New York Jets Early Staff Evaluations – GM Edition

Daniel Essien with an evaluation of Mike Maccagnan’s job as GM for the New York Jets…

The New York Jets are in the last quarter of the first season of what appears to be a complete rebuild. They’ve performed better than expected this season but still have tough decisions to make regarding the front office and the coaching staff. Let’s go through some of the decisions the Jets face going forward and how it can affect the team going forward. (more…)

New York Jets: Living and Dying by Maccagnan’s Scouting Background

David Aitken with an analysis of Mike Maccagnan through three years…

Three offseasons in charge of this Jets team, it’s time to dive deep and ask: is Mike Maccagnan showing he can handle this job?

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New York Jets – Who to Avoid in Free Agency

Jake Benaquisto on free agents the New York Jets should avoid this offseason

After a miserable 2016 season, the New York Jets once again find themselves in need of a significant roster overhaul. In the 2015 offseason, GM Mike Maccagnan made several signings in free agency that proved to be ineffective for the long term success of the team. Players such as Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, and Marcus Gilchrist seemed like great fits at the time, but their performance (or lack there of for Cromartie) last year proved otherwise. While it is essential for the Jets to use free agency wisely to rebuild their roster, Maccagnan must avoid the splashy signings that inevitably hurt the team.

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New York Jets 2017 Offseason – Areas to Improve (Defense)

Daniel Essen breaks down the current status of the New York Jets defense and how they could go about improving it…

The New York Jets defense regressed from last year in a big way. What was the 4th best defense in the NFL last season, fell to the 18th ranked defense and displayed performances that were downright awful at times. Here we’ll look at potential solutions to all the problematic areas of the Jets defense as they begin to rebuild in 2017…

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How to Rebuild: Seattle Seahawks 2010-2013 Edition

Daniel Essen on how the New York Jets can follow the rebuild model of the Seattle Seahawks

In the last edition, we looked at what the New York Jets can learn from the Kansas City Chiefs‘ rise to relevancy. In this, let’s look at how the Seahawks went from going 5-11 in 2009 and then firing everyone, to being Super Bowl Champions in 2013. As one would expect many of the same lessons apply from the Chiefs edition. However, there are different approaches the Seahawks took that the Jets can learn from.

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New York Jets – Who is the Leader of the Franchise?

Mike McLaughlin on the New York Jets lack of leadership

Under Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles, the New York Jets have heavily invested in the secondary and defensive line. In a passing NFL, that would seem to be a good idea. The short list of examples below, however, illustrate that style of play matters less than creating a culture. 

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New York Jets – A Deep Dive Of Problems…

David Aitken with a deep dive on the New York Jets early season problems and where they go from here

In which we call out Neil Glat, call for defensive adjustments, and listen carefully as Maccagnan sings his comeback song…

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New York Jets – Official 2016 Draft Grades

Mike Donnelly with the “official” grades for the New York Jets 2016 NFL Draft class

The NFL draft is over, which means one thing and one thing only: It is time to give all of the picks a definitive grade and see just how well the New York Jets did. This year, the Jets made 7 picks including trading a pick in 2017 to trade up into round 5. All of the picks are graded on an A++ (think Revis in 2007) through F– (think Vernon Gholston) scale, so lets see how Mike Maccagnan and company did this year. Like the legend in the picture above, let’s hope that the Jets know something that the people up here don’t.

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New York Jets – On Maccagnan’s Ryan Fitzpatrick Evaluation

David Aitken on

The staunch low-level evaluation of Ryan Fitzpatrick by Mike Maccagnan has raised some eyebrows, some skepticism, and even some fans ready to dust off the ol’ number 7 Geno Smith jersey. Are the Jets really ready to dig their heels in long term? I’ll explore some reasons why the Jets are wise to hold their stance, but also why some popularly mooted alternatives may not provide a comparable option in 2016…

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