New York Jets – Defensive Trends: A Pinch of Dan Quinn

Dan Essien breaks down some Dan Quinn inspired defensive looks the Jets can utilize in 2018

In the most recent episode of Buck The Trend, we discussed Jets defensive trends with Chris Nimbley. In the same line of previewing the Jets defense, let’s go over some wrinkles the Jets can use next season. Including how they could take a page out of Dan Quinn’s playbook and put their own spin on it.  Here’s a look at some of the potential looks the Jets could show next season with the front seven.


Buck The Trend, Episode 7 – NFC South Stock Report

New BTT Podcast: Dan Essien previews the NFC South with a “Stock Report” in episode 7…

Buck The Trend episode 7 previews the 2018 NFL season with a closer look at the NFC South in this week’s “Stock Report.” This is easily one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL and there are tons of storylines to follow. As usual, we look at which direction each team is trending in and give a prediction on how the division will turn out at the end of the season. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!