The New York Jets are expected to have as many as 12 picks in May’s draft, barring any trades. Arguably the two position groups that most expect to not be impacted by the draft are running back and defensive line. However, Mike Goodson’s legal situation is one to be monitored over the next couple of months (as I stated in my ideal off-season, I think he will have to be replaced) so the Jets could be in the market for a change of pace running back to pair with Chris Ivory. We’ll be breaking down the running backs once a week between now and the draft, highlighting if there’s a fit and where the Jets should potentially draft them. You’ll see my grades for the prospects below as well. We begin with Auburn RB Tre Mason…

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Before you know it, your favorite NFL team will undergo a dramatic facelift and hypothetically improve their prospects for the 2014 season. Don’t forget, however, the 2013 rosters are still set and old faces will play just as important roles as the new ones. As of today NFL Free Agency beings tomorrow at 4pm. Each day, we at TOJ have addressed a new position group and where there will be change. Today, wide receiver.

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