New York Jets & the AFC Playoff Picture Entering Week 12

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio breaks down the AFC Playoff Picture and the New York Jets standing heading into Week 12.

The New York Jets squandered a very good opportunity during Week 11. A win over the 3-7 Bills, coupled with a loss by the New England Patriots, would’ve put the Jets one game back of their arch rival in the division with 6 to play. Instead, the Jets didn’t take care of their business and were routed by the Bills. It was a horrible performance by a team that now finds itself faced with the daunting task of beating the defending Super Bowl Champion Ravens on the road. Let’s take a look at the AFC Playoff Picture heading into Week 12.

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TOJ Roundtable: New York Jets Defensive Issues Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discuss how the Jets can remedy their ongoing issues on defense

The Turn On The Jets Roundtable is back to debate issues surrounding the New York Jets. Make sure to give all of the writers a follow on Twitter and if there is a question you want to see us debate, leave it in the comment section!

How can the New York Jets remedy their ongoing issues on defense? (Inability to stop the deep ball, lack of turnovers, inconsistent pass rush)

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TOJ Week 12 Podcast – Kristian Dyer, Joe Bommarito, Gonzalo Estrade

Week 12 of the TOJ Podcast featuring Kristian Dyer, Joe Bommarito and Gonzalo Estrade. Previewing Jets vs. Ravens

Check out week 12 of the Turn On The Jets Podcast. Staff writers Dalbin Osorio and Dan Marcus cohost and break down everything that happened last Sunday in the disappointing loss to the Bills and preview the Jets huge week 12 match-up against the Ravens. They are joined by Kristian Dyer from Metro New York, former Jets scout Joe Bommarito, and Gonzalo Estrade of Pro Football Focus. 

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New York Jets – Put Away The Pitchforks, The Jury Is Still Out

Joe Caporoso on why New York Jets fans should temporarily put away the pitchforks and stop the massive amounts of panic

Throughout the off-season, the New York Jets began the process of rebuilding their roster. This was a needed process considering their salary cap and roster situation after the 2012 season. Expectations for this year were tempered or at least should have been tempered. The Jets didn’t have the makings of the league’s worst team but even an optimist should have seen the ceiling for this team as hovering around .500 and playing relevant December games.

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Why The New York Jets Do Not Have a Quarterback Controversy

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio on why the New York Jets don’t have a QB controversy.

“He’s going to have a tough time in New York,” an NFC scout said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “Right now, he’s coming off as a spoiled, pampered brat.”

The quote above was attributed to an anonymous NFC scout after the New York Jets drafted Geno Smith 39th overall in the 2013 NFL draft. All he’s done since being drafted in the second round is lead the Jets to a 5-5 record through 11 games. I repeat, that’s ALL he’s done. He is 10 games into his career and is completing 56% of his passes for 2100 yards, 8 TDs, and 16 INTs. He leads the league in 4th quarter comebacks with 4, and has shown glimpses into what the future can be like once the game begins to slow down for him. After these performances, the New York media that said he would have a tough time have crowned him the franchise QB the Jets have lacked since Broadway Joe Namath.

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No Huddle – New York Jets Meltdown Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the Jets meltdown in Buffalo

TJ Rosenthal kicks off another week of New York Jets coverage at Turn On The Jets with his weekly No Huddle – Make sure to give TJ a follow on Twitter on Turn On The Jets a follow on Facebook.

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Initial Reaction: Bad Times Roller Coaster, Bills Crush Jets

Initial reaction to the Jets embarrassing loss to the Bills

The New York Jets continued their bizarre, incredibly frustrating season with a 37-14 whipping at the hands of the Buffalo Bills. This is a team that can still find no measure of consistency and yet because of how weak the AFC is on the back end, remain right in the thick of the playoff race.

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TOJ Week 11 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Week 11 has arrived and so has my long-awaited picks hot streak! I told you it couldn’t stay that bad forever, and in the last two weeks thinks really started to heat up for me… which probably means I’m do for a massive disappointment and a 1-14 week or something like that. But let’s try to avoid all that and ride this hot streak at least one more week. In the past two weeks I’m 17-8-1 and Best Bets are 7-3. And yes that’s me puffing out my chest and patting myself on the back. Deal with it! Let’s get on with the show… Continue reading “TOJ Week 11 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks”

TOJ Stock Watch: Jets vs. Bills II Edition

Did everybody have a nice bye week? The Jets sure did, just look at the results across the AFC since the last time they’ve played a game. The Dolphins brought the circus to town and are in the middle of a ridiculous hazing scandal which effectively ruined their season, the Titans lost to the winless Jaguars (and then again last night), and the Bills lost in Pittsburgh. And to add to that, the Jets are adding Kellen Winslow, Santonio Holmes, and some guy named Ed Reed to the roster this week. So why does this week’s game in Buffalo scare the hell out of me? Let’s do some buying and selling… Continue reading “TOJ Stock Watch: Jets vs. Bills II Edition”

New York Jets – Revisiting The “Rex-odus”

The New York Jets have made wise decisions on who to let walk from their roster

In the off-season the New York Jets were slammed for their “Rex-odus” of free agents. Lost in the criticism of all the veterans they let walk was the fact that nearly every decision was a wise one, which the numbers through nine games this season bear out. Beyond that, there had been some outrage when the Jets cut ties with a handful of players on their roster earlier this year…again nearly every decision was a wise one. Need proof? Have a look:

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