TOJ Tweet Summary: Week 5 – Jets vs. Browns

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter Summary for the New York Jets week 5 win over the Cleveland Browns

The TOJ Tweet Summary carries on with the New York Jets week 5 matchup with the Cleveland Browns. Jets fans were on high alert with this being set up as a trap game after the Jets were widely praised all week. It turned out to be a pretty ugly but close game. Let’s see how #JetsTwitter experience this one.


TOJ New York Jets Film Room Breakdown – Darron Lee, Week 4

Daniel Essien with a week 4 film breakdown of Darron Lee against Jacksonville…

The New York Jets defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday and once again the defense had a good showing. In this film room session, let’s take a closer look at the performance of linebacker, Darron Lee. He has been under the microscope this season after a fairly disappointing beginning. Let’s try to breakdown where he still needs to grow and where he’s showing signs of improvement.


TOJ Tweet Summary: Week 4 – Jets vs. Jaguars

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter summary from the New York Jets week 4 win…

The TOJ Tweet Summary continues with week 4: Jets vs. Jaguars. The Jacksonville Jaguars were coming into town just coming off of a 44-7 win over the Ravens. But things didn’t come as easily against the Jets at MetLife much to the joy and conflicted sadness of Jets fans online. Here’s a review of the game through #JetsTwitter.


TOJ Tweet Summary: Week 3 – Jets vs. Dolphins

Daniel Essien recaps the best in game tweets from #JetsTwitter during Jets vs Dolphins in week 3…

We’re back with the weekly TOJ Tweet Summary. This week it was the Jets’ home opener against the Dolphins. Most expected a close game at best. Things went much different than that. Let’s see how the game with through on #JetsTwitter on Sunday.


TOJ Tweet Summary: Week 2 – Jets vs. Raiders

Daniel Essien recaps the best in game tweets from #JetsTwitter during Jets vs Raiders in week 2…

TOJ tweet summary series continues with the New York Jets week 2 matchup against the Raiders. The Jets kept close early on but right before the half things started to fall apart. Let’s go on #JetsTwitter Kingda Ka together! Here’s how things went:


TOJ New York Jets Film Room Breakdown – Josh Martin, Week 1 (vs. Buffalo)

Dan Essien with a film room breakdown of New York Jets OLB Josh Martin’s week 1 performance against the Bills

One of the bright spots early on for the New York Jets this season has been OLB Josh Martin. He’s taken advantage of a positional coaching change, with the Jets hiring Kevin Greene, and used that opportunity to show he can contribute significantly with the starting defense. Martin shined throughout preseason and continued his impressive play in week 1 against the Bills. Here we’ll take a look at a few plays from him and how some reflect on the rest of the defense.


TOJ Tweet Summary: Week 1 – Jets vs. Bills

Daniel Essien recaps the best in game tweets from #JetsTwitter during Jets vs Bills in week 1…

New York Jets football is back and this season we want to step through the moments of each game through the lens of #JetsTwitter. We all know there’s never a dull moment with you guys and I look forward to collecting these hot takes into a smoldering cauldron. I’ll try to keep it clean but sometimes its important for fans to see their true nature. This week the Jets visited Buffalo and lost 21-12. There were some positive points but of course it ended with a good amount of Jets fans mad online. Here’s how things went. Make sure to check back within a few days for early week 2 NFL lines, as we prepare for next week! 


New York Jets Film Room – Sheldon Richardson (Preseason Summary)

Dan Essien with a film room breakdown of New York Jets DE Sheldon Richardson this preseason through three weeks

Sheldon Richardson added a third consecutive week of impressive preseason play on Sunday. That’s good news for both the Jets and him personally as he looks to be in top form entering a contract year. Richardson is really raising his value in the market either by trade for the Jets or in free agency. We all know there are few things more terrifying for opponents than a motivated and focused Sheldon Richardson. Let’s take a look at how he has dominated so far against the run and pass respectively.


New York Jets – What if Sheldon Richardson…

Daniel Essen on the different routes Sheldon Richardson’s season can take and how it impacts the New York Jets

The storyline surrounding Sheldon Richardson is complicated, intriguing, and frustrating all in one. It’s a tangled web of many possibilities for Richardson and for the future of the Jets. Let’s take a look at where this could lead for both parties involved.


New York Jets – Statistical Objectives for 2017 (Defense)

Dan Essien on statistical objectives for the New York Jets defense in the upcoming 2017 regular season.

The New York Jets are approaching the upcoming season looking for progress from their young, inexperienced roster as they rebuild. The objectives now are to discover potential, see growth, and, in a few cases, see dominance. Thankfully for most positions, that can be measured. Let’s look at some statistical objectives for the Jets players that are important for the team’s future. We’ll also use stats from seasons past of current NFL players as a template or “target model” for these objectives. Here is the offensive version