New York Jets 7 Round Mock Draft – #JetsTwitter Edition

Clayton Smarslok polled #JetsTwitter for a 7 round mock draft for the New York Jets

As a whole, the TOJ crew have done quite a few mock drafts throughout the course of draft season. However, nothing ever seems to be the “correct” version according to Jets Twitter. So here I am, a man of the people, giving you guys what you want. Using the draft simulator from The Draft Network, I took the four players I would consider or thought the Jets would for each pick and threw them on a poll on my Twitter feed for you all to answer. This isn’t necessarily how I would have answered for each pick so you should not get mad at me if you don’t agree, I still fully intend on it.


NFL Draft 2019 – Players to Watch from Jets Private Meetings

Clayton Smarslok with what players to watch from the New York Jets private visits from prospects

Draft season is a long process, too long if you ask me. However, it gives each team more than enough time to not have any last second questions about their final board. For everything that is put into the film, the stuff you get from players of the field can be just as important. Draft Twitter isn’t able to get as good of a grasp on that without inside information, but these teams are able to get what they need to know from their individual meetings with the players.


2019 Post Free Agency – 2 Round Mock Draft

Clatyon Smarslok with a 2 round, post free agency mock draft

With April just a couple days away and the draft less than a month, it seems like no better time to put out one last two round mock draft. The draft is always a crapshoot and is literally impossible to predict, especially for us folk that don’t have ties with General Managers and scouts. Either way, I still love writing them and I believe you still love to read them because here you are.

The toughest thing about writing a mock draft is mixing up what you would do and what you’re hearing. For instance, I would not draft a quarterback first overall this year but I would be stupid not to put Kyler Murray there because that’s all we’ve been told for the last month-plus. So this will be exactly that, a mix of the two. This time there will be multiple trades and some noticeable names missing. As always, let me know what you think @CSmarsNFLDraft on Twitter!


New York Jets NFL Draft Options – Center and Edge

Clayton Smarslok on options the New York Jets have in the NFL Draft to improve center and edge rusher

The entertaining part of free agency is a couple weeks behind us now. During that time the Jets were able to make some fans happy with the signings of Le’Veon Bell, CJ Mosley and Jamison Crowder but there are still so many holes to be filled in order for this team to make a legitimate run to the playoffs next season.


New York Jets – Pre-Free Agency 7 Round Mock Draft

Clayton Smarslok with a seven round mock draft for the New York Jets in advance of free agency…

Before the craziness that is NFL Free Agency, why not put out one last mock draft? The Jets are currently a very needy team heading into free agency with only a couple spots absolutely secure. After trading with the Raiders today for Kelechi Osemele, their cap space now falls to 83 million which is still more than enough to fill many of those holes. But we’re going to act like the draft is right now.

Using The Draft Network’s Mock Draft Machine and their predictive board, these are the best results the Jets and their fans could hope for. Whether you agree or not, let me know!


Five New York Jets Targets With Most to Prove at NFL Combine

Clayton Smarslok with five NFL Draft prospects the New York Jets could target who had the most to prove at the scouting combine…

There is still quite a bit of time until the draft is here but the NFL Combine will suffice, for now. As big as the event has become, people have been prone to move prospects too high and too low based off of one workout, myself included (i.e. Orlando Brown in 2018). What this event really does is confirm some of the questions some of these prospects have on tape or make you go back to see if the tape can confirm what you see in Indianapolis. Staying with Orlando Brown, when he performed poorly in the athletic drills last year, it should not have been a surprise.

He wasn’t successful at Oklahoma because he was an athletic freak, he was successful because of his smarts, good technique and length just to name a few reasons. So when people like myself moved him down the board, the one weekend got in our heads, which you cannot do. So don’t use these next few days to move your board around like crazy, let them answer questions. Here are some potential Jets targets that have those questions that need to be answered, whether it be in the first round or the middle rounds.


Episode 242: Is Tom Brady A Scientifically Proven Cheater? w/Ace Davis

Scott Mason talks to 10 year-old Ace Davis of Millcreek Elementary in Lexington, KY, whose science project on Tom Brady just may prove the legendary QB is a cheater! 

Episode 242 of “Play Like A Jet” is here! Subscribe on iTunes or check out the audio below. Scott Mason talks to 10 year-old Ace Davis of Millcreek Elementary in Lexington, KY, whose science project on Tom Brady just may prove the legendary QB is a cheater! 

Ace and his father Chris talk about Ace’s background, the idea for the science project, the work that went into it, and ultimately how a project that was meant to be a joke caught on like wildfire nationwide!

Oh, and Ace REALLY likes one of the Jets’ current players.  Want to find out who it is?  Give the show a listen!

Plus, as  an added bonus, you’ll hear 2019 roundtable thoughts from TOJ writer and Senior Bowl correspondent Clayton Smarslok!

Play Like A Jet is part of the Turn On The Jets Digital Podcast network……..


Mock Draft Monday: Post Super Bowl

Clayton Smarslok with a full two round mock for the 2019 NFL Draft

As a Jets fan, the season could have ended in a better way than it did. It wasn’t ideal but after seeing the Patriots win five previous titles, I have learned to live with it and move on from it and that’s exactly what I am doing here. It is officially draft season with the 2018-19 football season completely behind us. With the season coming to an end, it seems like the perfect time to come out with my first two round mock draft of the year.

In this edition it was a mixture of what should happen and predictions of what will happen on the last weekend of April. For instance, because of Jeffery Simmons’ issues in the past, he will not be submitted into this mock draft or any others in the future, even though he will likely find his way into the first round. This one’s for you Jets fans, hope you like it!


2019 Senior Bowl Recap: Defense

Clayton Smarslok with his Senior Bowl recap for defensive players…

Senior Bowl week is officially done with. The game was played Saturday afternoon in what capped off a fantastic week in all. The first part of the recap on the offensive side of the ball, came out on Friday, before the game was played. But with the game now in the past, here are some thoughts on what went down with the defensive side during and after my trip in Mobile.


What’s Your Point? – Ep #25 featuring guest judge Mike Lindsley

“Play Like A Jet” presents episode #25 of your weekly NY Jets debate show “What’s Your Point?” with Clayton Smarslok  vs Jeff Lloyd.

“Play Like A Jet” presents episode #25 of your weekly NY Jets debate show “What’s Your Point?” with Clayton Smarslok  vs Jeff Lloyd 

This week the guys do battle on four of the hottest topics currently surrounding NFL Draft that could impact the Jets:

  1. Jonah Williams is a potential target for the Jets at #3 but he may drop in the draft or be forced to switch positions due to arm length – are scouts too concerned with measurables over tape?
  2. Daniel Jones saw his stock go up and down and then up again based on his performance at Senior Bowl practice and then the game itself – is there too much focus on a few days in mobile over a 4 year career?
  3. Jones and Drew Lock were two of the QBs who drew praise from Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden – the Raiders pick 4th, so is there a chance Gruden loves one of the QBs and triggers a bidding war that helps the Jets get a strong trade down package?
  4.  Josh Allen ended up deciding late in the process not to attend the Senior Bowl – a similar decision hurt the draft stock of former Jets QB Geno Smith in 2013 – could this have the same effect on Allen?

You will hear the answers to these topics debated with special guest Mike Lindsley – host of the ML Sports Platter podcast – as the judge, jury, and executioner!

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