with New England. Or in using the words of Ryan, “STFU” and play football. There is plenty of it left. Seven games in fact. Practically half a season. Beating the Patriots is a sure sign of one’s worth, but it doesn’t award an AFC team the automatic path to the Super Bowl either. Just ask the 2010 Jets that.

As for Mark Sanchez and the never ending debate about his talents, the media can run him out of town too now if they’d like. They might first however, want to keep in mind that many who now applaud the new elite QB Eli Manning, once had him dangling off of a cliff in Chicago years back. Where talk of a benching hit the airwaves from the Fox broadcasters booth in Soldier Field. This prior to a second half comeback, led by Manning that lifted the Giants to a big road win. This on their way to a playoff berth and eventual Super Bowl title.

Sanchez has to date, not shown that he is an elite QB by any stretch. Even with the addition of Plaxico Burress and a familiarity with everyone else in that WR corps. We’re not Sanchez apologists. We see that too. So do most Jets fans.

That doesn’t mean that he can’t lead teams to wins in December and January. Again. For the third straight season. For those who have already forgotten what the last two winters looked like when number 6 took the Jets on the road to send Rivers, Manning, and Mr 14-2 Brady, home.

Nobody in Jets nation is happy with 5-4 and two losses to the first place team in the books. Especially to the hated Pats of all clubs. There’s no crying in football though. No waving white flags either.

The Jets must put it behind them, forget the Pats for now, toughen up, and go get a win. It won’t be easy. The thin Denver altitude always makes things tough on visitors. Especially on short rest. Against ANOTHER QB who like Sanchez, possesses one redeeming stat. The propensity to win, no matter how ugly it can sometimes look.

The Jets have to count their blessings, and not wallow in any disappointment. Four losses and still in the running? Consider yourselves lucky fellas. As for November obituaries, hey, we’ve all been wrong about teams and players before. Ask St Louis Cardinal baseball beat folks about what THEY were writing about last August. Not the World Series we bet.

Yes, Rex inappropriately told some fan to STFU, but that message can apply to more than one drunk idiot who happened to have a great seat to a big primetime game.

For the Jets, it’s time to get ready for Denver. Thursday night is not a trap game now. It’s another crucial one.

New York Jets: The Danger In Denver

Can the New York Jets avoid having a major let-down in Denver?

I firmly believe the New York Jets are substantially better than their next five opponents. However, we all know that doesn’t mean anything if they don’t play to their potential and that on any given day, any given NFL team could lose to another. Of their next five games, the most dangerous one is coming up the day after tomorrow.

Thursday night’s game has all the ingredients of let-down for the Jets.

  • Hangover from an embarrassing loss to the New England Patriots.
  • A ridiculously short turnaround, thanks to a horrible job of scheduling by the league’s office which has the Jets going from a Sunday night game to a Thursday night game where they have to fly cross country.
  • A bizarre and unique offense to prepare for, which couldn’t be any further from the offense they played last.
  • Playing on the road in a hostile environment against a team who recently clawed back into their divisional race, led by a quarterback who is defying logic by his ability to win football games.

All that being said, if the Jets want to puff out their chest as a serious contender and have any form of pride after the effort they put in front of a national audience only a few days ago, they will respond with a serious beating for the Denver Broncos.

This is as one dimensional as an offense could get. If Rex Ryan and his front seven can’t slow down this offense, there needs to be serious questions about the personnel up front and at linebacker. If Denver scores more than 14 points, than the Jets defense has seriously let them down. On the other side, the Jets offense needs to recognize this and put up the necessary points to win. Denver has an average defense, there is no excuse to have zero first half points and let the Broncos hang around.

The Broncos completed 2 passes last week, 2! If the Jets get up 10-0, what are they going to do? The offense needs to put the pressure on Denver right away to step outside their comfort zone which is when Rex’s defense can really take advantage of such a limited offense.

I can see Thursday going two ways, the Jets are either winning by double digits or losing in an ugly, low-scoring game that is going to sicken all of us beyond belief. Do they want to start building momentum towards the playoffs with a winning streak they should go on? Or, do they want to have to scrap for a 9-7/10-6 record and pray for a few tie-breakers to fall their way?

Let’s hope they show some pride and don’t embarrass themselves for the second time in four days on national television.

6 Pack Of Suggestions For The New York Jets

6 suggestions for improving the New York Jets down the stretch

An emergency 6 pack of suggestions for improving the New York Jets who remain in the thick of the AFC wild-card race.

1. No More Mulligan – Matthew Mulligan should not be playing 20 snaps a game in a NFL offense. He shouldn’t be playing 5 snaps a game in a NFL offense. If you decide your number two tight end is going to be such a big part of your offense, you have to make a better investment at the position. How about giving recently signed Shawn Nelson a chance?

