Super Bowl Prop Bets To Watch For

For Jets fans it comes as no surprise that the Jets are not in the Super Bowl this year. They entered the season on some sportsbooks at 1000-1 odds to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. ESPN’s Mike Clay projected that the Jets would go 0-16. I am sure he’s still getting bombarded with hate emails after the Jets ended the season with 5 wins. The early odds for 2019 recently came out and the Jets are 100-1 to win the Super Bowl next year. Not as bad as last year but still among the least favorite teams to with the Super Bowl. So now we await the draft and see how management goes about addressing the team needs in the offseason. In the meantime, spark up the grill, make sure the cooler Is loaded and take a chance at making some money on one of the more then hundreds of prop bets that will be available for the Super Bowl.


NFL Championship Weekend Picks

Four teams stand on the brink of reaching the Super Bowl and football fans are eagerly anticipating Sunday’s Conference Championship clashes. Two underdogs, the Eagles and the Jaguars, made it through the divisional round and will seek to cause further upsets this coming weekend. The Patriots fell short of covering the spread against Titans but still stormed into another Championship game, while the Vikings landed bang on the +5 spread as they beat the Saints.


Bowl Game Prospect Viewing Guide: Rose Bowl

Joe Malfa with a prospect preview viewing guide for the Rose Bowl, Oklahoma vs. Georgia

We are finally heading into the span of bowl games that features ranked teams with the top prospects that will make up the first few rounds of the draft. As he has throughout the bowl season, Joe Malfa has a list of the top names to watch in each of the biggest games.

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Jets on the Coals Once Again: Will They Crumble or Hold Together?

Tension was so thick in the New York Jets’ locker room after Sunday’s game you could have had to saw through it. Last season’s defeat to the Chiefs doesn’t hold a candle to the farce Jets fans had to sit through on Sunday. It still managed to elicit the same clenched-jaw frustration from the players. You wouldn’t have dared raise your hand for a high-five in that room.


Jets Get Screwed by Refs Against Patriots

The New York Jets heard it all during the offseason after they let go of some of their top talent to shed some salary. At the time, the team was accused of tanking for the top pick in the draft. The fact that they lost their first two games of the season didn’t help much either, but the team finally started putting things together and reeled off three consecutive wins.


New York Jets Vs. New England Patriots Position Comparisons

Well folks, it’s here. The Jets are on a three game winning streak at home playing the Patriots for the division lead. Yes you read that correctly. This is this the Jets first real test of the season. Winning three games against Miami, a Jacksonville team off of a London game and Cleveland is fine but this is the real test for this young group of guys. I take a look at the position comparisons between the two teams. Continue reading “New York Jets Vs. New England Patriots Position Comparisons”

Surprising Jets Face First Real Test of Season Against Patriots

The New York Jets were expected to be one of the worst teams in the league this season after purging their roster during the offseason, and weren’t expected to win more than four games. Despite the low expectations, the Jets are now 3-2 and have a share of the AFC East lead, which has improved sportsbook odds for Jets game.