Grading the New York Jets 2014 Lineup Changes (Offense)

Mike Donnelly of TOJ grades the New York Jets 2014 lineup compared to last year’s team

Now that the dust has settled after the NFL draft, we have a better idea of what the New York Jets are going to look like when they open up the 2014 season in a few months against the Raiders. General Manager John Idzik faced a ton of criticism during free agency from impatient fans and media types, but it’s clear by now that he has a plan and he’s sticking to it. He’s going to build this team how he sees fit, mainly by building through the draft. 

But just how improved is this year’s team over last year’s 8-8 squad? Well, just as I did a year ago, I’m going to find out by going position by position and comparing last year’s team to what we expect to see come September. And also just like last year, I’m going to use the very scientific and accurate “Tebows” Rating System!  Continue reading “Grading the New York Jets 2014 Lineup Changes (Offense)”

Turn On The Jets LIVE Twitter Mock Draft

The Turn On The Jets crew held a live Twitter Mock Draft. Here are the results and analysis from Cole Patterson.

As the real deal approaches, we at Turn On the Jets thought we would mix up the mock draft monotony and provide our own unique take. We assigned each of our writers a division and made our picks, live, on Twitter. You can find every pick, analysis, and comments from our “GMs” right here!

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The New York Jets Anti-Offseason

Mike Donnelly of TOJ breaks down what the New York Jets should NOT do this offseason

March has arrived and the offseason rumor mill is in full swing. Free agency is just around the corner and then before we know it, the draft will be here. As we all know, it’s a lot of fun to speculate about what our favorite team will do to improve the roster, and everyone has their own opinion as to how the Jets and John Idzik should go about doing that. Whether it’s on Twitter, fan forums, blogs, or just chatting with buddies, everyone wants to tell you what the team should do. Well I’m not here to tell you what Idzik should be doing this offseason (ok, well, I kinda am…), I’m here to tell you what the the Jets SHOULDN’T do. That’s right, I present to you, the Anti-Offseason Plan! Continue reading “The New York Jets Anti-Offseason”

NFL Gambling Guide to the Conference Championship Games

The NFL Conference Championship Games have arrived and while we couldn’t have asked for two better games and both should be awesome, it’s also a pretty sad day. It’s pretty much the last day of football for a while and that means the end of betting on football, which is extremely sad. What isn’t sad, though, is this awesome run I’ve been on picking games, over/unders, and props lately. Since the playoffs began I’m on a 26-11 run and I’m hoping to get one more good week out of this run to end the season on a really strong note. I told you I was going to pull a Joe Flacco and I’m almost there. Let’s get to it! Continue reading “NFL Gambling Guide to the Conference Championship Games”

New York Jets Beat Writer Power Rankings – January 2014 Edition

A ranking of the New York Jets beat writers

And we’re back! After taking a brief hiatus from an idea we cooked up a few years back, we’re ready to again rank your New York Jets beat writers. Our staff voted and this is what we came up with (if you don’t see somebody you recognize ranked, they either didn’t make the top 8 or they are too new to the scene to be fairly judged).

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NFL Gambling Guide to the Divisional Playoffs

I hope everyone didn’t give up on me after a so-so regular season, because just like Joe Flacco and Eli Manning I turned from a crappy regular season player into a superstar once the playoffs began! I hit games, over/unders, and player props to the tune of 12-4 total and a surprising 5-0 on my “best bets”. I’m not patting myself on the back just yet, though (ok maybe just a little), because there is still plenty of work to be done. I’m looking to carry last week’s success into this week, and just like the aforementioned quarterbacks, soon everyone will be calling me elite for no reason whatsoever. Ok, probably not, but still…. Continue reading “NFL Gambling Guide to the Divisional Playoffs”

NFL Wild Card Weekend: Point Spreads, Picks, and Props

The regular season has ended, and after a rough start to the season picking games, I rallied a bit to finish at a not-too-pathetic 122-126-7 overall for the season. More disappointing was my Best Bets record, which finished at a paltry 40-42-3. Oh well. Hopefully I can follow up a mediocre season full of horrible screw-ups with an awesome playoff run, make everyone forget that I stunk all year, and then inexplicably get paid $120 million like I’m Joe Flacco or something. That would be cool, huh? Let’s get started! Continue reading “NFL Wild Card Weekend: Point Spreads, Picks, and Props”

New York Jets Looking Ahead: Who Stays and Who Goes?

Mike Donnelly of TOJ breaks down the New York Jets roster and predicts who will return in 2014.

Now that the New York Jets 2013 has officially ended, it is time to turn the page and look forward to 2014. The future is certainly bright for the Jets and fans have reason to be excited. With a ton of cap space and perhaps as many as 12 draft choices, there will be plenty of new faces by next season.

But what about the current roster? Which players will be back in green next year and which will be taking their talents (or in some cases, their lack of talent) elsewhere? Let’s take a look at the current roster and individual’s chances of returning. Continue reading “New York Jets Looking Ahead: Who Stays and Who Goes?”

TOJ Week 17 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

This is a sad day as the NFL regular season comes to a close. No more fantasy football, no more tons of games to bet on every week, and for most fans, no more watching your favorite team play for the next nine months. But that doesn’t mean we can’t end this season with a bang and make some money right? Let’s get to it… Continue reading “TOJ Week 17 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks”

TOJ Week 16 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Last week was a step back in my quest to get over .500 for the season and my Best Bets bombed to drop me below .500 on the season in that category as well. Hell, I even lost my teaser pick, which I’ve been pretty good at this season. It’s my own fault though really… I mean, what the HELL was I thinking being so high on the Giants?! Ugh. Oh well, it’s time to move on and take a look at Week 16, which has a few games I absolutely love. A big week is coming, I can feel it. Let’s get on with the show… Continue reading “TOJ Week 16 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks”