The Jets (Finally) Got It Right

Stephen Russo explains why the Jets got this coaching decision right.

For the better part of a decade, the New York Jets have been swimming in the sewers of ineptitude. They have consistently had the look and perception of dysfunction. They have taken repeated half-measured attempts at digging themselves out, only to find themselves deeper in the hole of mediocrity that we are all so desperate to climb out of. And now, after the 2020 season, the Jets are proud owners of the longest playoff drought in the NFL. And as the offseason officially begins (which is typically a Jets’ fans Super Bowl), I ask you to put everything on hold for just a brief moment. Forget the Deshaun Watson drama. Don’t worry about Zach Wilson or Justin Fields. Forget Darnold and if he’ll stay or how much he will get us in return if traded.


The Sam Darnold Deep Dive: Week 1 at Buffalo

Stephen Zantz with a closer look at Sam Darnold’s statistical performance in week 1 vs the Buffalo Bills…

This will be my weekly column discussing the performance of Sam Darnold. The Jets traveled to Buffalo today fell to the Bills 27 – 17. Here is the deep dive of Sam Darnold’s performance.


New York Jets – Wait and See…For What?

Dan Essien addresses the myriad of excuses around Adam Gase’s performance this year for the New York Jets…

The New York Jets are in a tough spot right now as an organization. They were supposed to be competitive this season after their most important offseason in decades. They’ve been almost the complete opposite under head coach Adam Gase. There have been many excuses for their poor start but those excuses often don’t paint the whole picture. Let’s discuss why there may not be much of reason to use the “wait and see” approach this time.


The Myth of the “#1 WR” in Modern NFL Offense

Dan Essien takes a look at what the true value of a #1 wide receiver is and if the Jets need one as bad as many think.

The concept of a “true #1 wide receiver” has been around for a while. It’s one of those buzzword categories we usually tack into every team’s checklist, similar to “shutdown corner.” But with the current direction of offenses in the NFL, it’s worth re-examining what the value of a “#1  wide receiver” really is now. To do so, let’s look at the top scoring offenses in the NFL and what role a true #1 receiver does or does not play. Then we’ll examine where the Jets situation on offense stacks up.


New York Jets NFL Draft Decision: Variety vs. Redundancy

Dan Essien examines the NFL’s best defensive fronts and how they should influence the New York Jets 3rd overall pick.

The biggest debate for the Jets front office and for the fans is who the Jets should draft in the first round. With Nick Bosa almost a sure thing to San Francisco at 2,  much of this debate has centered around Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen. Lately, Ed Oliver has started to gain some steam. While the strategy of best player available has been the Jets approach, I believe there’s a league pattern they should be paying close attention to. Especially if they end up not trading out of the 3rd overall pick Let’s discuss how some of the best front lines in the NFL have valued variety over redundancy when building their defensive front.


New York Jets Offseason: Build the Offensive Line (For real this time)

Dan Essien examines how the Jets can build their offensive line and take a big step to becoming a contender.

As we wrap up this season of the NFL, it’s a good time to recap the lessons the Jets have to take into next season in order to be successful. One of those lessons is that they have to make a concerted effort to build their offensive line. It’s not a position group that excites the casual fan. But a strong, disciplined offensive line might be the key to the Jets future. Let’s take a look at some of the teams that found success this season and where some team’s broke down to examine how the Jets can move forward.


New York Jets Coaching Search: Why Mike McCarthy Is Not A Prize

Dan Essien on why Mike McCarthy is not the safe hire he’s being made out to be

There seems to be growing momentum linking Mike McCarthy to the New York Jets vacant head coach position. Many are even saying he should be at the top of the Jets’ list. Let’s take a look at why that sentiment is misleading and why the Jets could do much better. (more…)

New York Jets: Celebrating the Season of Sam

David Aitken on New York Jets fans finally having something to enjoy in the preseason…

David Aitken on why Sam Darnold is the beginning of a sea change for this franchise, and why fans are right to celebrate him as such.


New York Jets – Defensive Trends: A Pinch of Dan Quinn

Dan Essien breaks down some Dan Quinn inspired defensive looks the Jets can utilize in 2018

In the most recent episode of Buck The Trend, we discussed Jets defensive trends with Chris Nimbley. In the same line of previewing the Jets defense, let’s go over some wrinkles the Jets can use next season. Including how they could take a page out of Dan Quinn’s playbook and put their own spin on it.  Here’s a look at some of the potential looks the Jets could show next season with the front seven.


Episode 5: NFC East Stock Report

Dan Essien previews the NFC East with a “Stock Report” in episode 5 of Buck The Trend.

Buck The Trend episode 5 previews the 2018 NFL season with a closer look at the NFC East in this week’s “Stock Report.” We look at which direction each team is trending in and give a prediction on how the division will stack up by the end of the season. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!