New York Jets – 2019 NFL Mock Draft Roundup (2/10/2019)

Collin Spence rounds up who recent NFL mock drafts have the New York Jets selecting in the first round (2/10 edition)

A round up of who recent NFL mock drafts have the New York Jets selecting…


New York Jets 7 Round Offseason Mock (V. 2)

Greg Armstrong With His Second 7 Round Offseason Jets Mock…

It’s Friday! Here’s my second 7 round offseason Jets mock with some trades down. As always, this was done with the Fanspeak mock draft simulator so some of the available players didn’t quite fit the rounds they are ultimately going to be taken in but I tried to make it as realistic as possible. If you have any issues, you can direct your hate to me on Twitter.


Clay’s NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – New Year’s Six Edition

Clayton Smarslok With His Draft Cheat Sheet For The New Years Six Bowls.

As the final days of 2018 wind down, people are making their plans for their New Year’s celebrations, thinking of what resolutions they partake in for a few days and just enjoying the holidays. What you all need to be doing is watching the New Year’s Six bowl games, starting today. From each of those six games, we’ll look into one prospect that could possibly don green and white or whatever color scheme the Jets use next season.

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Clay’s NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Bowl Edition #1

Bowl season is here but it doesn’t quite feel like bowl season just yet. With the vast majority of these teams being middling programs with six or seven wins and several top guys deciding to sit out, it could be better. But hey, football is football and we’ll take it anyway we can while it’s still here. In week two there are 13 games to be played, the last 13 before we get to the New Year’s Six. What players should you focus on, you ask? Here are the few that decided to play before leaving for the NFL.

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Bowl Game Prospect Viewing Guide: Boca Raton Bowl

Joe Malfa with a prospect viewing guide for the Boca Raton Bowl.

‘Tis the season for over 40 college bowl games sponsored by some very obscure companies to celebrate the mediocrity of 6-6 teams. Surely there is an angry old man somewhere waving his fist screaming about how “everyone gets a trophy” and “the Millennials are ruining everything.” At TOJ, we love bowl season. Maybe not for the games because watching two small schools battle for an irrelevant trophy is not very appealing, but it gives us a chance to watch some teams that we did not get a chance to watch this season and evaluate some prospects who may not have been regularly exposed to us.

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NFL Draft – Five Potential New York Jets First Round Targets

Clayton Smarslok with five prospective first round targets for the New York Jets

After Sunday’s victory against the Buffalo Bills, there were a lot of mixed emotions amongst us Jets fans. On one side, 21 year old, rookie quarterback Sam Darnold was able to lead a fourth quarterback comeback against a top 5 defense, on the road and in his first game back from injury. The team was in disarray, losing their last six games. One of which included a blowout to the Bills at home. A game like this was needed for the young guys on this team moving forward.


New York Jets 7 Round Mock Draft (V. 4)

Greg Armstrong With His New York Jets ’19 Seven Round Mock, Version 4…

The Jets won a game! While winning at this point of the season is pointless because of draft position, seeing Sam Darnold lead a fourth quarter comeback like that is much better than gaining the one or two draft positions with a loss. The Jets dropped to fifth (previously third) in the draft order which opens up a whole bunch of possibilities. Here’s my fourth version of a Jets seven round mock done on Fanspeak. (more…)

Clay’s NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Post Regular Season

Clayton Smarslok with his post regular season college football cheat sheet

It was over before we knew it. No more weekly Saturday games until next September but it was a great season to look back on. It had young first year starters take over the sport, major upsets, redemption stories and one of the most memorable games in regular season history.

With every bowl game and three playoff games left to play the season isn’t over yet, but for many top prospects their collegiate careers are finished. They make the smart business decision to sit out their meaningless last game to ensure their health heading into the offseason. With that, let’s review the last week and the season as a whole for some of these soon to be NFLers.


Clay’s NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Week 13

Clayton Smarslok with his weekly college football cheat sheet

It feels like the season just started yet here we are at week 13, the last of the regular season. It may be the last week but it is rivalry week, giving us some of the games we look forward to all season long. Unfortunately there were some good ones yesterday but the some of the best were saved for today. Teams have a chance to get a year of bragging rights but more importantly there are championship games on the line and the possibly the last opportunity to extend the season for one more game for many teams, also meaning it could be the last game for several NFL prospects.


NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Week 11

Clayton Smarslok with his weekly college football cheat sheet

The college season is winding down but there is still so much to be figured out. This week of games contains matchups that will dictate conference championships, bowl eligibility and maybe a player or two who will stand out to sit next to Tua Tagovailoa and Kyler Murray at the Heisman ceremony. If you need some help knowing what games or players to watch for this Saturday afternoon, look no further.