2. More and More Pool – When he gets back to being healthy, it is time to take large chunks of playing time away from Eric Smith and give it to Brodney Pool, than in the off-season the Jets must draft or sign an athletic safety with some height. Time to react to New England having two monsters at tight end.

3. Pick A Punt Returner – First you had Jeremy Kerley deep, then you had Jim Leonhard, then you switched to Joe McKnight back deep who proceeded to muff a punt. I love McKnight as a kick returner but he has looked shaky returning punts. It is a completely different skill set. Stick with Kerley and use Leonhard and his sure hands as the primary backup.

4. More McKnight & Kerley On Offense – The Jets are limited in the number of players they have who could create big plays. Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson aren’t ripping off big runs or turning screens into huge plays, McKnight needs more touches period, particularly in space. Jeremy Kerley is similar in this regard and deserves a bigger role on offense, especially stretching the seam.

5. Throw The Damn Football Down The Field – The Jets must add more of a vertical element to their passing game. You need to throw the football deep to loosen up a defense. It is the only way to create big plays, whether it is connecting on the pass or drawing an interference penalty. This offense makes it too hard on themselves by having to put together such long drives. They desperately need big plays. Mark Sanchez throws a good deep ball…let him air it out a few times a game. Whether you want to admit it or not the Jets are missing Braylon Edwards in this aspect of their offense but Santonio Holmes has the ability to get open deep.

6. Be Yourself – Don’t lose the confidence and swagger because of one loss. This team plays better when they have an attitude and are running their mouths a little bit.

New York Jets…And The Hysteria Sets In

One regular season loss and the hysteria has set in for Jets Nation

Let’s not sugarcoat anything from the New York Jets game last night. It was embarrassing to make the number of mental errors they did. The table was set perfectly for them to make a run for a AFC East title and they choked. Nobody played well. Nobody coached well.

Now for some perspective: despite a missed chip shot field goal, a muffed punt, a tipped ball interception, horrific clock management, horrific protection, and a mediocre performance from the quarterback, the Jets were down by a touchdown with less than 10 minutes left.

This loss hurts as it ended any realistic chance of the Jets winning the division and hosting a home playoff game. The road to the Super Bowl will again be spent…on the road. Now the key is actually getting to the point of the playing those road playoff games.

I don’t care how much last night stung, the Jets are still sitting at 5-4 with 5 straight games coming up in which they will be favorites. They are in a conference where there could be a 9 win team who makes the playoffs and nobody is pulling away in the wild-card race. If they do make it into the tournament, who is unbeatable?

New England was unbeatable last year and we know how that went. Baltimore just lost to Seattle. Pittsburgh has looked vulnerable at times. The AFC West is a mess and Houston has never played a playoff game and now has Matt Leinart under center. It is a wide open conference where the team who gets hot at the right time will end up in the Super Bowl.

I am not trying to blind with you some sunny optimism about the Jets and the holes on their current roster. There is real problems that we will get to addressing later. Yet, for now they are more than talented enough to beat Denver and their college style offense even on short notice.

The pity party solves nothing, similar to the rash of hysteria that follows every loss this team has. I have news for you Jets fans, Mark Sanchez isn’t going anywhere. He is our quarterback and this isn’t a bad thing. Is he inconsistent? Is there room for improvement? Yes. Sanchez is a young, developing quarterback who had minimal experience in college and has dealt with a revolving door at wide receiver and some questionable play-calling. On the whole, he will likely make a statistical improvement in every major category this year from last year…just like he did from his second year in comparison to his first year.

Stop saying the Jets can’t win with him because he has already won four road playoff games and wasn’t the reason they lost of either of their AFC Championship Games. The media gives Sanchez the rashest and harshest treatment because of his coach and the team he plays on.

Matthew Stafford threw four interceptions yesterday, his team has lost 3 of 4, and he is always banged up. Should the Lions give up on him? Josh Freeman has been terrible this year compared to last year and has never won an important game. Should the Bucs give up on him? Matt Ryan zero playoff wins. Time to cut him loose? Joe Flacco can’t get past Pittsburgh in the playoffs and just lost in Seattle, why keep him around?

The same thing goes for Rex Ryan, don’t hate on his personality and brashness when the team loses but embrace it when they are winning. You can say this about Rex, he is consistent. He is himself and that never changes. Either like it or dislike it, don’t say he needs to stop being who is because the Jets didn’t run the table after starting 2-3.

Last night was an ugly loss to our hated rivals…it brings out plenty of negative emotions. Vent them out but save your big picture judgements until the season is over. The same people who buried the Jets today are the same people who buried them in 2009 and 2010 after regular season losses to New England.