TOJ Tweet Summary – Season Review (Top 10)

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter Summary wrap-up for the season…

Overall it’s been a disappointing year of Jets football. But there’s no doubt we’ve had some good moments along the way with #JetsTwitter. In this special edition of the Tweet Summary, we’re going to compile our top 10 tweets from this season. Between all the moments of joy, frustration, and roasting fellow fans these few are the best of the best.


TOJ Tweet Summary Week 16 – Jets vs. Chargers

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter Summary on the New York Jets week 16 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers…

After a loss to the New Orleans Saints, the Jets were back home for a week 16 game against the Los Angeles Chargers. With only two games remaining in the season, the Jets were hoping to grab win in their final home game at MetLife. Unfortunately, since the McCown’s injury, wins seem much further away. Here’s how it went with #JetsTwitter.


New York Jets Early Staff Evaluations – Head Coach Edition

Daniel Essien with an evaluation of Todd Bowles’ job as Head Coach for the New York Jets…

As the Jets rebuild continues, it’s important that they take a detailed look at their front office and coaching staff to determine where there’s progress and where changes need to be made. Last week, we looked at Mike Maccagnan’s performance so far as GM of the New York Jets. Let’s continue early staff evaluations with head coach Todd Bowles. 


TOJ Tweet Summary Week 15 – Jets vs. Saints

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter Summary on the New York Jets week 15 loss to the New Orleans Saints…

After another poor road performance in Denver, the Jets hit the road again, this time traveling to New Orleans to take on the Saints. They were overmatched but the game wasn’t truly decided until late. Let’s go through week 15 with #JetsTwitter.


TOJ Tweet Summary Week 14 – Jets vs. Broncos

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter Summary on the New York Jets week 14 loss to the Denver Broncos…

After an unexpected victory in week 13 against the Chiefs, the Jets headed out west to Denver to take on the Broncos. Denver’s recent record was terrible but the Jets were yet to perform well on the road. Which trend overcame the other? It wasn’t even close.


New York Jets Early Staff Evaluations – GM Edition

Daniel Essien with an evaluation of Mike Maccagnan’s job as GM for the New York Jets…

The New York Jets are in the last quarter of the first season of what appears to be a complete rebuild. They’ve performed better than expected this season but still have tough decisions to make regarding the front office and the coaching staff. Let’s go through some of the decisions the Jets face going forward and how it can affect the team going forward. (more…)

TOJ Tweet Summary Week 13 – Jets vs. Chiefs

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter Summary on the New York Jets week 13 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs…

After once again falling apart late in the game against the Panthers in week 12, the Jets headed into week 13 hoping to take advantage of Kansas City’s recent slide, at home. This one turned out to be one of the most entertaining games this season…for many reasons. #JetsTwitter takes us through it.


TOJ Tweet Summary Week 12 – Jets vs. Panthers

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter Summary on the New York Jets week 12 loss to the Carolina Panthers…

We’re back from the bye. The Jets hosted the Carolina Panthers in week 11. Coming off a week 10 loss to the Bucs, the Jets were looking for a good response at home. Once again, it was a collection of highs and lows ultimately culminating with a familiar finish. #JetsTwitter leads us through this one as usual.


TOJ Tweet Summary Week 10 – Jets vs. Buccaneers

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter Summary on the New York Jets week 10 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers…

The Jets were riding high into week 10 after stomping out the Bills at home. They traveled to Tampa Bay hoping to keep the good times rolling and bring their record up to 5-5. But things definitely did not turn out as they hoped. #JetsTwitter tells the story.


TOJ New York Jets Film Room – Darron Lee, Week 9 (Follow Up)

Daniel Essien with a week 9 film breakdown of Darron Lee against Buffalo…

In the previous Darron Lee film room from earlier this year, we stated that Lee needs to use his uncommon athleticism to make more impact plays. The last three weeks he has done just that. In this film room we’ll focus on his performance against the Bills in week 9 and the noticeable improvements he has made.