Things To Consider For The Jets As They Head To The Lion’s Den

It is still the preseason and the New York Jets are on their way to meet the Detroit Lions for a showdown. Although the season has not yet started, it is still a great way to gauge themselves against huge teams. It has not been easy for the Jets when it comes to the preseason games. Despite them winning against the Titans in their first preseason game, the Lions are no pushovers. Coming off from a win is a good sign for the Jets. There are a few things which you should know about the Jets before they lock horns with the lions.

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TOP 5 Most Underrated NFL Quarterbacks

The quarterback position is one of the most important and strategic roles on the field in American Modern Football and in most cases, the quarterback is also the leader of the line of offense. Before each play, the quarterback will inform his team members which “play” they will go for, thus establishing both the offensive tactic and the alignment of the defense and midfield lines. It is a really complicated decision, similar to the one you have to make when comparing hot offers from PartyCasino, let’s say. If the chosen play is a passing one, it will be the quarterback who will launch one of those long exquisite passes across the adversaries’ line of defense. Also, in NFL, quarterbacks are required to wear a number from 1 to 9 for easier distinction.

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Jets vs Titans: Josh McCown Acting like He’s Won Jets QB Race

Things are looking good for Josh McCown, and it isn’t just because of how he was perceived in the New York Jets betting odds for Week 1.

The Jets put the Tennessee Titans in their place when they ended the preseason match with a 7-3 victory, and Josh definitely played a part in that victory. Josh didn’t have that much pressure on his shoulders.

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Kelvin Beachum Ready for Fresh Start with Jets

The left tackle position is one of the most important in football because the tackle is responsible for protecting the quarterback’s blindside. If a team doesn’t have a reliable left tackle, their offense won’t be able move the ball efficiently because their quarterback will spend most of the game scrambling for his life. If you want to bet on the New York Jets this season, check out the sites that offer sportbook odds for the 2017 Jets season.


NFL Stars Who Are Renowned For Gambling

In recent times there has been debate and confusion about whether NFL players are allowed to gamble. Naturally, betting on their own sport is an absolute no-no as it would undoubtedly lead to suspicions of thrown games and missed opportunities but the rules about more general betting are more liberal. The official wording that appears in all players’ contracts is that it is permissible to visit “legally-operated casinos and horse or dog racing tracks” and bet money on the action but what is not allowed is to act in a way that “can be perceived as constituting affiliation with or endorsement of gambling or gambling-related activities”.


Can the New York Jets Take Home the Super Bowl Championship Title?

The NFL loves an underdog story with the most recent season resulting in shame for the New York Jets. Though, in the same breath, the loss of victory may just motivate the team to rise above the rest as this year’s unexpected reigning contenders. After a disastrous Super bowl campaign last season, coach Todd Bowles had one thing in mind when he spoke to “Our ultimate goal is to get to the Super Bowl.”

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Early 2017-2018 Playoff Predictions

If you opened this article thinking the Jets were heavy favorites to win the Super Bowl or AFC this season, you should probably give your head a shake. However, with that said, this team could surprise the masses. Regardless of newly acquired Josh McCown’s long-term or even short-term status with the club, the foundation of this group has changed dramatically.

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What Should We Expect From The New York Jets in 2017?

The Jets decided to go all in on Ryan Fitzpatrick this year after he led Todd Bowles’ side to a 10-6 record in 2015 – but were made to regret that call after a disappointing campaign. New York finished fourth in the AFC East, losing 11 of their 16 regular season fixtures, the sixth worst record in football. It may seem harsh to place all of the blame on Fitzpatrick’s poor form at the quarterback position but that’s the way the NFL is…

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