Turn On The Jets Week 3 NFL Staff Picks

The Turn On The Jets staff gives their week 3 NFL Picks

The Turn On The Jets staff gives their picks for week 3 in the NFL. At the end of the year first place will receive a free steak at Peter Luger’s. Second place? A set of steak knives. Third Prize? You’re fired.

Current Standings

  1. Dalbin Osorio (17-15-1)
  2. Connor Rogers (16-16-1)
  3. Dan Marcus (15-17-1)
  4. Joe Caporoso (14-18-1)
  5. Cole Patterson (14-18-1)
  6. Mike O’Connor (13-19-1)
  7. Mike Donnelly (13-19-1)
  8. Mike Nolan (6-26-1) !!!

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TOJ – Week 3 NFL Gambling Advice

Mike Donnelly with Week 3 gambling advice on all of the NFL action.

After going 8-8 last week on the heels of Week 1’s mini disaster, things are starting to look up for me as we head into Week 3. This is the time of the season when you start to get a feel for teams but unfortunately so do the Las Vegas bookmakers and the lines become increasingly difficult. Let’s see if we can go ahead and beat them this week and make a few bucks… you know, if gambling were legal and all.  Continue reading “TOJ – Week 3 NFL Gambling Advice”

New York Jets-Buffalo Bills Round One – Match-Up Central

Mike O’Connor breaks down the key matchups in the New York Jets/Buffalo Bills week 3 game

Ah, the importance of match-ups in the NFL. Last week, we pointed out here at TOJ along with many other Jets fans how essential it was for them to do whatever it takes to stop the ball from consistently reaching Julian Edelman’s hands. While they have tried to prevent this, Edelman scorched the Jets with conversions all game long, and it was basically the nail in the Jets’ coffin. With match-ups ever so important in a game that should be evenly matched between the Jets and Bills, let’s take a look at some that could end up tilting the game either way.

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Super Fast Friday: Bills vs Jets

Dan Marcus goes “Super Fast Friday” to fill you in on everything you need to know about Jets vs Bills

The quick turn-around threw us off a little bit last week but “Super Fast Friday” is back, giving you everything you need to know (and some stuff you don’t) for the Jets Sunday tilt against the Bills at the Meadowlands.

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Turn On The Jets 12 Pack, Week 3 – Jets vs. Bills – Round 1

The Turn On The Jets 12 Pack is back with predictions for the Jets vs. Bills, week 3 match-up

The New York Jets suffered their first loss of the season in week 2, in a particularly frustrating manner. A flood of negativity is generally going to follow the season’s initial loss, like nobody ever saw it coming. Unfortunately, the Jets weren’t going 16-0 this year. There are issues with this team that are going to rear their ugly head in many losses this season. A rookie quarterback. Inexperienced wide receivers. A slightly too pass happy offensive coordinator. Inconsistencies in the secondary. Holes on special teams. Regardless, the Jets have a very good chance to get above .500 this week in a critically (yes, even though it is only week 3) important divisional game.

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New York Jets Therapy Session – Case of the Dropsies

Cole Patterson with a New York Jets Therapy Session on the wide receivers struggling to catch the football

Cole Patterson continues his New York Jets Therapy Session series. Make sure to check for these every Thursday and to give him a follow on Twitter

Diagnosis: Call in the Center for Disease Control. Don your HazMat suit. Stock up on the Stickum antiviral. The highly contagious scourge that is the “Dropsies” has infected the New York Jets. With a minimal incubation period, this contagion has spread like wild fire through the Jets receiving corps with dire effects.

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New York Jets Secondary Grade Sheet – Week Two

Mike O’Connor grades out the New York Jets secondary in week and previews week 3

After a mixed bunch of grades in the secondary from the New York Jets’ Week One performance versus the Buccaneers, there plenty to keep an eye out for when the Jets squared off with Tom Brady and the Patriots last Thursday. The Pats entered the game with an extremely depleted group of pass catchers due to injuries sidelining Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski, and Zach Sudfeld.  Yet still, the Jets’ secondary was bound to be tested just as intensely with Brady under center. Brady kept passing so much, in fact, that the Jets gave playing time to all of their rostered cornerbacks (six players) after we only saw four of them last week. Before we dive in, I recommend refreshing up on the grading scale and guidelines that I’ll be analyzing from below.

Grading Scale:  Every week, I’ll be handing out simple letter grades to each member of the Jets’ secondary. Additionally, I will be charting and publishing their success rates in coverage for most of the other games in the season. Remember, a better grade for a lesser known player doesn’t necessarily mean that he played better than a starter who received a worse grade. The snap differentials will likely be drastic between a starter and a backup, so I’m just grading these players on the role they had. f a player was excellent despite his 10 snaps, than he’ll get that kind of favorable grade. NOTE: I include certain film examples to critique players. I won’t be posting many examples applauding players, since it’s typically already know or I’ve previously pointed out.

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Turn On The Jets Stock Watch – Week 3 Edition

Mike Donnelly with a Turn On The Jets Stock Watch – Buying and Selling New York Jets, heading into Week 3

After a disappointing 3-point loss to the New England Patriots last Thursday, the New York Jets are facing an early season “must win” against the Buffalo Bills this week if they’re going to have any hope of putting together a winning season. This is a winnable game at home against a team very much in the same boat as them, with a rookie quarterback and a solid defense. In fact, it’s nearly the same exact defense since it’s being coached by Rex Ryan’s pupil, Mike Pettine. Let’s jump right in to this week’s Stock Watch and do some buying and selling as we prepare for week 3. Continue reading “Turn On The Jets Stock Watch – Week 3 Edition”

The Big Man Report – Week 2: Grading the Offensive Line

Mike Nolan grading and discussing the New York Jets’ offensive line. Here is his Week 2 look at the their performance and preview for Week 3.

Each week I will be reviewing the coaches tape from the previous week’s game and grading out the performance of the New York Jets Offensive Linemen. This grading process is the same way I grade the offensive linemen I coached at both the college and the high school levels. To see how I grade click here. Let’s see how well the Jets’ offensive line performed in week 2.

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Throwback Thursday: Jets vs. Bills, October 28, 2007

Chris Celletti goes Throwback Thursday on an “epic” game in the history of the Jets/Bills rivalry

Throwback Thursday is a feature at Turn On The Jets, where we take a stroll down Jets Memory Lane and reminisce about past great Jets games against the upcoming week’s opponent. (Word to be taken with an enormous grain of salt: “great”)

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