New York Jets Week 5 Report Card

Greg Armstrong with his Jets Week 5 Report Card…

After a couple of bad performances, the Jets got back on track at home against the Broncos. It was a real complete effort from the coaching staff all the way to special teams. It was a great performance for the team and the fan base after a couple of weeks of hostility following losses. (more…)

New York Jets Coaching Report Card – Week 4

Clayton Smarslok with his weekly New York Jets coaching report card…

Going into the season I didn’t expect all that much from this Jets team. I thought in a good year they would get 8 or 9 wins but more likely ending with 6 or 7. With expectations not quite that high, this has managed to be even more disappointing than I thought it could be. In the midst of a three game losing streak, there are still too many mistakes all around the team. Again, the loss to the Jaguars was pretty much expected but it was how they got that loss that hurts.


New York Jets Week 4 Report Card

Greg Armstrong with his Week 4 New York Jets report card…

Sundays 31-12 loss in Jacksonville didn’t feature many bright spots as units. Were there some bright plays? Yes. As whole units were there bright spots? Well, not really. An awful effort from the jump from an uninspired roster and coaching staff. (more…)

New York Jets Coaching Report Card – Week 3

Clayton Smarslok with a New York Jets coaching report card through three weeks…

Even though the Jets were playing the Browns, who hadn’t won a game in almost two years, it was not like they were playing the same old Browns. Cleveland was coming off two solid performances against the likes of the Steelers and Saints resulting in a 0-1-1 record, which could and should have been 2-0. So seeing the final score be 21-17 on the road against what has proven to be a tough opponent in the early going was not surprising. What was surprising was how they got to that final score and these four have a lot to do with it.


New York Jets Week 3 Report Card

Greg Armstrong with his Week 3 report card…

After two good starts for rookie Sam Darnold, he finally came back to Earth against the Browns on Thursday Night Football. But the loss wasn’t all on Darnolds shoulders. The honeymoon of the Monday night win is all gone. Here’s my Week 3 report card. (more…)

New York Jets Coaching Report Card – Week 2

Clayton Smarslok with a New York Jets coaching report card for week 2…

Well that was an ugly loss. The Jets lost 20-12 to the Miami Dolphins on yesterday, a win for Miami that has given them the early sole possession of first place in the AFC East. The Jets will be heading to Cleveland on a short week on Thursday night but before looking ahead let’s take a look at how the Jets responded after a dominating week 1 victory. (more…)

New York Jets Week 2 Report Card

Greg Armstrong with his New York Jets team report card for Week 2…

It certainly wasn’t the same game we witnessed on Monday night in Detroit but there were still some bright spots in the Jets Week 2 loss to the Dolphins. Here is my report card for Week 2. (more…)

New York Jets Coaching Report Card – Week 1

Clayton Smarslok with a coaching report card for the New York Jets in week 1…

Man oh man, how about that season opener? If not all of us, then most of us went into Monday night thinking the Jets would most likely compete and possibly win the game but boy were we wrong in the greatest of ways. After a dominant 48-17 win over the Lions, the team must put the game behind them and look forward to their next game against Miami. As for us, we’re going to take a look back and grade the coaches in all three facets of the game.


New York Jets Week 1 Report Card

Greg Armstrong with his report card for the New York Jets week 1 win over the Detroit Lions…

First of, WOW. 48 points in Week One on the road in primetime and the Jets dismantled the Detroit Lions. There was a lot to love about a Week One win like this one. (more…)

Jets vs. Seahawks — Offensive Report Card

Joe Malfa with an offensive report card for the Jets vs. the Seahawks

Here is Joe Malfa with grades for the Jets’ offensive performance against the Seahawks…

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