New York Jets – Ryan Fitzpatrick Saga and Risk of Geno Smith

There is a narrative of incompetence that surrounds the New York Jets, particularly at the quarterback position. Even good Jets teams in the past have had a history of average quarterback play. Now that the Jets are actually coming off one of their best passing seasons in the last twenty years, the possibility of Fitzpatrick not returning has a “here we go again” feel to it…

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2016 NFL Draft – Connor Cook Scouting Report

David Aitken with a scouting report on Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook

The New York Jets continue to do pre-draft work on quarterbacks, and one prospect surprisingly receiving little attention is Michigan State’s Connor Cook. Here’s the breakdown of Cook the prospect, and how he may fit with the Jets. Check out more of our scouting reports right here…

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New York Jets – On Maccagnan’s Ryan Fitzpatrick Evaluation

David Aitken on

The staunch low-level evaluation of Ryan Fitzpatrick by Mike Maccagnan has raised some eyebrows, some skepticism, and even some fans ready to dust off the ol’ number 7 Geno Smith jersey. Are the Jets really ready to dig their heels in long term? I’ll explore some reasons why the Jets are wise to hold their stance, but also why some popularly mooted alternatives may not provide a comparable option in 2016…

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New York Jets Five Difficult Decisions: D’Brickashaw Ferguson Edition

David Aitken on how the New York Jets should handle D’Brickashaw Ferguson’s contract this off-season…

The second part of the Five Difficult Decisions series looks at one of the most reliable Jets of the past decade. Struggling the most he has since his rookie season, what should the Jets do with D’Brickashaw Ferguson and his enormous cap number?

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New York Jets Five Difficult Decisions: Ryan Fitzpatrick Edition

David Aitken on the top five decisions the New York Jets have to make this off-season, starting with how to handle free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

Mike Maccagnan’s rookie season as New York Jets general manager was such a slam dunk we should be calling him Macgenius. No general manager in 2015 was able to navigate free agency, the trade market and the draft to come away with a better crop of players and it led to a win improvement margin bested only by the Carolina Panthers and the Jets’ first winning season since 2010. Of course, he was left an incredibly healthy cap situation by his predecessor and a roster so barren of talent he had little to worry about in terms of re-signings. The 2016 offseason offers a new set of challenges: less cap space, players to retain, and more needs to fill. Here is the first of a series of five difficult decisions that await the Jets this offseason, and the arguments for both.

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New York Jets – The Comprehensive Todd Bowles Review

David Aitken reviews New York Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles first year on the job

A 10-6 record and six win improvement from the prior season. Franchise record breaking acquisitions. A painfully blown opportunity for a hot entrance into playoff football. Reflecting on this past season, determining whether to categorize Todd Bowles’ first season as a success or failure can be a hard and frankly arbitrary question to answer. Is it a success based on the massive improvement, or a failure based on the lack of playoffs? Fortunately, I am not going to bother to answer that question. Instead, I’ll look at what Bowles has done and answer the most important question – has he shown he has what it takes to lead the New York Jets forward?

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Jets vs Dolphins Week 12 – Final Notes

The 4-6 Miami Dolphins take a trip to MetLife Stadium to face the 5-5 New York Jets in a pivotal divisional matchup.  The Jets have lost 4 out of the last 5 games and are trying to get back in the win column, let’s take a look and see what it is going to take:

Offense- Less bearded Ryan Fitzpatrick leads this Jets offense against a Miami defense that has not lived up to the hype so far this season.  They are allowing an average of over 250 passing yards per game and a mind-blowing 139 rushing yards a game.  Former Jet, Quinton Coples who was claimed by the Miami Dolphins earlier this week, may see some action this week according to Dolphins head coach Dan Campbell.  Ndamukong Suh, who was handled pretty well earlier this year against Brian Winters, will be hungry to make more of a impact.  The Jets can take advantage of a weak LB and secondary.  With Bilal Powell having a solid game against the Texans, look for him to have a great day today once again.  Brandon Marshall, looking to improve after some costly drops the past few weeks, will look to have an early impact.

Defense- I am not going to lie Jets fans, this matchup does concern me.  Not really because of Ryan Tannehill but of the weapons around him.  Lamar Miller, Jarvis Landry and Rashad Matthews are going to cause some matchup problems for the Jets.  With the injury to Darrelle Revis, look for Marcus Williams to start adjacent to Antonio Cromartie.  The Dolphins like to use their weapons in multiple ways, motioning them across the field and featuring end-arounds, screens and so forth.  One positive, the Dolphins have allowed 30 sacks so far this season, for the Jets to win, the Jets must create pressure, when you get in Tannehill’s face, he is prone to making some bad decisions. The Jets are home, use your home crowd to your advantage, be loud all game long.  I am interested to see if Erin Henderson gets more snaps and look for Lorenzo Mauldin to get 20 plus snaps.

Prediction: Believe it or not, if the Jets do win today, they are back in one of the two Wild Card spots.  Listen folks, I have to believe this week at Florham Park was not a picnic in the park.  With the release of Coples, it was a message sent loud and clear to the players.  The regime has little to allegiances with the players prior to this offseason, if you are not playing well, you will be replaced.  The players have heard that message loud and clear and that is going to show on the field.  Look for this offense to get itself going on the ground and in the air.  The defense needs and will create pressure and Mauldin will have 2 plus sacks today.

Jets 27 – Dolphins 21

Jets vs. Eagles: Final Preview Notes

Final preview notes on Jets vs. Eagles from John Hargaden

Coming into today’s matchup, the Philadelphia Eagles are looking for their first win of the season vs. our New York Jet. Over the first two weeks, the Eagles have shown serious weaknesses and flaws on both side of the ball. Here are some final preview notes…

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TOJ Jets Link Dump – September 19th, 2015

New writer John Hargaden with a New York Jets link dump for September 19th 2015

Looking ahead to Monday night, no one can say that the Jets have no shot to win against the Colts. Yes, the Colts got demolished against Buffalo. Yes they have a top QB in the league….SO WHAT? Most odd makers have the Colts as a seven point favorite which is too much in my opinion. The Colts could be missing a few key players on Monday including TY Hilton. This is going to be a much closer game than people realize. One of the key players on Monday will need to be Chris Ivory. Keep Andrew Luck off the field.  If you have Chris Ivory on any on your fantasy teams, START HIM….You will thank me later. Follow me on Twitter: @johnhargz

Here are your Saturday links and make sure to check back later in the day for our week 2 fantasy preview, Jets UK Chronicles and more…

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Why Bryce Petty Will Not Play For 2015 New York Jets

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio breaks down why Bryce Petty will not play for the New York Jets in 2015

By now, not even two weeks after the NFL draft, you’ve heard the rally cries from New York Jets fans starved for a franchise quarterback

“Start the kid.”
“Accept the Pettyness.”
“We know what we have with the other kid. Petty can’t be worse.”
“Tom Brady was a 6th round pick and look at how well he’s done.”

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve said the same thing for months now: Jets fans needed to come to the realization that Geno Smith will probably be the starting quarterback  to begin the 2015 season. Now, does this mean he can’t implode? No. Does this mean that he will be the QB for the full season? Not necessarily but let’s take a look at what the Jets have done this off season and you’ll see why 2015 isn’t about Bryce Petty…

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