TOJ New York Jets Film Room – Darron Lee, Week 9 (Follow Up)

Daniel Essien with a week 9 film breakdown of Darron Lee against Buffalo…

In the previous Darron Lee film room from earlier this year, we stated that Lee needs to use his uncommon athleticism to make more impact plays. The last three weeks he has done just that. In this film room we’ll focus on his performance against the Bills in week 9 and the noticeable improvements he has made.


New York Jets Sign Kelvin Beachum & Chandler Catanzaro

Don’t panic.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen me constantly tweet the hashtag #DontPanic as the offseason is now two days old. The New York Jets were in on Nick Perry and Mike Glennon until presumably the price tags for both players became too high. They appeared to not be in on any of the top flight cornerbacks, like AJ Bouye and Stephon Gilmore, and they did not appear to be linked to any of the tight ends like Martellus Bennett either. As exorbitant contracts were doled out ($47.5 million for Pierre Garcon?), Mike Maccagnan smartly sat out the first wave of free agency and it appeared he would not give in to impulse and was very content with resigning core players that performed well and letting the market come to him.

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Could New York Jets Turn To Familiar Face At QB?

Scott Mason on the New York Jets needing to potentially turn to a familiar face at quarterback…

So much for Tyrod Taylor, Jets fans.

The 27 year-old quarterback, who was the object of much affection on Jets twitter, broke many green hearts when he agreed to restructure his deal with the Buffalo Bills just days before he was widely expected to be cut.

Taylor is by no means a perfect quarterback.  While his athleticism and arm strength are off the charts, he is, at his core, a one-read quarterback who does not see the middle of the field.

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New York Jets 2017 Offseason – Areas to Improve (Defense)

Daniel Essen breaks down the current status of the New York Jets defense and how they could go about improving it…

The New York Jets defense regressed from last year in a big way. What was the 4th best defense in the NFL last season, fell to the 18th ranked defense and displayed performances that were downright awful at times. Here we’ll look at potential solutions to all the problematic areas of the Jets defense as they begin to rebuild in 2017…

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Jets UK Chronicles – Meet Cornerback Darryl Morris

Nikki Charlesworth with a closer look at newly signed Jets defensive back Daryl Morris

Continuing the series taking a look at some of the more under the radar 2016 free agent signings by the New York Jets, this weeks it’s the turn of cornerback Darryl Morris. Added to give further depth to the secondary and support on special teams, Morris was signed to a one year deal worth $750,000. Here is the low down on the Jets’ newest defensive back…

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New York Jets UK Chronicles – Meet Khiry Robinson

Nikki Charlesworth with a closer look at newly signed New York Jets running back Khiry Robinson

The New York Jets backfield underwent a rapid overhaul in the opening salvos of free agency. With Chris Ivory signed to Jacksonville, the Jets quickly sought to remodel the position by spreading the funds available. In addition to bringing in Matt Forte and re-signing Bilal Powell, Khiry Robinson was also signed from the New Orleans Saints, following a 2015 season which was ended early by injury. Robinson was signed to the Jets on a one year $1.175 million contract effectively as the third string back. Let’s take a closer look at the latest addition to the Jets’ offense…

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New York Jets 2016 Free Agency Primer

Joe Caporoso with a primer for the New York Jets as they head into the 2016 league year

The league year officially opens on March 9th at 4PM but in reality the action should start up later today and only increase tomorrow. Similar to previous years we will maintain a running free agency blog but before everything starts here is a primer for the New York Jets, as they try to build on a 10-6 season.

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New York Jets Free Agent Target – CB, Patrick Robinson

Alex Kaczynski

Give a welcome and follow to our newest writer Alex Kaczynski!

With free agency right around the corner and with Antonio Cromartie’s recent release, there is a vacancy that needs to be filled opposite of Darrelle Revis. Internally, Marcus Williams may be able to handle the role but if the Jets look externally. there could be a few affordable options.

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New York Jets Free Agency – Perspective Piece

Much has been made of the New York Jets free agent strategy to date. Some praise second year GM John Idzik’s meticulous approach. Others condemn him for lacking vision and ignoring blatant holes in the roster. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, some league wide perspective on this free agency period is in order.’s Gregg Rosenthal provides this list of teams and the number of players from other rosters that they signed. What can this list tell us?

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New York Jets – Go Get DeSean Jackson

Joe Caporoso on why the New York Jets should go get DeSean Jackson

Despite public posturing earlier in the week, the relationship between DeSean Jackson and the Philadelphia Eagles has likely reached a point of no return. When there is this much chatter on a player leaving a team and the General Manager and Head Coach remain so noncommittal about his return, he is as good as gone. The Eagles hope to trade him but eventually just releasing him outright is not out of the question. There has been debate about whether the Jets should pursue him via trade or look to sign him if he is released. Considering the Jets financial situation, their need at the position, Jackson’s skill set and his fit into their offense…yes…the Jets should go get DeSean Jackson.

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