What Can New York Jets Take From This Year’s Super Bowl Teams?

Greg Armstrong with what the New York Jets can use from this year’s Super Bowl teams…

Just like with most professional sports leagues, the NFL is a copycat league. Teams take concepts from other teams or college teams and implement them into their organization looking to for an extra edge to hopefully reach the promised land of a Super Bowl. The New York Jets are in a position to completely change the trajectory of the franchise with this offseason and can improve their chances of a playoff (and hopefully Super Bowl) run in the near future with a few things from this years Super Bowl teams. (more…)

New York Jets – A Plan For A 2018 Playoff Appearance

Greg Armstrong with a plan for the New York Jets to make the playoffs in 2018

These last two weekends of playoff football have given me that playoff football itch that us New York Jets fans haven’t experienced in seven whole years. The closest we got was a snowy, frigid Buffalo Sunday two years ago when Ryan Fitzpatrick threw the Jets playoff chances directly to Bills defenders not once, not twice, but three times. It’s been a long time coming so lets play the hypothetical game and build a team that gets the Jets to the playoffs. (more…)

New York Jets Fire Offensive Coordinator John Morton After One Season

Greg Armstrong on the New York Jets firing offensive coordinator John Morton and what comes next…

The New York Jets will be on to their sixth offensive coordinator in eight seasons upon firing John Morton after just one season. Rumors began swirling that new Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was going to bring in Morton to be his offensive coordinator. That ultimately didn’t end up happening and Morton stayed put with the Jets until today. This comes at very ironic time, just hours after it was announced that Todd Haley was out as the Steelers offensive coordinator.  (more…)

New York Jets Year End GIF Special: Best Play Of Each Game

Greg Armstrong with

The regular season is over for the New York Jets and we have to watch teams like the Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs play underwhelming playing football on the AFC side of things. The Jets aren’t very far away from playing on this weekend. But before we can look forward, let’s back track to the best play of each game from both sides of the ball (with some honorable mentions thrown in). 


Final Farewells To The 2017 New York Jets

Greg Armstrong with final farewells to the 2017 New York Jets…

It’s been somewhat of a mini rollercoaster for this New York Jets season. From almost wins and blown leads to a surprising three game win streak to no showing in very winnable road games that would have at least kept them in the playoff hunt. Your regular season expectations can be laid to rest and your free agency and draft szn expectations can be awakened from their hibernation. Let’s bid some farewells to the 2017 version Jets.


New York Jets Vs. Los Angeles Chargers Position Breakdown

Greg Armstrong with a positional breakdown of Jets vs Chargers…

It’s a Christmas Eve showdown between the tanking Jets and a Chargers team fresh off of a prime time beatdown handed to them by the Chiefs. We aren’t going to find out anything more than we already know about this Jets team but hey, it’s football and we only get 16 of these games a year. I take a look at how the teams matchup with one another.  (more…)

New York Jets Vs. New Orleans Saints Position Breakdown

Greg Armstrong with a positional breakdown of Jets vs. Saints

The Jets travel to the Bayou to take on the Saints Sunday as 16 point underdogs, the second largest Jets spread in the last 10 years. Nobody expects them to win but it’s a legitimate “no, there is 0% chance you win this game unless the Saints whole team vanishes into thin air”. This one could get very ugly, very quick. I take a look at how the teams match up against each other. (more…)

New York Jets Vs. Denver Broncos Position Breakdown

Greg Armstrong with a positional breakdown of Jets vs. Broncos…

The Jets are coming off of a shootout win at home against the Kansas City Chiefs in which they trailed 14-0 within the first six minutes. Now they travel to Denver to take on the Broncos who have lost eight straight games. The Jets have a favorable matchup today but are 1-4 on the road this season and the last time they were on the road, they laid an egg in Tampa Bay. Let’s take a look at how the teams matchup against each other.  (more…)

New York Jets Vs. Kansas City Chiefs Position Breakdown

Greg Armstrong with a positional breakdown of Jets vs. Chiefs…

After last weeks loss to the Panthers, any hope or thought of a potential playoff run should be removed from Jets fans brains. The rest of the season is now about improving their draft pick and evaluating the entire roster. That continues this week against Kansas City. I take a look at how the teams stack up against one another.  (more…)

New York Jets Vs. Carolina Panthers Position Breakdown

Greg Armstrong with a positional breakdown of Jets vs. Panthers…

The Jets are back home following their bye week and a bad loss against Ryan Fitzpatrick in Tampa Bay. They come back to MetLife to take on the 7-3 Carolina Panthers, who have look like they’ve started to figure things out. I take a look at each position matchup in todays game. (more…)