NFL Best Bets Against the Spread – Week 3 Edition

Jake Benaquisto with his NFL Best Bets for week 3…

Week 2 Recap: It wasn’t pretty. I went 1-4 against the spread, and my record for the season is now 4-6. The Cardinals are a lot worse than I thought, as it took a Colts collapse in overtime for them to win without covering. Additionally, I made the mistake to take the Vikings +5.5 before the team announced that Sam Bradford was injured. Dallas and New Orleans also lost convincingly, so I’m thankful that Tampa Bay came through for me and covered. 


NFL Best Bets Against the Spread – Week 2 Edition

Jake Benaquisto with his week 2 NFL Best Bets…

Week One Recap: I went 3-2 last week, thanks to wins from the Eagles, Rams and a comeback cover by the Chargers on Monday Night Football. The Seahawks losing because of their offensive line was not a huge surprise, but I expected the Titans to put up a lot more points against the Raiders defense. Let’s see if I can keep my record above .500 as we head into week two…


NFL Best Bets Against the Spread – Week 1 Edition

Jake Benaquisto with his week 1 NFL Best Bets against the spread…

The Jets are going to be a tough watch this year. I’m rooting for the tank as much as anyone, but suffering through a quarterback carousel that features Josh McCown, Bryce Petty, and Christian Hackenberg is going to be brutal. Having said this, I thought it’d be fun to write a weekly column where I give my five best NFL picks against the spread. Feel free to send me any insults and/or death threats when I inevitably go 0-5.


No, The Jets Will Not Be The Worst Team In The NFL This Year

Jake Benaquisto on why the New York Jets will not be the worst team in the NFL this year…

The New York Jets spent the offseason clearing the aging veterans from their roster with an eye for a much needed youth movement. With a question mark at the quarterback position and the need for young players to fulfill significant roles, many analysts are expecting the Jets to be one of, if not the worst team in the league. Despite these low expectations, there are actually some aspects of this team to be excited about for the upcoming season. Here are three reasons why I think the Jets can exceed expectations and will not be the worst team in the league this year.


Turn On The Jets Writers Mock Draft – Round 2

Last week several of the writers for TOJ held a first round mock draft live on the Draft SZN podcast. Since then we decided to do a full seven round mock continued from that first round, with eight TOJ writers being responsible for drafting for the teams in each of the eight NFL divisions. Here is how Round 2 went down. Continue reading “Turn On The Jets Writers Mock Draft – Round 2”

New York Jets – Success In 2017 Not Dependent On Playoff Appearance

Jake Benaquisto on what should be considered success for the New York Jets in 2017…

For Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles, the pressure to succeed in 2017 will be at an all time high after last season’s debacle. With a big offseason likely ahead, some may label this season as “Playoffs or Bust” for the Jets. However, with the team headed toward a complete rebuild, it would be unfair to judge the current regime based solely on wins in 2017. Here are three ways the Jets can succeed next season, even if they do not end up making the playoffs. Continue reading “New York Jets – Success In 2017 Not Dependent On Playoff Appearance”

AFC East – Brady’s Dominance Has No End in Sight

Jake Benaquisto on Tom Brady’s continued dominance of the AFC East and NFL…

At the end of every football season, New York Jets fans such as myself wonder: Is this the year Tom Brady’s age shows and the New England Patriots regress? With Brady turning 40 in August, many could assume that his days as a great quarterback in the league are numbered. However, Super Bowl 51 was a clear indication that #12 will not be going away any time soon. Here is my recap from the Patriots’ performance in the Super Bowl and why it’s evidence that Brady will continue to be one of the league’s best quarterbacks… Continue reading “AFC East – Brady’s Dominance Has No End in Sight”

New York Jets – Who to Avoid in Free Agency

Jake Benaquisto on free agents the New York Jets should avoid this offseason

After a miserable 2016 season, the New York Jets once again find themselves in need of a significant roster overhaul. In the 2015 offseason, GM Mike Maccagnan made several signings in free agency that proved to be ineffective for the long term success of the team. Players such as Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, and Marcus Gilchrist seemed like great fits at the time, but their performance (or lack there of for Cromartie) last year proved otherwise. While it is essential for the Jets to use free agency wisely to rebuild their roster, Maccagnan must avoid the splashy signings that inevitably hurt the team.

Continue reading “New York Jets – Who to Avoid in Free Agency”

New York Jets – Options at Offensive Coordinator

Jake Benaquisto on potential options for the New York Jets at offensive coordinator in 2017…

Another year, another offensive coordinator. The New York Jets announced on Tuesday that offensive coordinator Chan Gailey has retired after two seasons with the team. The Jets offense showed a drastic decline in 2016, scoring 17.2 points and gaining only 329.2 yards per game. According to Football Outsiders, the Jets ranked 31st overall in offensive DVOA, a massive drop from their rank of 14th overall the previous season.

Whether this decision came from the front office or Gailey himself, it is not a good sign for the development of quarterbacks Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty. Whatever time the two spent learning Gailey’s offense has seemingly been wasted, as a new coordinator will come in with his own playbook and terminology. Having said this, the team has already begun looking for Gailey’s replacement. The decision to also fire quarterbacks coach Kevin Patullo guarantees that we will be seeing a very different offense in 2017.

Below are some options the Jets may be looking toward as their new offensive coordinator, who will get the luxury of either Hackenberg, Petty, a veteran free agent, or an unproven rookie at quarterback… Continue reading “New York Jets – Options at Offensive Coordinator”