How to Rebuild: 2011-2016 Kansas City Chiefs Edition

Daniel Essen with an example of a rebuilding model the New York Jets can follow: The Kansas City Chiefs

The Jets have a history of not quite fully committing to the process of developing sustainable success, but that can change. There are plenty of examples of teams that have rebuilt the right way and become perennial playoff franchises. Not every team’s situation is the same but there are plenty of areas the Jets can learn from. Let’s focus on what the Jets can learn from the Kansas City Chiefs and how they went from being 7-9 in 2011 with a declining roster, to 2-14 in 2012, to winning 41 of their next 62 regular season games.

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Examining the New York Jets Young WRs

Daniel Essien takes a closer look at the young New York Jets wide receivers, who should be a focal point of their offense going forward

The Jets have a number of positions that have underperformed this season but the one position that seems to be trending upwards is wide receiver. The Jets have put together a good group at wide receiver beyond their top two, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. The injury to Decker this season helped magnify the emergence of Quincy Enunwa. These last four games, however, will be the perfect opportunity for the Jets to examine the next four receivers: Robby Anderson, Charone Peake, Jalin Marshall, and Devin Smith.

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