New York Jets – Who to Avoid in Free Agency

Jake Benaquisto on free agents the New York Jets should avoid this offseason

After a miserable 2016 season, the New York Jets once again find themselves in need of a significant roster overhaul. In the 2015 offseason, GM Mike Maccagnan made several signings in free agency that proved to be ineffective for the long term success of the team. Players such as Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, and Marcus Gilchrist seemed like great fits at the time, but their performance (or lack there of for Cromartie) last year proved otherwise. While it is essential for the Jets to use free agency wisely to rebuild their roster, Maccagnan must avoid the splashy signings that inevitably hurt the team.

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New York Jets 2017 Offseason – Areas to Improve (Defense)

Daniel Essen breaks down the current status of the New York Jets defense and how they could go about improving it…

The New York Jets defense regressed from last year in a big way. What was the 4th best defense in the NFL last season, fell to the 18th ranked defense and displayed performances that were downright awful at times. Here we’ll look at potential solutions to all the problematic areas of the Jets defense as they begin to rebuild in 2017…

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New York Jets – Options at Offensive Coordinator

Jake Benaquisto on potential options for the New York Jets at offensive coordinator in 2017…

Another year, another offensive coordinator. The New York Jets announced on Tuesday that offensive coordinator Chan Gailey has retired after two seasons with the team. The Jets offense showed a drastic decline in 2016, scoring 17.2 points and gaining only 329.2 yards per game. According to Football Outsiders, the Jets ranked 31st overall in offensive DVOA, a massive drop from their rank of 14th overall the previous season.

Whether this decision came from the front office or Gailey himself, it is not a good sign for the development of quarterbacks Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty. Whatever time the two spent learning Gailey’s offense has seemingly been wasted, as a new coordinator will come in with his own playbook and terminology. Having said this, the team has already begun looking for Gailey’s replacement. The decision to also fire quarterbacks coach Kevin Patullo guarantees that we will be seeing a very different offense in 2017.

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Jets UK Chronicles – Meet Cornerback Darryl Morris

Nikki Charlesworth with a closer look at newly signed Jets defensive back Daryl Morris

Continuing the series taking a look at some of the more under the radar 2016 free agent signings by the New York Jets, this weeks it’s the turn of cornerback Darryl Morris. Added to give further depth to the secondary and support on special teams, Morris was signed to a one year deal worth $750,000. Here is the low down on the Jets’ newest defensive back…

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New York Jets – Remaining Free Agency Needs

Alex Kacyznski on the New York Jets primary three remaining needs in free agency

Alex Kaczynski runs through the New York Jets three primary remaining needs in free agency, as the market continues to thin out…

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New York Jets UK Chronicles – Meet Khiry Robinson

Nikki Charlesworth with a closer look at newly signed New York Jets running back Khiry Robinson

The New York Jets backfield underwent a rapid overhaul in the opening salvos of free agency. With Chris Ivory signed to Jacksonville, the Jets quickly sought to remodel the position by spreading the funds available. In addition to bringing in Matt Forte and re-signing Bilal Powell, Khiry Robinson was also signed from the New Orleans Saints, following a 2015 season which was ended early by injury. Robinson was signed to the Jets on a one year $1.175 million contract effectively as the third string back. Let’s take a closer look at the latest addition to the Jets’ offense…

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New York Jets – The Waiting Game

Joe Caporoso on the cap strapped New York Jets and the waiting game they are currently sitting through…

It has been a relatively quiet 2016 offseason for the New York Jets. Things are unlikely to change until they find a way to create breathing room in their salary cap situation. Currently, only the New Orleans Saints have less available money. When the Jets officially file deals for recently signed defensive linemen Steve McLendon and Jarvis Jenkins, the amount will only get lower.

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New York Jets – As The Quarterback Turns

Joe Caporoso on the New York Jets quarterback waiting game

The New York Jets quarterback situation for 2016 is currently in a holding pattern. By all accounts, 2015 quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and his management remain far apart from the team on a contract. The Jets have offered approximately what the Philadelphia Eagles paid Chase Daniel, while Fitzpatrick is seeking something closer to what the Houston Texans paid Brock Osweiler. In the meantime, the Jets hosted Robert Griffin III for a two day visit and have continued scouting their options in the NFL Draft. Where does this all end?

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TOJ Pick Six – Free Agents New York Jets Should Sign

Dalbin Osorio with a TOJ Pick Six of free agents the New York Jets should still consider

As we await news on who exactly will be throwing out of the shotgun to a five wide set that has Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Matt Forte, Bilal Powell, and either Devin Smith, Jace Amaro, or Quincy Enunwa, we decided to look at the six best free agents that the Jets should sign. Beneath the individual’s stats, you’ll see a reason for the signing as well as how the signing would impact the Jets potential draft plans. Keep in mind, these moves are made with the belief that the Jets have an offer ready for Muhammad Wilkerson, will not bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick at his current salary demands, and that D’Brickashaw Ferguson is released. Let’s get to it…

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Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Jets Free Agency Madness Edition

Joe Caporoso with a 12 Pack on Robert Griffin III, Matt Forte, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Khiry Robinson, Kelvin Beachum, Jarvis Jenkins and everything else going on in Jets world

It seems like only moments ago the Twitter feed was filled with complaints about the New York Jets lack of activity early in the league year. If you stayed patient, you were rewarded with a recent flurry of news and a likely eventful weekend on the way. Let’s catch up on what happened and more importantly what it means for the 2016 team…

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