Episode 566 – Profile of a Hall of Famer and Reasons for Optimism in 2020 w/Randy Lange

Scott Mason talks to former longtime Jets Beat Reporter for the Bergen Record and current NewYorkJets.com Reporter Randy Lange to discuss his recent profile of future Jets Hall of Fame OT Winston Hill and a variety of reasons he thinks Jets fans have to be optimistic in 2020!

Episode 566 of “Play Like A Jet” is here! Subscribe on iTunes or check out the audio below. Scott Mason talks to former longtime Jets Beat Reporter for the Bergen Record and current NewYorkJets.com Reporter Randy Lange to discuss his recent profile of future Jets Hall of Fame OT Winston Hill and a variety of reasons he thinks Jets fans have to be optimistic in 2020!

Topics include:

-Randy’s terrific profile of future Hall of Famer Winston Hill featuring fantastic stories from former teammates and facts about the dominant Offensive Tackle that help paint a picture of why he was so deserving of being enshrined in Canton

-An in-depth look at unheralded current Jets Foley Fatukasi, James Burgess, and Sam Ficken, and how each of them were bigger contributors in 2019 than many people realize

-End of season quick hits that could give Jets fans reasons for hope in 2020 including some fun facts about the Jets Tight Ends, Special Teams, Jamal Adams, Le’Veon Bell, and more!

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Revisiting Expectations: Elite Defensive Linemen

Dan Essien revisits where Leonard Williams stacks up against his peers.

One of the most polarizing topics this season is what the Jets should do with Leonard Williams. In a contract year, there’s increasing uncertainty around his long term future. In May of 2018, I wrote about managing expectations for Leonard Williams based on three different criteria. Much has happened since then. Let’s revisit those criteria. Most importantly, let’s use stats and film to view the progress of the other lineman I suggested as a base comparison for his growth.


New York Jets – Defensive Formations Deep Dive

Dan Essien does a deep dive on the potential defensive looks the Jets could deploy in 2019.

With the draft complete, most of the key elements for the Jets defense are in place. With Gregg Williams in the fold, the Jets defense will likely change in some ways. Williams insisted the Jets will stick to a 3-4 base defense, but most believe the Jets will be multiple. Here’s a look at how the different defensive looks the Jets could give this coming season as well as the benefits and drawbacks for the players in each position. Some will be based on formations Gregg Williams has used in the past while others will be based on defensive strengths.


New York Jets NFL Draft Decision: Variety vs. Redundancy

Dan Essien examines the NFL’s best defensive fronts and how they should influence the New York Jets 3rd overall pick.

The biggest debate for the Jets front office and for the fans is who the Jets should draft in the first round. With Nick Bosa almost a sure thing to San Francisco at 2,  much of this debate has centered around Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen. Lately, Ed Oliver has started to gain some steam. While the strategy of best player available has been the Jets approach, I believe there’s a league pattern they should be paying close attention to. Especially if they end up not trading out of the 3rd overall pick Let’s discuss how some of the best front lines in the NFL have valued variety over redundancy when building their defensive front.


Buck The Trend, Episode 15 – The Omni-Tech with Jon Ledyard

New BTT Podcast: Jon Ledyard joins Daniel Essien to discuss defensive lineman


Sorry. Any time I think about elite defensive line play, “Never Scared” by Bone Crusher comes on in my head. This week’s episode focuses on the cream of the crop when it comes to defensive linemen, what makes the perfect defensive lineman, and how the position it has increased in popularity. Jon Ledyard joins the podcast to bring his expertise to the discussion. If you enjoy this episode, make sure to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!


Week 1 Secondary Breakdown – Debut of New Jack City

Ben DiNapoli with a review of the New York Jets secondary in week 1…

Once an offseason filled with hype and big player predictions concluded, Jets fans were anxious to see how the team would respond on the field when real game action began. Safe to say, the team exceeded expectations on every side of the ball, cruising to a dominant 48-17 victory over the Detroit Lions. When keeping an explosive offense like the Lions in check, it’s a given that the secondary performed at a high level, but who stood out and who needs to improve going forward?


New York Jets – Previewing The 2018 Secondary

Ben DiNapoli previews the 2018 New York Jets secondary…

For Jets fans, it feels like a lifetime ago when Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie were consistently locking down receivers on a weekly basis. Yes, things have definitely changed since the two aforementioned players left New York; the secondary has not yet been able to fully bounce back. After showing promise in their rookie years, Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye are hungry and looking to build on solid first seasons this coming year. Add in a splash free agent signing at cornerback and some lofty player predictions and fans finally have some hope for the secondary heading into 2018. The big question that remains is will this unit rise to the occasion? Or will they fail to live up to the hype and fall flat yet again?


Buck The Trend, Episode 14 – NFLSU (Part 1)

New BTT Podcast: Daniel Essien with a coach’s corner episode on LSU defensive coordinator, Dave Aranda.

LSU is one the best colleges of all time in terms of successful talent in the NFL. Keeping up that tradition is a coach who continues to excel in every challenge. Dan Essien covers LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda, his coaching journey, and the players he has that will take the NFL by storm. This is part 1 of our “NFLSU” coaches corner series. If you are yet to, make sure you subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!


Buck The Trend, Episode 12 – On The Edge

New BTT Podcast: Alan Schechter joins Daniel Essien to discuss the history of edge defenders in the NFL

Effective edge defenders have become one of the most sought after positions in football. Alan Schechter joins the pod to discuss the history and trends of the edge position. We also discuss Khalil Mack and Dante Fowler and their odds of landing with the Jets. If you still haven’t, subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!

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Buck The Trend, Episode 11 – Cash Moneybacker

New BTT Podcast: Connor Rogers joins Daniel Essien to discuss off-ball linebacker trends in the NFL.

Linebackers have come in all shapes and sizes, particularly in the modern era of the NFL. Draft sensei and football wizard, Connor Rogers joins Dan Essien to discuss how off-ball linebackers have changed in weight class but the principles of the position still remain the same. If you haven’t yet, subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!