Josh McCown Back to Form

Josh McCown is 38 years old. However, even at this age, he is showing signs of life that are hard to ignore. In the game, his signature moment came when he flung a 69-yard bomb towards Roby Anderson. This fling bore a close resemblance to the one Ken O’Brien made to Wesley Walker a while back. His arm suffered no backlash at all. He kept on slinging the ball giving the Jets their first win of this season. This bold piece of play endeared him to both his coach and his teammates.


Raiders vs Jets: Looking at the Defining Plays

The Raiders beat the Jets 45-20. And this is just about the time that one looks at the tape for that game if only to better understand what went right and wrong. This isn’t an exercise in futility, at least not for anyone trying to better understand and plan for the New York Jets odds for the season.


Jets Offense Plans to Be Aggressive Against Raiders

The New York Jets spent the offseason getting rid of some of their best players, so it wasn’t surprising that their offense was one of the worst in the NFL last week. With their next game coming against the Oakland Raiders, who are hoping to make it to the Super Bowl this season, it might be a good idea to avoid the Jets when you’re making your betting picks for NFL Week 2.


New York Jets Hope Kony Ealy Will Give Them One Up Over New England

It is a terrible thing to play in the same league as the New England Patriots. Sure, the challenge is fun and exciting. But the pundits and analysts can make it a nightmare with the constant comparisons they make between New England and everyone else.

The New York Jets can tell you as much. New England never seems to make a misstep. The Jets, on the other hand, only ever make missteps. One can understand why these comparisons are so strong.


Jets Name McCown Starting Quarterback

The New York Jets announced on Monday that quarterback Josh McCown will be their opening day starter, which was surprising because the Jets had better options at quarterback a season ago but let them walk in the offseason. If you bet on NFL this season be careful with the Jets, who will likely have the worst record at the end of the season.


Williams Wants to Be a Better Leader for Jets

The New York Jets sports odds for the season don’t look good because the team lost most of its best players during the offseason, which is why the Jets are projected to be one of the worst teams in the NFL this season.

During the offseason, there were rumors that the Jets intentionally got rid of their top talent so they could tank and get the top pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. As expected, the team’s brass denied the allegations, but it still doesn’t mean the team isn’t aiming for the top draft pick.

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Things To Consider For The Jets As They Head To The Lion’s Den

It is still the preseason and the New York Jets are on their way to meet the Detroit Lions for a showdown. Although the season has not yet started, it is still a great way to gauge themselves against huge teams. It has not been easy for the Jets when it comes to the preseason games. Despite them winning against the Titans in their first preseason game, the Lions are no pushovers. Coming off from a win is a good sign for the Jets. There are a few things which you should know about the Jets before they lock horns with the lions.

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TOP 5 Most Underrated NFL Quarterbacks

The quarterback position is one of the most important and strategic roles on the field in American Modern Football and in most cases, the quarterback is also the leader of the line of offense. Before each play, the quarterback will inform his team members which “play” they will go for, thus establishing both the offensive tactic and the alignment of the defense and midfield lines. It is a really complicated decision, similar to the one you have to make when comparing hot offers from PartyCasino, let’s say. If the chosen play is a passing one, it will be the quarterback who will launch one of those long exquisite passes across the adversaries’ line of defense. Also, in NFL, quarterbacks are required to wear a number from 1 to 9 for easier distinction.

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Jets vs Titans: Josh McCown Acting like He’s Won Jets QB Race

Things are looking good for Josh McCown, and it isn’t just because of how he was perceived in the New York Jets betting odds for Week 1.

The Jets put the Tennessee Titans in their place when they ended the preseason match with a 7-3 victory, and Josh definitely played a part in that victory. Josh didn’t have that much pressure on his shoulders.

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