New York Jets Top Five – 2019 Fantasy Players

Joe Belic ranks the top five New York Jets fantasy players heading into 2019…

The Jets hold a plethora of versatile players in their arsenal who can play multiple positions. The ability to interchange players from one position to the next will be a huge advantage come game day.  From a fan’s standpoint, this is great news, but from a fantasy football perspective, this leaves a lot of uncertainty. In this week’s “Joe Jet 5,” I rank the Jets’ most relevant fantasy players for the upcoming season. (Note: all rankings based on PPR scoring format)


TOJ Top Five – New York Jets Offensive Linemen

Joe Belic ranks the top five offensive linemen on the New York Jets

There are entire industries, products and social programs devoted to safety: security systems, insurance policies, police forces, firemen, airbags, seatbelts and more. We wear the necessary attire in the winter to keep us warm and protected. We religiously wash our hands—especially these days—hoping to scrub away the invisible enemy. Everybody wants coverage of some kind. Why should Quarterbacks be different?


TOJ Top Five – Offensive Lines In The NFL

Joe Belic on who the top five offensive lines will be during the 2019 NFL season

The term “games are won in the trenches” at this point has become an NFL cliché, but it hasn’t lost its importance, as this is foundational football.

With the game revolving around jaw dropping catches, amazing runs and perfect spirals, it’s easy for offensive linemen to be overlooked. Let’s be real, fans respect the perfect block, but we downright salivate over the big play. We watch whole segments devoted to one hand catches, long touchdown runs and perfectly timed “dimes” dropped in for a TD. Sometimes we forget who/what is typically responsible for those plays, the “hog mollies.”


Ranking The Last Five New York Jets General Managers

Joe Belic ranks the New York Jets last five General Managers…

Nothing could faze me: a car alarm waking me up in the dead of night, an unexpected flat tire in the middle of nowhere, or a stand still traffic jam on the West Side Highway.  The Jets got their guy, Joe Douglas. Joe arrives in Florham Park with quite the resume: he worked with master talent evaluator Ozzie Newsom, Howie Roseman—the best “contract guy” in the NFL—and was part of 3 Super Bowl victories. He also played a role in drafting newly acquired Jets, CJ Mosley and Kelechi Osemele.  A new era has begun with much optimism and a rejuvenated fanbase, but how did we get here? As a tribute to the past, I did an analysis of the last five regimes, ranking them from best to worst.


New York Jets GM Search – Joe Douglas’ Philadelphia Resume Deep Dive

Joe Belic with a deep dive into Joe Dogulas’ resume and draft history with the Philadelphia Eagles

Disagreements within an organization are frequent and at times healthy. Challenges more often than not bring out the best in one another, but egos have to be set aside; a common goal and philosophy need to be shared. From all reports, it is believed that Howie Roseman (GM), Doug Pederson (HC) and Joe Douglas have that kind of relationship.


New York Jets – New GM Must Prioritize The Trenches

Joe Belic on the need for the New York Jets next GM to prioritize the offensive line and how Mike Maccagnan fell short in that area…

In order to protect Sam Darnold and open up running lanes for Le’Veon Bell, the Jets should focus on constructing a wall that even the Night King would envy. That’s why it is essential the Jets hire a new GM that comes from a culture that emphasizes building the offensive line.