New York Jets Training Camp Preview: Defensive Line

David Aitken previews the New York Jets defensive line heading into training camp

David Aitken continues his training camp of the 2017 New York Jets with a look at the defensive line position. Here is the earlier piece looking at the offensive line…


New York Jets – Statistical Objectives for 2017 (Defense)

Dan Essien on statistical objectives for the New York Jets defense in the upcoming 2017 regular season.

The New York Jets are approaching the upcoming season looking for progress from their young, inexperienced roster as they rebuild. The objectives now are to discover potential, see growth, and, in a few cases, see dominance. Thankfully for most positions, that can be measured. Let’s look at some statistical objectives for the Jets players that are important for the team’s future. We’ll also use stats from seasons past of current NFL players as a template or “target model” for these objectives. Here is the offensive version


New York Jets Film Room – 1st Round Pick Jamal Adams

David Aitken with a film room breakdown of New York Jets first round pick, safety Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams joins Gang Green with big expectations. What kind of player have the Jets selected with this year’s sixth pick?

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New York Jets UDFA Breakdown – Austin Calitro

David Aitken breaks down New York Jets UDFA LB Austin Calitro

Villanova linebacker Austin Calitro is the latest in TOJ’s UDFA profile series. Read our previous breakdowns on Xavier Coleman, Anthony Firkser, Gabe Marks and Brisly Estime

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Turn On The Jets Writers Mock Draft – Round 2

Last week several of the writers for TOJ held a first round mock draft live on the Draft SZN podcast. Since then we decided to do a full seven round mock continued from that first round, with eight TOJ writers being responsible for drafting for the teams in each of the eight NFL divisions. Here is how Round 2 went down. Continue reading “Turn On The Jets Writers Mock Draft – Round 2”

Four New York Jets Linebackers: Context Stats Breakdown

A fact is the confirmation or validation of an event or object. Data is raw facts that describe the characteristics of an event or object. Information is data converted into a meaningful and useful context.

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New York Jets – Five 2017 Breakout Players

Ryan Marcone looks at five potential break out players for the New York Jets in 2017…

The New York Jets are looking at a major rebuild in 2017, with a roster that showed itself to have plenty of holes in the 2016 season. They may opt to address some of those needs through free agency and the NFL Draft, but the ideal situation for any rebuilding team is to find young, inexpensive players already on the roster who can step up when given a more substantial role. Here are my picks for five New York Jets who can do just that in 2017…

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New York Jets Season Review: How Did We Get Here?

David Aitken on how the New York Jets got to their current state, as arguably the worst team in the NFL…

How do you reflect on what we just went through? The Jets were bad, arguably worse than record indicated, and the lack of progress feels depressing. A typical “grades and awards” type review isn’t necessary to tell anyone this. There’s no joy in naming a team MVP for the season when the best candidate literally admits that he had no choice but to play for himself. And peering into the crystal ball, there’s no guarantee any of this is going to get any better any time soon.

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New York Jets – How Not to Spend Money

Michael McLaughlin on the New York Jets best and worst deals currently compromising their salary cap

The New York Jets have a spending problem. More specifically, the team has struggled to get value out of the investments it has made in players. While the organization used its last eight first round draft picks on defensive players, the cap hits for the offense and defense in 2016 are nearly identical. The numbers are a little over $67 and $68 million respectively.

As is expected with a 4-9 team, however, the roster is not filled with players outplaying their contracts. Below, I look at some individual players and position groups (this is not an exhaustive list) to evaluate the quality of personnel decisions made. All contract numbers are taken from, and the NFL salary cap for 2016 is 155,270,000. The 2017 cap is not yet known.

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New York Jets – A Deep Dive Of Problems…

David Aitken with a deep dive on the New York Jets early season problems and where they go from here

In which we call out Neil Glat, call for defensive adjustments, and listen carefully as Maccagnan sings his comeback song…

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