Game Balls: Jets vs Raiders, “We’re Back…Maybe”

Dan Marcus hands out game balls for the Jets 37-27 win over the Oakland Raiders

Well it wasn’t pretty but the Jets finally got off the schneid after going over a month without winning a football game, the offense came to life against a beleaguered Raiders team and carried the Jets to a much needed “W.” As far as what this means in the grand scheme of things, as of right now, not a whole hell of a lot but that could all change with a win at Carolina but let’s not hold our breaths. Without further preamble let’s paint up some Game Balls:

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No Huddle – New York Jets Back In Win Column Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets getting back in the win column

TJ Rosenthal kicks off another week of New York Jets coverage at Turn On The Jets with his weekly No Huddle – Make sure to give TJ a follow on Twitter on Turn On The Jets a follow on Facebook.

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Initial Reaction – 37 Points?!? Jets End Losing Streak

Initial reaction to the New York Jets 37-27 win over the Oakland Raiders, which snapped their three game losing streak

While today was a literal win for the New York Jets, 37-27 over the Oakland Raiders, the more important development was the positive performance of rookie quarterback Geno Smith and rookie cornerback Dee Milliner. Keeping in mind they were playing a mediocre team, the Jets had a strong offensive and special teams performance today, with a disappointing outing defensively. A win is a win and it was nice to see them snap their three game losing streak, especially while putting up nearly twice as many points in a single game than they did the past three games combined.

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TOJ Week 14 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Week 13 was a pretty crappy schedule from top to bottom and I didn’t have a very good read on it, so I consider myself lucky to have finished 7-8-1 on the week. This week I feel much better about my chances to have a big week and there are actually a few games I absolutely love. Like, love a lot. Love almost as much as Jeff Cumberland loves  dropping passes… ok, well maybe not that much. Let’s got on with the show. Continue reading “TOJ Week 14 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks”

Jets vs Raiders: The Spotlight

The Oakland Raiders come into Metlife Stadium on Sunday to face the skidding New York Jets. Both teams have relatively young players starting in key positions, leading to inconsistent play all season. As the Jets playoff hopes continue to fade due to an anemic offense, Oakland is struggling to create a blueprint for their future. Both teams have struggled with inconsistent quarterback play and secondary problems all season, which is often a recipe for disaster. Let’s break down what to watch for in this Sunday afternoon match up. Continue reading “Jets vs Raiders: The Spotlight”

The New York Jets Big Man Report – Week 13 – TOJ

Each week I will be reviewing the coaches’ tape from the previous week’s game and grading out the performance of the New York Jets Offensive Line. This grading process is the same one I use to grade the offensive linemen I have coached at the college and high school levels. To see how I grade click here. To see previous Big Man Reports, click here.  Let’s see how the big guys performed in week 13 and take a look at what is waiting for them in week 14. Continue reading “The New York Jets Big Man Report – Week 13 – TOJ”

Turn On The Jets 12 Pack, Week 14 Edition

Joe Caporoso with thoughts on the New York Jets defense and predictions for Jets/Raiders

I spend the majority of my time on this site writing about the New York Jets offense. For today’s 12 Pack, I’d like to talk defense before breaking into our weekly predictions.

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New York Jets – The Collapse of An Offense

Joe Caporoso on the ongoing collapse of the New York Jets offense

Nobody had high expectations for the New York Jets offense heading into the 2013 season, nor should they have. They had question marks at nearly every position, including most prominently at quarterback where rookie Geno Smith was coming off a porous pre-season. However, they were passably average during the first nine games of the season. However, over the last three weeks they have been the league’s worst offense by any meaningful statistic and from a simple eye test. What happened and are there any solutions for the final four games?

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New York Jets Defensive Line Grade Sheet: Week 13

The truth is, there weren’t many bright spots in Sunday’s drubbing at the hands of division rival Miami. Rex Ryan’s team struggled once again to produce even a semblance of an NFL offense. While the majority of the blame for this one has to be deflected to arguably the most anemic offense in football, the defense also played a role, continuing to prove that it’s far from the “elite” level we have all come to expect. Continue reading “New York Jets Defensive Line Grade Sheet: Week 13”

New York Jets Countdown to the 2014 Offseason: Geno Smith and the Future on Offense

A four part series. Covers four offensive positions of need for the New York Jets (QB, WR, TE, & G), free agent scouting reports, and draft options.

The New York Jets sit at 5-7 with four weeks left to play. Following three straight blowout losses, the team and the fan base are understandably disheartened. After a 5-4 start, with wins over the juggernaut Patriots and Saints, playoff pipe dreams no longer seemed so farfetched. However, those miraculous wins have mislead the organization and its followers. The 2013 season was always a rebuilding year. It was always about the future, seeing what the team had to build on. The Jets surprised people. The Jets surprised themselves. However, forgetting the blueprint can be dangerous and set the franchise back years. With that in mind, it is time to change the conversation. This offseason, not this season, will go a long way into determining the Jets fate for the foreseeable future. 

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