Clay’s NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Week 3 Edition

Clayton Smarslok with his week 3 college football cheat sheet…

The Jets were dominant on Monday night and are on pace for a 16-0 season so no need to look at top prospects anymore. Okay, now with that bad joke out of the way, it really was a tremendous start to the season but there is a long way to go and the Jets are still looked at as a mid to lower tier team at the moment. After a couple weeks of the college season have past us, scouts are getting a better idea of what players to look at. Here are some that you should as well.


Clay’s Draft Cheat Sheet- Week 2 Edition

Clayton Smarslok with his week 2 college football cheat sheet…

College Football was finally back last week stealing the show from Thursday night through Monday night. There were ranked teams against cupcakes, top 25 matchups, upsets, and much more. As great as it was, we’re hoping that the great matchups are exactly that from now on and not early blowouts. With that being said, here are some of the top performers from last week and what to look forward to later on today.


Clay’s NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Week 1 Edition

Clayton Smarslok with his week 1 NFL Draft cheat sheet…

Throughout the 2018 season, I will be starting a weekly rundown of the 2019 NFL Draft prospects, particularly ones that would look nice in the new Jets jerseys next season. So there won’t be much on players like Jonathan Taylor, Cam Akers, Najee Harris or really any members of the amazing 2020 running back class. However, there will be big name prospects, middle round prospects, and some prospects that you may never even heard of. With today being the first official Saturday of the college football season, what better way to start than to give you a quick overview on some of the top players and matchups of week 1, my first (monthly) top 10 big board and a special CFB Playoff and Heisman predictions.