New York Jets GIF Dump, Leftover Week 10 Observations

A New York Jets GIF dump and leftover observations from their week 10 over the Pittsburgh Steelers

Your New York Jets GIF Dump and leftover observations from their 20-13 upset victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Turn On The Jets #LetsEat Campaign – One Week Update

A big thank you to all the donations from New York Jets fans to Feeding America in the past 7 days

After being live for one week, we just wanted to pass along a big thank you to every New York Jets fan who donated to #LetsEat! We have reached 102 donors for $3,780, all of which will go directly to feeding hungry families this holiday. We will keep the link open through Thanksgiving, so join the cause right here!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 6.25.47 PM

You can see a running list of all the donors on the fund page, along with people who have signed the guest bookThanks again!

New York Jets Game Balls: Put Away Your Towels

Dan Marcus hands out game balls for the New York Jets 20-13 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers

I didn’t know if I would get the opportunity to write another one of these, given what transpired over the last eight weeks but the New York Jets finally got off the schneid in a big way against the Steelers in what felt like a road game. For those that were in attendance, although it came as no surprise, it felt like Jets fans were outnumbered by a significant margin with the stands awash in black and gold. However, as weird as it sounds, the Jets didn’t give the Steelers fans an opportunity to even get into the game, coming out to a quick start on offense, while the defense managed to do what they couldn’t do all season: turn the ball over. Although they didn’t make it look easy, the Jets came away with their second win of the season and as such here are your oft-imitated but never duplicated Game Balls

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No Huddle – New York Jets Back In The Win Column Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets ending their losing streak

TJ Rosenthal kicks off another week of New York Jets coverage at Turn On The Jets with his weekly No Huddle – Make sure to give TJ a follow on Twitter on Turn On The Jets a follow on Facebook.

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Initial Reaction – New York Jets Win A Game!

Initial reaction to the New York Jets 20-13 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers

The New York Jets ended their eight game losing streak today with an impressive 20-13 win over the favored Pittsburgh Steelers. It was basically bizarro world at MetLife Stadium as they forced four turnovers, including Jaiquawn Jarrett’s first two career interceptions, avoided any turnovers themselves and hit a huge play down the field in the passing game. They will now have two weeks to prepare for a road game in Buffalo and hopefully begin a strong end to their season. Without a doubt, there were plenty of bitter Steelers fans and people in #FireIdzik shirts leaving MetLife Stadium this afternoon. Let’s get into it…

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TOJ NFL Week 10 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Mike Donnelly of TOJ breaks down the week 10 NFL gambling lines and makes his picks

 As this miserable Jets season spirals further and further into the depths of hell, I feel like we all need something to grasp on to and look forward to each and every Sunday. I mean, there’s only so much “Should we draft Jameis or Mariota?!” talk that a Jets fan can take, right? Well, I have a better idea: lets do some NFL Gambling! If you’re reading this and are going to be throwing some money down on games this weekend I’d love to hear your thoughts on my picks and who you’re throwing down on when the ball kicks off on Sunday as well. Last week I hit 4 out of 5 best bets and I think I have a good read on this week’s games, so let’s get into it… Continue reading “TOJ NFL Week 10 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks”

Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Jets vs. Steelers Predictions

Joe Caporoso on John Idzik, Rex Ryan and predictions for this Sunday, when the New York Jets take on the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Turn On The Jets 12 pack is back. Today, we talk about the New York Jets current situation, the potential of midseason firings and give predictions for Jets vs. Steelers. Most importantly and first off, a HUGE thank you to everybody who has donated to #LetsEat! We are currently at 97 donors for nearly $3,700 despite only launching 4 days ago. If you haven’t contributed yet, join in right here.

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Peaking At New York Jets Contracts For Upcoming Off-Season

Mike O’Connor takes a stance on some of the decisions the Jets will have to make in the off-season, and how the rest of the season will impact them

The New York Jets are not at the brightest of spots right now but at least John Idzik has set them up well to handle the team’s free agents this off-season while still reserving free money to spend elsewhere. Not only will they be looking to extend some of their cornerstone players, but they also have to make decisions on a bunch of guys finishing up their contract year. With this season a complete wash and only seven games remaining to convince their value, let’s look at which players should be invested in. Also, where will extensions be worked on, and how will it impact re-signing other players?  Using Over The Cap off-season cap numbers, a fantastic resource, let’s try and predict how this off-season’s money will be spent on the team.

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New York Jets Passing Game Breakdown – Where Is Jace?

Joe Caporoso breaks down the New York Jets lack of targets for rookie tight end Jace Amaro

Last week against the Kansas City Chiefs, Jeff Cumberland played 53 snaps to Jace Amaro’s 35. He received two targets, both of which were incomplete while Amaro received zero targets. Over the first half of the season Cumberland has played 472 snaps (83%) and Amaro has played 235 snaps (41%). Amaro has caught 32 of his 39 targets (83%), while Cumberland has only caught 15 of his 30 targets (50%). More recently, Amaro has caught 26 of his last 30 targets and in four of the last five games he has been targeted at least four times, he has produced over 50 yards. Since week one, Cumberland has produced 104 yards over the 7 games and has been at 18 yards or under in six of them. Outside of the passing game, Amaro has been a more consistent blocker, particularly at the second level where his superior athleticism has allowed a smoother than expected transition to blocking at this level.

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TOJ Roundtable – New York Jets Stay Or Go Edition

The TOJ Roundtable is back. Make sure to give everybody a follow on Twitter and to let us know your opinion down in the comment section below! Today’s question is…

Who will the New York Jets let go during or after the season, not who you think they should let go, but who do you think is actually fired? 

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