New York Knicks: Two Games, Five Points, Plenty of Pain

TOJ at SB Nation on the pain of only five points separating the Knicks from a 2-0 series lead against Boston.

Other round one thoughts from yesterday…

1. Hawks/Magic has the feel of a seven game series, even though it is looking like Dwight Howard against the world after last night.

2. Very disappointed with the effort from the Portland in their first two games. They lack any knock down shooters, which is killing them late in games against the Mavericks. I am not sure they have shown enough to believe they will come back, despite picking them win the series before it started.

3. Predictions for tonight? Spurs and Lakers even it up and the Thunder take a 2-0 lead.

Knicks at Celtics: Game Two Preview

TOJ at SB Nation with a preview of Knicks/Celtics game two, can the Knicks even it up without Chauncey Billups?

Other round one thoughts —

1. Despite all of our hate for Miami, they are going to sweep the Sixers. Philadelphia is at their best when they are running, unfortunately there isn’t anybody in the league better than the Heat in the open floor. I actually think having an easy four or maybe, maybe five game series might not be the best thing for Miami, who might start feeling a little too good about themselves before their round two opponent.

2. Indiana has been beyond impressive with their effort these first two games against the Chicago Bulls. I don’t know if they will end up stealing any of these close games but they are providing a very entertaining series and showing Chicago that there are no easy wins in the playoffs.

3. Predictions for tonight? I am picking the Knicks, Magic, and Blazers all to even their series up.

Knicks Loss Hard To Accept, Other Game 1 NBA Thoughts

TOJ at SB Nation on why it is hard to accept any silver lining on the Knicks game one loss

Other thoughts from the weekend of playoff basketball…

1. I think it is pretty clear we are in for a bunch of 6 and 7 game series. You aren’t going to see anybody ran off the floor in this first round, especially with the 7 and 8 seed in the Western Conference winning game one and the 7 and 8 seed in the Eastern Conference coming minutes away from stealing a victory themselves.

2. Who would have thought Atlanta would start trying after taking the past few months off and show some pride this time around in the playoffs? I know I didn’t…if Orlando can’t win a game when Dwight Howard puts on that kind of performance, where are they going this year?

3. Despite their embarrassing effort in game one, I do think the Lakers will bounce back and win their series in six games. San Antonio/Memphis has the feel of a seven game series, which could really go either way.

4. Derrick Rose showed why he was the MVP on Saturday. Let’s see how the Bulls respond tonight after surviving Indiana’s best shot in game one.