New York Jets: Don’t Blame Fans Hoping for the Tank

David Aitken on New York Jets fans opinions about tanking…

The Jets enter this year with arguably the least talented roster they’ve had in the past 20 years. Organizationally they are clearly prioritizing evaluating the youth of the roster over winning. The widely held expectation both in and out of the fan base is the Jets aren’t winning many games this year. How does a fan get enjoyment out of this?


New York Jets: Living and Dying by Maccagnan’s Scouting Background

David Aitken with an analysis of Mike Maccagnan through three years…

Three offseasons in charge of this Jets team, it’s time to dive deep and ask: is Mike Maccagnan showing he can handle this job?

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New York Jets – Success In 2017 Not Dependent On Playoff Appearance

Jake Benaquisto on what should be considered success for the New York Jets in 2017…

For Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles, the pressure to succeed in 2017 will be at an all time high after last season’s debacle. With a big offseason likely ahead, some may label this season as “Playoffs or Bust” for the Jets. However, with the team headed toward a complete rebuild, it would be unfair to judge the current regime based solely on wins in 2017. Here are three ways the Jets can succeed next season, even if they do not end up making the playoffs. Continue reading “New York Jets – Success In 2017 Not Dependent On Playoff Appearance”

AFC East – Brady’s Dominance Has No End in Sight

Jake Benaquisto on Tom Brady’s continued dominance of the AFC East and NFL…

At the end of every football season, New York Jets fans such as myself wonder: Is this the year Tom Brady’s age shows and the New England Patriots regress? With Brady turning 40 in August, many could assume that his days as a great quarterback in the league are numbered. However, Super Bowl 51 was a clear indication that #12 will not be going away any time soon. Here is my recap from the Patriots’ performance in the Super Bowl and why it’s evidence that Brady will continue to be one of the league’s best quarterbacks… Continue reading “AFC East – Brady’s Dominance Has No End in Sight”

A Deep Dive On Todd Bowles

David Aitken with a deep dive on New York Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles through two years on the job…

Two years ago, Todd Bowles was the Parcells and Gibbs disciple fresh off being named the league’s best assistant and had just been hand-picked by Super Bowl winning football minds to be the New York Jets new head coach. Two years later, he’s the public target of all Jets fan frustration. What happened? 

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New York Jets: Time Is A Flat Circle

David Aitken on the New York Jets problems being more complex than just a one person issue

For the past decade, the post-Parcells core Jets have followed a similar path: hire a new coach and/or general manager, surpass low expectations in year one, try to build on that fragile success, fail to meet increased expectations, blame someone and fire them. Repeat. And here the Jets are, 3-6 after a 10-6 season, 26-38 the four years prior, and the hot seat is warming up again.

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New York Jets: Is It a Big Deal? Preseason Week 1 Edition

David Aitken breaks down whether certain storylines around the New York Jets are actually a big deal or not

Football is back. They may just be glorified scrimmages, but preseason football sometimes does offer glimpses into future impact players and causes for concern. Of course, there are also plenty of preseason performances that end up seeming meaningless once the real deal begins in September. Each week I’ll grab some of the key talking points from the latest preseason game and argue whether it really is something to be talking about.

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Jets vs. Eagles: Final Preview Notes

Final preview notes on Jets vs. Eagles from John Hargaden

Coming into today’s matchup, the Philadelphia Eagles are looking for their first win of the season vs. our New York Jet. Over the first two weeks, the Eagles have shown serious weaknesses and flaws on both side of the ball. Here are some final preview notes…

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New York Jets 2015 Beat Writer Power Rankings

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio ranks the New York Jets beat writers entering the 2015 season

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio ranks the New York Jets beat writers heading into the 2015 season. Please direct all questions and concerns to Mr. Osorio…

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Why Bryce Petty Will Not Play For 2015 New York Jets

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio breaks down why Bryce Petty will not play for the New York Jets in 2015

By now, not even two weeks after the NFL draft, you’ve heard the rally cries from New York Jets fans starved for a franchise quarterback

“Start the kid.”
“Accept the Pettyness.”
“We know what we have with the other kid. Petty can’t be worse.”
“Tom Brady was a 6th round pick and look at how well he’s done.”

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve said the same thing for months now: Jets fans needed to come to the realization that Geno Smith will probably be the starting quarterback  to begin the 2015 season. Now, does this mean he can’t implode? No. Does this mean that he will be the QB for the full season? Not necessarily but let’s take a look at what the Jets have done this off season and you’ll see why 2015 isn’t about Bryce Petty…

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