NFL Player Development – Positional Competition

Dan Essien explores the effects of positional competition when it comes to player development in the NFL…

The New York Jets are in the process of rebuilding their roster. A key element to that is player development. One of the most underrated elements of player development in football is positional competition. It’s true that talent often rises to the top regardless of what’s around them. But an often overlooked potential accelerant to development is who’s making them better in the days between games. Typically the best help a player can get midweek is great coaching. But often its their teammates that drive them to get better. I’m not talking about players at the same position competing here, though. I’m talking about iron sharpening iron. Offensive players making defensive players better and visa versa. QB vs. secondary, safety vs. tight end, wide receiver vs. cornerback, etc. Let’s take a look at the role of counter-positional competition in player development.


NFL Player Development – Should A Quarterback Redshirt?

Daniel Essien explores whether it is smart to redshirt a rookie quarterback in the NFL…

There’s a seemingly never-ending debate amongst football fans about how to properly develop a quarterback. Some say every young quarterback should be allowed to sit and grow as much as they need before throwing them into a starting role. Others say there’s no better teacher than game experience. Do young QB’s benefit from a “redshirt” year or more, where they can sit and learn? Can it be the difference between ruining a career and allowing a player to blossom?  (more…)

Initial Reaction – New York Jets Sign Cornerback Morris Claiborne

Dan Essien with initial reaction to the Jets bringing back CB Morris Claiborne…

The New York Jets re-signed Morris Claiborne to a 1 year deal this evening. Claiborne is their second CB signing of free agency after they signed Trumaine Johnson earlier. Here are some initial thoughts…


New York Jets – How Do You Build Checks & Balances Of A Championship Team?

Daniel Essien with a review of what franchise building strategies the New York Jets can learn from the Eagles Super Bowl run…

The Philadelphia Eagles lost an MVP front-runner to a season ending knee injury and somehow pulled together for a successful Super Bowl run. How does that sort of phenomenon happen? There’s a reason why they didn’t fold and it’s not magic. Every good team has checks and balances that help them overcome obstacles along the way.  All teams are talented but not all teams piece together the right talent in terms of both players and coaches.


In Review – New York Jets Statistical Objectives for 2017

Dan Essien reviews the statistical objectives for the New York Jets in this past season…

As we head into the offseason, it’s always good to take a look at expectations from before the season to get a better idea of the road ahead. Before training camp started, we made statistical objectives for key players on offense and defense. We focused on the players whose contributions were most anticipated. A great deal of roster moves, injuries, and unexpected decisions affected these objectives throughout the year, even just before the regular season started. Let’s highlight a few key players which were able to meet and even exceed their objectives and those fell well short.  


New York Jets Staff Evaluations – Positional Coach Edition

Daniel Essien with an evaluation of the New York Jets positional coaches in 2017

Our staff evaluations conclude with a look at positional coaches for the New York Jets. These coaches may often work in the shadows, but they have a huge influence on player growth and contribution. Usually, when a player makes a jump in productivity, or plays well beyond expectation, there’s a good position coach behind it. Let’s look at how the Jets’ positional coaches performed this season. 


New York Jets Staff Evaluations – Coordinator Edition

Daniel Essien with an evaluation of coordinators Kacy Rodgers and John Morton for the New York Jets…

Continuing our staff evaluations with a look at the New York Jets’ offensive and defensive coordinators. The Jets overhauled the much of their staff, including offensive coordinator Chan Gailey after last season. Of the few retained was defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers. Amongst the new hires was first time offensive coordinator John Morton, who was formerly the wide receiver coach for the New Orleans Saints. Let’s take a look at how they’ve done so far.


TOJ Tweet Summary – Season Review (Top 10)

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter Summary wrap-up for the season…

Overall it’s been a disappointing year of Jets football. But there’s no doubt we’ve had some good moments along the way with #JetsTwitter. In this special edition of the Tweet Summary, we’re going to compile our top 10 tweets from this season. Between all the moments of joy, frustration, and roasting fellow fans these few are the best of the best.


TOJ Tweet Summary Week 16 – Jets vs. Chargers

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter Summary on the New York Jets week 16 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers…

After a loss to the New Orleans Saints, the Jets were back home for a week 16 game against the Los Angeles Chargers. With only two games remaining in the season, the Jets were hoping to grab win in their final home game at MetLife. Unfortunately, since the McCown’s injury, wins seem much further away. Here’s how it went with #JetsTwitter.


New York Jets Early Staff Evaluations – Head Coach Edition

Daniel Essien with an evaluation of Todd Bowles’ job as Head Coach for the New York Jets…

As the Jets rebuild continues, it’s important that they take a detailed look at their front office and coaching staff to determine where there’s progress and where changes need to be made. Last week, we looked at Mike Maccagnan’s performance so far as GM of the New York Jets. Let’s continue early staff evaluations with head coach Todd Bowles.