TOJ Roundtable – New York Jets 2016 Quarterback Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discusses how the New York Jets should handle quarterback this off-season

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How should the New York Jets handle the quarterback position this off-season? What would your ideal depth chart look like heading into training camp?

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New York Jets Media Sadness: Gary Myers Edition… Again

Mike Donnelly breaks down Gary Myers’s most recent column in the Daily News about the New York Jets…

As you may or may not know, we are not big fans of the coverage the New York Jets receive from the media in this town. Now, sure, there are some excellent people who cover the team, but there’s just far too much nonsense and garbage floating around out there on a daily basis. To really hammer that point home, I took a Gary Myers column from last August about how Michael Vick should start and basically picked it apart line by line, in the old “Fire Joe Morgan” fashion. (Here is the link to that article: NYDN Sadness: Gary Myers Edition). 

Anyway, a year later, and Gary is still up to his same old awful, awful tricks. Today, he wrote something about Geno Smith and… well, I’m not even really sure what the point of the whole thing was. It was basically a mess, in standard Gary Myers fashion. So let’s dust off the keyboard here and give the worst offender in the New York media the same treatment as last time.  Continue reading “New York Jets Media Sadness: Gary Myers Edition… Again”

New York Jets Positional Preview – Quarterback

AJ Sicignano overviews the New York Jets quarterback position

With the majority of the New York Jets roster set, barring any surprise signings and cuts, AJ Sicignano is going to break down two position groups per week and see where they stand in the AFC East and among the rest of the conference. Continue reading “New York Jets Positional Preview – Quarterback”

More New York Jets Media Sadness – NFL Draft Edition

Mike Donnelly of TOJ breaks down Steve Serby’s horrible column about why the New York Jets should trade up for Marcus Mariota

As you probably know, I like to make fun of the mostly terrible media coverage that our beloved New York Jets get, particularly when it comes to Gary Myers and the New York Daily News. In fact, last year, I devoted an entire post here to ripping apart a Gary Myers column about the Jets starting quarterback job in “Fire Joe Morgan” fashion. Here’s a link to that, in case you want to check it out. As fun as ripping ol’ Gary is though, he isn’t the only terrible writer in this town who spews nonsense and horrible ideas to unsuspecting readers. Today, Steve Serby – who is one of the few who can match Myers on the crappy-scale – threw his hat in the ring with an awful column about how the Jets have to trade up for Marcus Mariota at all costs. When something this horrible gets printed, it gets the Gary Myers treatment, so let’s get started. Continue reading “More New York Jets Media Sadness – NFL Draft Edition”

Who Will Be Under Center for the New York Jets in 2015?

The New York Jets quarterback position is in disarray. Can the team steady the ship in 2015? Cole Patterson explores…

The New York Jets have too many question marks to count going into this off season. Arguably the most pertinent of those, who would be running the team, has been answered: Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles. We have covered those hires in depth and with the rest of the coaching staff rounding out, the topic of conversation turns to the quarterback.

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TOJ Podcast – New York Jets Quarterback Disaster Edition

Joe Caporoso, Connor Rogers and Dalbin Osorio discuss the New York Jets quarterback position for the rest of 2014 and beyond

Brand new Turn On The Jets Podcast. In this week’s edition Joe Caporoso, Connor Rogers and Dalbin Osorio discuss the New York Jets quarterback position for the rest of 2014 and what the options are for next season and beyond. How would you handle quarterback position? Let us know below in the comment section!

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Broadway Carousel: Bench Geno Smith?

After a turnover filled Sunday afternoon in Nashville, Tennessee, outrage has begun in the Geno Smith era. Not your Josh Freeman-Greg Schiano type outrage, but rather your typical New York Jets outrage. The type that the team isn’t even aware of because it’s created by know-it-all media types and a schizophrenic fan base. “The Jets need a game manager”, “Start Matt Simms”, “Give Brady Quinn a shot”, “Pull Geno, he doesn’t have what it takes”, just to throw around a couple of intelligent quotes I stumbled upon yesterday. Are we really talking about creating a broadway carousel in New York?  Continue reading “Broadway Carousel: Bench Geno Smith?”

New York Jets Quarterbacks – Who Gives A Better Chance to Win?

Dan Marcus on what New York Jets quarterback gives the team the best chance to win

With the Jets Quarterback “Competition” coming (hopefully) to an inevitable culmination sometime after Saturday’s preseason game against the Giants, the length of time it has taken to arrive at any type of decision has caused a stir among members of the media. The Daily News’ Manish Mehta went so far as to call the whole thing a “farce,” a charade orchestrated by John Idzik to make it seem as though his Second-round draft pick wasn’t merely being handed the job. With Manish, I really can never be sure if he’s operating on information from one of his infamous unnamed sources or if it’s merely conjecture. Thus far, to the objective observer, it seems as though Sanchez is the “leader in the clubhouse” to get the nod Week 1 but according to Mehta’s report, all Smith needs to do is play a couple quarters of mistake-free football and the job is his.

Call me skeptical but I just have a tough time believing this, considering that Smith has not showed much (if at all) to prove that he 1) deserves the job and 2) can handle the rigors associated with being a Rookie QB in the NFL. If you ask me, there are two questions that the Jets’ brass and fans alike need to ask themselves before deciding who they want under center Week One:

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New York Jets QB Battle – Conspiracy Theories?

The conspiracy theorists are out about the New York Jets quarterback battle

Today Rex Ryan declined to name his starting quarterback for the New York Jets second pre-season game. The game isn’t until Saturday and rookie Geno Smith is still working back to 100% from a minor ankle injury, yet the conspiracy theorists are out. Rex and Marty Mornhinweg have gamed the system. The competition is over. The Jets didn’t even give Geno a fair look in Detroit. Mornhinweg basically admitted to it already, right?

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Is Year 5 Too Late For New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez?

Is year 5 too late for New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez to resurrect his career? Dalbin Osorio explores…

Due to the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement, first round quarterbacks were taken to ideally be the franchise quarterback for an extended period of time. If you connected with your pick, you have Peyton Manning or Donovan McNabb and can compete for a decade plus despite glaring weaknesses at other position groups. If you miss, you end up with Ryan Leaf and your franchise is set back for years. Sometimes, you end up right in the middle. You don’t get a savior (Jason Campbell) but you don’t get a bust either (Sam Bradford). Sometimes, you get a guy that leads your team to moderate success before flaming out amid allegations of blackballing and conspiracies (Vince Young) or a guy that goes on and gives you glimpses of why they were a first round QB on another team (Jay Cutler). Is improvement in the 5th year for a QB too much to ask for a former 5th overall pick? Let’s look at how other first round QBs drafted from 2001-2008 have done in year 5 and see if there’s any reason to hope for “Moscato” Mark Sanchez.

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