The Myth of the “#1 WR” in Modern NFL Offense

Dan Essien takes a look at what the true value of a #1 wide receiver is and if the Jets need one as bad as many think.

The concept of a “true #1 wide receiver” has been around for a while. It’s one of those buzzword categories we usually tack into every team’s checklist, similar to “shutdown corner.” But with the current direction of offenses in the NFL, it’s worth re-examining what the value of a “#1  wide receiver” really is now. To do so, let’s look at the top scoring offenses in the NFL and what role a true #1 receiver does or does not play. Then we’ll examine where the Jets situation on offense stacks up.


New York Jets – Defensive Formations Deep Dive

Dan Essien does a deep dive on the potential defensive looks the Jets could deploy in 2019.

With the draft complete, most of the key elements for the Jets defense are in place. With Gregg Williams in the fold, the Jets defense will likely change in some ways. Williams insisted the Jets will stick to a 3-4 base defense, but most believe the Jets will be multiple. Here’s a look at how the different defensive looks the Jets could give this coming season as well as the benefits and drawbacks for the players in each position. Some will be based on formations Gregg Williams has used in the past while others will be based on defensive strengths.


New York Jets UDFA Tracker: Running Breakdown

A running list of all UDFA signings made by the New York Jets in 2019.

With the 2019 NFL Draft coming to a close, the New York Jets and the rest of the NFL now hit the phones trying to bring in undrafted players. Here’s our running list of each player who signs. We’ll update this list with each confirmed signing. 

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Initial Reaction – Jets Select CB Blessaun Austin In Sixth Round

Daniel Essien with his initial reaction on the Jets selecting CB Blessaun Austin…

The Jets finally added another CB in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Blessaun Austin is a former Rutgers starter who’s college career was hamstrung by injuries. The Jets used their sixth round pick on the Rutgers recruit who showed nice upside when healthy but just couldn’t stay on the field.

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Initial Reaction – Jets Select LB Blake Cashman In Fifth Round

Daniel Essien with his initial reaction on the Jets selecting LB Blake Cashman…

The New York Jets went back to defense in the fifth round of the NFL Draft selecting LB Blake Cashman from Minnesota. The Jets decided to address their depth at LB and special teams by bringing in the Gophers’ leading tackler in 2018. Cashman benefited from a great draft process and a sound reputation.

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New York Jets NFL Draft Decision: Variety vs. Redundancy

Dan Essien examines the NFL’s best defensive fronts and how they should influence the New York Jets 3rd overall pick.

The biggest debate for the Jets front office and for the fans is who the Jets should draft in the first round. With Nick Bosa almost a sure thing to San Francisco at 2,  much of this debate has centered around Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen. Lately, Ed Oliver has started to gain some steam. While the strategy of best player available has been the Jets approach, I believe there’s a league pattern they should be paying close attention to. Especially if they end up not trading out of the 3rd overall pick Let’s discuss how some of the best front lines in the NFL have valued variety over redundancy when building their defensive front.


New York Jets – Playoffs?

Dan Essien takes a look at the Jets playoff chances in 2019 based on teams that found success in 2018.

In a recent interview, Jets interim owner Christopher Johnson once again refused to give a playoff mandate. Instead he simply insisted he “sure as hell hopes” the Jets make the postseason. We all hope so but sadly our intentions won’t get them there. So instead of simply hoping, let’s use the facts at our disposal to see if the Jets could or even should be a playoff team in 2019 based on who made the postseason in 2018. We’ll use two key areas of comparison: personnel and statistics.


New York Jets Offseason: Build the Offensive Line (For real this time)

Dan Essien examines how the Jets can build their offensive line and take a big step to becoming a contender.

As we wrap up this season of the NFL, it’s a good time to recap the lessons the Jets have to take into next season in order to be successful. One of those lessons is that they have to make a concerted effort to build their offensive line. It’s not a position group that excites the casual fan. But a strong, disciplined offensive line might be the key to the Jets future. Let’s take a look at some of the teams that found success this season and where some team’s broke down to examine how the Jets can move forward.


New York Jets Coaching Search: Why Mike McCarthy Is Not A Prize

Dan Essien on why Mike McCarthy is not the safe hire he’s being made out to be

There seems to be growing momentum linking Mike McCarthy to the New York Jets vacant head coach position. Many are even saying he should be at the top of the Jets’ list. Let’s take a look at why that sentiment is misleading and why the Jets could do much better. (more…)

Jets Coaching Search: Traits of Success – Maximizing Potential

Dan Essien on the traits that make a successful Head Coach and why Eric Bieniemy, Matt Rhule or Kris Richard could be strong candidates

The Jets fired Todd Bowles on Sunday and are now beginning their search for a new coach to lead the team from 2019 onward. We’ve already begun to see the list of names the Jets are rumored to be interested in, take shape. Let’s take a look at some traits of successful NFL coaches in today’s game and identify which candidates fit these trait best.