NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Week 11

Clayton Smarslok with his weekly college football cheat sheet

The college season is winding down but there is still so much to be figured out. This week of games contains matchups that will dictate conference championships, bowl eligibility and maybe a player or two who will stand out to sit next to Tua Tagovailoa and Kyler Murray at the Heisman ceremony. If you need some help knowing what games or players to watch for this Saturday afternoon, look no further.


Clay’s NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Week 10

Clayton Smarslok with his weekly College Football Cheat Sheet

With the first edition of the College Football Playoff Rankings being released this past week, it’s the signal that the end is near. With bowl season rapidly approaching, there are only a few games left until there is no more tape on the players that will enter the draft in April. There is an incredible slate of college games in week 10, so find a spot on your couch that’s comfortable and watch what these prospects have to offer.


Buck The Trend, Episode 16 – NFLSU (Part 2) – New Era, Same Excellence

New BTT Podcast: Daniel Essien discusses the era of excellence in LSU football.

New episode of Buck The Trend! We’re revisiting the NFLSU series as we discuss the former Les Miles and the new Ed Orgeron era. They’ve both sent tons of NFL starters to the draft but could Orgeron being performing at a higher rate? I also build a starting NFL defense out of Miles and Orgeron standouts. Take a listen! Make sure you subscribe and leave a review on iTunes if you haven’t.


Clay’s NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Week 5

Clayton Smarslok with his week 5 college football cheat sheet…

The college football season is now more than a quarter through. We’ve got to see some great matchups thus far but we’re in for a treat today. If you were smart, you would find a couch with a television in front of you and watch these games from noon until whenever you fall asleep. Here are some of the players/games to keep a look out for.

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Clay’s NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Week 4

Clayton Smarslok with his week 4 college football cheat sheet…

After watching a brutal loss to the Browns the other night it’ll be nice to watch some football knowing I can’t be disappointed. We are now officially past the quarter mark of the college football season meaning we are going to mostly see conference play from here on out. It’s always fun to see the matchups between rivals duking it out week after week. There will be some of that as well as some key player matchups to watch today.


New York Jets 2019 Draft Watchlist: Volume II, RBs Edition

Connor Rogers with a New York Jets NFL Draft watchlist for 2019, focusing on the running back position…

When the New York Jets gave Isaiah Crowell a modest three year, $12 million deal this offseason, they essentially slapped a band aid on their running back group.

Crowell, who is offered very minimal guaranteed money beyond this season, is a fine player to pair with Bilal Powell in the backfield.

Fine: not spectacular, not poor – just mediocre. With the 29 year old Powell set to hit free agency after this year, the position is a key spot to watch for the 2019 offseason as the unit could undergo a makeover.

With that note, the college football season and running back draft class will be a vital area to watch this year. Here are a few early names to put the spotlight on for your watchlist.


New York Jets 2019 Draft Watchlist: Volume One

Connor Rogers with a college football watchlist for New York Jets fans in advance of the 2019 NFL Draft, volume one.

While Jets fans are excited to watch the team’s haul from the 2018 draft class, it’s never too early to see who is on the radar for next year.

With the college football season just two months away, which stars at that level could find themselves in the conversation for Gang Green next Spring?

Here’s volume one of who to watch this Fall at the college level.