New York Jets – Why Josh McCown Was Right Choice

Scott Mason on why the New York Jets signing Josh McCown was the right move…

Our long national nightmare is finally over.

Quarterback Josh McCown has signed a one-year deal with the Jets, putting an end to one of the most pathetic quarterback searches in recent memory.

The career journeyman, who will be 38 on opening day, brings with him a career that includes making starts for five different teams with an accumulated completion percentage below 60%, a touchdown to interception ratio that is nearly even, a sub 80 QB rating, and an overall record of 18-42 as a starter.

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NYDN – Another Geno Smith Hit Job?

Scott Mason on the recent takedown piece of Geno Smith by the Daily News…

Daily News’ Jets beat reporter Manish Mehta wrote what can only be described as a blatant hit piece on quarterback Geno Smith, a complete and total character assassination of the lowest order.

Geno Smith is not without his faults both on and off the football field, but the lengths to which Mehta went in attempting to destroy the quarterback’s reputation makes you wonder if there isn’t something deeply personal behind the attack.

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New York Jets – How Will They Approach NFL Draft?

Scott Mason on the New York Jets approach to the NFL Draft in 2017…

Regardless of what the Jets do in free agency, it is crucial they hit on a high percentage of their draft picks, because that is what all of the best teams do. The Steelers, Seahawks, Packers, Ravens, and Patriots are all examples of perennial contenders who make the occasional free agent splash but understand that there four days in April that make or break the long-term health of a franchise.

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