Do the Jets Have Futures in Jaiquawn Jarrett and Marcus Williams?

After recent significant surges in playing time, Mike O’Connor analyzes the possible furtues of Jaiquawn Jarrett and Marcus Williams.

Even though the Jets still have their battles to face in a tough losing season, it’s hard not to think about the future of this team. With the vision of next year comes two players who have recently been depended on as starting defensive players: safety Jaiquawn Jarrett and rookie corner Marcus Williams.

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2015 NFL Draft – Early Prospect Watch – Defense Edition

Connor Rogers takes an early look at some of the top defensive prospects entering the 2015 NFL Draft.

New York Jets fans might groan at the thought of selecting another defender in the first round, but these prospects are still worth keeping an eye on as the team continues to struggle. These are not necessarily the best players at their perspective position, but notable names that could draw interest from the Jets scouting department. Let’s take a look…
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New York Jets – Reviewing the Defense – Week 4

The Jets are officially off to a 1-3 start after losing another close match up against an NFC North opponent. The Lions high octane passing attack seemed to get the best of the Jets defense, although the pressure from the front seven was present. Let’s take a look at the best and worst from week 4 from the defense… Continue reading “New York Jets – Reviewing the Defense – Week 4”

New York Jets – Reviewing the Defense – Week 3

The Jets lost a thriller to the Bears on Monday night, but after three weeks they now have the top rush defense and second ranked overall defense in the NFL. Who stood out? What was the underrated highlight of the night? And of course, time to hand out awards… Continue reading “New York Jets – Reviewing the Defense – Week 3”

New York Jets – Inside The Defensive Film Room (Week 1)

Connor Rogers breaks down the Jets week one defensive performance versus the Oakland Raiders.

For the 2014 NFL season, I will be reviewing the Jets’ weekly defensive performance by breaking down the film. After a dominant defensive effort versus the Oakland Raiders, let’s take a look at the game plan and who stood out. Continue reading “New York Jets – Inside The Defensive Film Room (Week 1)”

New York Jets CBS Sadness

Mike Donnelly of TOJ breaks down an article proclaiming the Giants better than the New York Jets from Jason Keidel

A few weeks back I wrote an article breaking down a particular crappy column by Gary Myers of the Daily News. I borrowed the format from an old awesome website called Fire Joe Morgan (FJM) that used to pick apart things in a similar fashion, and we got pretty good feedback here from it. I’ve been waiting for another column to pop up that could match that level of absolute garbage, and today I believe I’ve found it! 

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Muhammad Wilkerson: The Engine to Rex Ryan’s Defense

Muhammad Wilkerson, like many players on the Jets defense, has the skill set to excel in many different roles. He is regarded as a 3-4 defensive end, but Rex Ryan lines up Wilkerson all over the defensive line. Let’s jump into the film room and take a look.

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Rex Ryan’s Evolving New York Jets Defense

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio compares the 2009 New York Jets defense with the 2013 New York Jets defense to see if there are any trends for 2014.

As Rex Ryan prepares to begin his sixth season as the HC of the NYJ, all eyes will be on second year QB Geno Smith, free agent acquisition Eric Decker, and rookie Calvin Pryor’s impact on what could be a very good Jets defense. How good, you ask? Let’s begin by comparing last year’s unit to arguably Rex’s best unit, which was the 2009 defense.

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TOJ Instant Reaction: New York Jets Sign Jason Babin

TOJ Staff Writers Dalbin Osorio and Joe Caporoso break down the New York Jets signing of DE Jason Babin

After bringing in former second team All-Pro Jason Babin in for a workout on Monday, Kim Jones of YES just reported that the New York Jets signed him to a two year deal. Terms were not disclosed, but let’s take a look at what this means for the Jets on the field.

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Big Expectations: Dee Milliner Edition

Connor Rogers reviews Dee Milliner’s rookie season, while previewing what lays ahead.

The expectations have been high since the Jets selected Dee Milliner with the ninth overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft. Milliner was selected shortly after superstar cornerback Darrelle Revis was traded, leaving him with huge shoes to fill.

After an up and down (or should I say down, then up) rookie season, Milliner’s locked in as the Jets number one corner heading into the 2014 season. What can we expect? Well, to make an educated guess, lets look at what he has shown thus far.
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